West Seattle Crime Watch: Purse taken – have you seen it?

We heard police dispatch to a report of a purse theft on Pigeon Point tonight – didn’t hear the circumstances, but this reader report has since come in:

We (were) at Pathfinder School 8th grade graduation; my cousin had a emergency call to make, she left her purse on her seat, and she came back. it was gone – not even a few minutes. It’s a pink Michael Kors purse, has all her ID, passport, and all her important information. Today 6-8 pm. We didn’t see who took it; we called police, let the principal know; she had a sick family member (who) had a seizure and needed to take the call. If someone knows who took it, please return it – thanks.

Or, if you find it discarded somewhere – let police know.

1 Reply to "West Seattle Crime Watch: Purse taken - have you seen it?"

  • Darlene Williams June 13, 2015 (8:19 am)

    Last night I saw a baby pink MK bag on the floor, two rows ahead of where I was sitting. It was on the floor and we stepped over it as we were walking out. I wondered why someone would leave their purse on the floor with everyone leaving. I don’t know if this info would help the police or not.

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