West Seattle development notes: Whittaker’s 1st crane; Harbor Ave., Beach Dr. projects

Four development/land-use notes so far today:

FIRST CRANE @ THE WHITTAKER: As previewed last week, the first of two tower cranes planned for The Whittaker on the east edge of The Junction is going up today. It’s on the south side of the project and when we went by around 9:30 am, the installation operation was centered off the street at 40th/Edmunds, with no additional traffic effects except for some intermittent truck maneuvering. We’ll be checking back on it for an update later. This makes three cranes currently working in West Seattle, with the one at Broadstone Sky on the west side of 40th/Edmunds and the 4435 35th SW project.

ADDED: Above this line, our photo from noontime; below, a midafternoon photo courtesy of Eddie:

No date yet for the north-end crane.

1201 HARBOR SW: From today’s Land Use Information Bulletin, the city has approved the land-use permit for a 4-unit rowhouse at this location (map) in an “environmentally critical area” (ECA). That opens a 2-week appeal period; the LUIB notice includes links to the decision and information on appealing.

ALSO ON HARBOR SW: The construction-permit application is in for 3005 Harbor SW (map), a six-unit apartment building; that’s two fewer apartments than were planned when this project was first mentioned here in early 2014.

6001 BEACH DRIVE: Further south along the West Seattle shore, applications are in to demolish the single-family house that’s currently at this location (map) and build a replacement. The same project also has filed a land-use-permit application, because it’s in an ECA; that application says the house will have “surface parking for five vehicles.”

5 Replies to "West Seattle development notes: Whittaker's 1st crane; Harbor Ave., Beach Dr. projects"

  • jj April 27, 2015 (1:22 pm)

    fyi WSB your beach drive map link is the same as the harbor ave map link

    • WSB April 27, 2015 (1:33 pm)

      Thanks, JJ. Fixing.

  • Vincent Dakotah Langley April 27, 2015 (7:20 pm)

    We watched them put up this tower crane today (Monday, 04/27/2015), very near to the northwest corner of Fauntleroy Way, S.W. and S.W. Edmunds Street, here, in the West Seattle area. Our apartment is right across the street (S.W. Edmunds Street) from it, directly to the south of it. It’s really so very cool to see and to keep watching all of this construction going on all of the time right now, all around us!!! The stay in our apartment here for more than 15 years now has been and is WELL WORTH IT!!! The people who work for the two, different construction companies up here in our neighborhood (Chinn and Alliance) are really very nice people, indeed!!!!!!! …YES!!!!!!! This red-colored tower crane is about 120 feet tall, from it’s base, which is in the bottom of the hole that it is now cemented into. 120 feet is approximately 12 stories, so, now that it is up, this tower crane is about 12 stories tall, in other words — again, from it’s base where it is cemented into the ground.

  • Mary Lane April 27, 2015 (9:32 pm)

    YAY! I’ve been watching it go up since they broke ground, very exciting. I can’t wait until Whole Foods comes to W Seattle, I keep shopping at the downtown store in anticipation!

  • Vincent Dakotah Langley April 28, 2015 (5:38 am)

    I probably won’t be shopping at West Seattle’s
    Whole Foods when it is open and I live right across the street from where it will be, once it is there. Whole Foods is a really quite expensive grocery store, much like Metropolitan Market, QFC, Thriftway and so-forth. I don’t get much money each month in retirement. To me, shopping at those kinds of “high quality” types of grocery stores is pretty much for the younger people who get some decent amount of money for their work, investments and so-forth. It does sound like a really very nice grocery store, though! I’ve never been to a Whole Foods grocery store. I’ve lived right here in West Seattle for 15-plus years now, I’ve never owned an automobile in my life, I can’t take public transportation very far at all (just maybe a few short blocks) due to longstanding serious illness and so I’ve been just about 100% housebound, right here in my apartment, for many years now. The only grocery store that I can get to, by walking there, anyway, is the Jefferson Square Shopping Center Safeway store, on 42nd Avenue, S.W. I can’t go to the West Seattle QFC store, either. I’ll try that new West Seattle Whole Foods store one day — if, in fact, they ever do come here to the West Seattle area!!!

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