West Seattle schools: Sanislo Elementary celebrates books

Just before the 4 1/2-day midwinter break that ends today, Sanislo Elementary celebrated books and reading in a big way. Above, school librarian Craig Seasholes shows us books that were part of a donation from Westwood Village Barnes and Noble – given last Thursday by Sanislo students to their classmates as part of “International Book Giving Day.” It was also Global Reading Challenge day for teams of Sanislo 4th-5th graders:

Beatriz Pascual-Wallace from the South Park branch of the Seattle Public Library, which presents the “quiz bowl”-style GRC, presided as judge as teams answered questions about this year’s 10 books. Team names are among the fun aspects of the Global Reading Challenge – here are the Enchanted Flaming Shadow Pigs:

We’ll be checking today to see who won. Sanislo is one of seven West Seattle elementary schools participating in the Global Reading Challenge again this year, according to the list on the SPL website. The citywide semifinals are the week of March 11th, and the citywide final – always an exciting event in a packed auditorium at the Central Library downtown – is set for 7 pm March 26th.

2 Replies to "West Seattle schools: Sanislo Elementary celebrates books"

  • GAW February 20, 2013 (6:24 pm)

    I can report that the Break Dancing Bookworms came in first. We’re lucky to have such a great librarian in Craig Seasholes and a wonderful city library system. Viva la librarians!
    Proud Parent of an Enchanted Flaming Shadow Pig (Who placed 2nd!)

  • juju February 22, 2013 (11:29 am)

    The best librarian ever….We are lucky to have him at Sanislo!

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