Video: SPD ‘here to listen’ at Safe Communities gathering in West Seattle

What do West Seattle and South Park residents want from their police? That was one of the key questions as the first Safe Communities Initiative gathering brought more than 100 people to Youngstown Cultural Arts Center in North Delridge last night. Southwest Precinct commander Capt. Steve Paulsen told those gathered, “We’re here to listen.” While much of the meeting was held in small-group conversations – like the one in our top photo – Capt. Paulsen and Mayor McGinn spoke for a few minutes at the start, and we recorded that on video:

Among the police there to listen – out of uniform – was Community Police Team Officer Jonathan Kiehn, at left:

Each group recorded its requests and ideas, and the pages of notes were collected after about an hour. Here’s one representative page:

If you couldn’t get to the meeting – scroll down this page for a form you can use to tell SPD your top safety concern. That same page lists the “Safe Communities” meetings to be held in SPD’s other four precinct areas later this fall.

P.S. The mayor’s office also points out that SPD is still offering “Living Room Conversations” if you’d like to get your neighbors together for a face-to-face with local police – we covered one in Arbor Heights last spring.

P.P.S. The Vicious Puppies Crew – local breakdancers – performed at the event, and we recorded that too:

2 Replies to "Video: SPD 'here to listen' at Safe Communities gathering in West Seattle"

  • Holli September 28, 2012 (3:45 pm)

    I was really impressed with our table facilitator, and I appreciate the effort to hold this meeting. I think we could use a meeting like this annually!

  • Silly Goose September 28, 2012 (9:44 pm)

    Really bummed I had to miss this meeting as I was going to make this statement to Mayor McGinn,How is it that you have eliminated most of the “CPT” Officers, closed the precienct lobby part of the summer, layed off all the crossing guards, no money for more patrol officer and yet you want to know what my wish list is for safety in my neighborhood. I want to know how are you planning on finding funding for this wish list? Is it going to be funded by another tax increase for Police and fire?

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