Followup: Lauren’s bee project gets the green light

Remember Lauren Englund and her idea for an “observational/educational beehive” in High Point, where she lives? We featured her pitch here back in May – and she’s just e-mailed to say “We got the space!” Next Tuesday, everyone interested in the project is invited to a design meeting. Ahead, excerpts of the e-mail she sent to supporters, including the meeting time/date/place:

It’s official, a 70′ by 74′ expansion of the Commons Park P-Patch at Lanham Pl SW and SW Graham St in High Point has been APPROVED to include an educational beehive enclosure and pollination garden! This is huge. Using such a central and public space for bees is a really big deal, and there is no way approval would have been granted if High Point and West Seattle didn’t demonstrate the level of support that they did. Thank you.

The space will be large enough to include an educational beehive enclosure, seating for a classroom of 30 children or a gathering of beekeepers or gardeners, educational signs, pollination garden and a shed. We are also hoping to include a mason bee structure and butterfly house…and more ideas are welcome!

Before this email gets too long, I want to invite you all to a design meeting in High Point next Tuesday evening. Let’s hang out, and keep the good ideas rolling! Julie (our P-Patch Garden Coordinator), Josh (our amazing volunteer architect) and myself plan to be there. Here are the details:

Where: High Point Neighborhood House
6400 Sylvan Way SW
Seattle, WA 98126; Room 207B
When: September 4th from 6:30- 7:30pm

Lauren’s e-mail included a more personal section acknowledging supporters. Then, the wish list:

How can I help? – What we need now: This is basically our “to do” list. If you or anybody you know might be interested in helping out, we would love to hear from you! Also, volunteer labor and skills, as well as donated/discounted materials (or even money) are a crucial component to qualifying for the Department of Neighborhoods Matching Funds. Our time is valuable in many ways! If interested, please feel free to contact me, or leave your contact information on our website:

Materials! Still working on getting an exact list put together. We are looking for local companies willing to donate or sell discounted materials.

Builder/skills – so we have Josh, but this is a big project! Any help with building the enclosure, shed, or even installing the fence would be very welcome!

Labor – I am planning on organizing several different work parties in February. Know it’s early, but all offers to help out, or recruit help are welcome. Know of any groups looking for volunteer hours? We are hoping to install the hives in early March. Will likely need some help with feeding all of these wonderful people as well.

Graphic Design – for the educational signs

Community Outreach – this has gone well, but more is even better! Do you know of any schools, or teachers who would be interested in getting involved? Or even people who just really like this kind of stuff and might be interested in getting involved? Please feel free to send me their contact information, and invite them to contact me.

Beekeepers and Gardeners – once this thing gets built, we’ll need to keep it rolling. I am happy to maintain the hives, but am also happy to include others who are also interested in learning. This is a big part of sustainability as well. We are planning to recruit additional gardeners for the pollination garden through P-Patch – feel free to sign up! Also, if you are interested in utilizing the space, we would love to hear about that as well.

Also, expect a big celebratory opening picnic in the spring! I’m already envisioning relay races involving antennas…and lots of honey!

For anyone itching to read more, I have attached the intro or description of the project that was written for the grant. It may help to illustrate where we are at now, and what our goals are.

Thank you very much for your time and interest, and hope to see you at the meeting next Tuesday! I also hope that you are all wrapping up a wonderful summer.

8 Replies to "Followup: Lauren's bee project gets the green light"

  • Maggie August 29, 2012 (5:07 pm)

    Wow, this is fantastic! I live over on Vashon Island but look forward to supporting this project and visiting upon completion. Congrats Lauren!

  • Trickycoolj August 29, 2012 (5:42 pm)

    Very cool! Will there eventually be honey available?

  • Heather August 29, 2012 (8:17 pm)

    Now that’s just awesome!

  • evergreen August 29, 2012 (8:23 pm)

    Not sure if any K5STEM parents are reading, but if you are, how can we get involved?

    Lauren — you could post directly to our school discussion board by emailing Our elementary school is hands-on, project based, and scientifically oriented (STEM), and I imagine either the PTSA or instructors would desire this educational opportunity for our students.

  • Wendy Hughes-Jelen August 29, 2012 (9:15 pm)

    We’re really looking forward to having the bees here!

  • HP gal August 29, 2012 (11:06 pm)

    Love it!!!!

  • Lauren August 30, 2012 (10:42 pm)

    Thank you!

    Emailed the K-5 STEM discussion board today :) Great idea!

  • Tim in New Zealand August 31, 2012 (4:22 pm)

    Bee the change you’d like to see in your community

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