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West Seattle snow: Late-night forecast updates; storm arrives

(Thanks to Eileen for the photo – milk section got a little bare in Jefferson Square Safeway!)
Both late-night forecast updates are in, and here’s the summary:

*NATIONAL WEATHER SERVICEPotentially 4 to 8 inches in Seattle.
*CLIFF MASS More like 2 to 4 inches in Seattle.

Many schools already have announced closures for tomorrow (here’s the updated list). Metro buses remain on snow routes, with some cancellations. More to come.

(Photo added 3:10 am, looking north on California SW from SW Thistle)
2:50 AM UPDATE: It’s been snowing steadily since 2 or so, according to our weather spotter here at HQ – very fine, though, right now, not those big fluffy flakes. It’s sticking, too. And SDOT has just sent its first advisory of the morning:

A light snow is beginning to fall in south and West Seattle. As the much anticipated winter storm makes its arrival, the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) is out in full force ensuring the roadways are safe for travel, especially bus and emergency vehicle routes. Ready for whatever comes, the department has deployed 30 plow trucks for clearing major arterials and four tanker trucks are applying anti-icer to elevated roadways and known trouble spots along the snow route network. Motorists are urged to help out by making way for the snow response trucks.

Drivers area also advised to use added caution on Seattle’s many hills and bridges. For up-to-date information on SDOT’s response activities and roadway conditions, please visit: . Motorists can also check on current traffic conditions and roadway images on SDOT’s Traveler’s Map at .

SDOT reminds property owners that they are responsible for clearing snow and ice off sidewalks adjacent to their properties.

‘Thanks, dinner angel’: Random act of West Seattle kindness

Just received this from Meighan:

I wanted to share this story with you, as it made a profound impact on my family and is such a cool representation of the community we live in here in West Seattle.

Tonight we were at dinner at Elliott Bay Brewing Company. It was a celebratory dinner of sorts, as my husband was back from a long weekend away with his family on the east coast. We were all really excited to see him, and I was also thrilled for dinner out after juggling a day of work and school cancellations without him.

We had a great dinner sharing stories of the weekend snow, sledding, and friends, a dinner that was made even sweeter by the news we received when we asked for our check. A woman who was sitting at the table next to us, who wished to remain anonymous, had paid for our dinner. We were floored. I mean what an amazing surprise.

My eight-year-old son Brendan then exclaimed, “Wow, there are some really nice people in this world.”

I am so thankful to that individual, not just for our dinner, but for showing my kids what it means to be generous and to spread happiness in such a cool, meaningful, and unexpected way.

We will certainly be spreading the love as a result and I hope this story inspires others to do the same. Unexpected, random acts of kindness can have a profound impact and are infectious.

Thank you, dinner angel!

Reminded us of this story from earlier this month.

New not-a-park at former Denny site: The bird’s-eye view

Last week, we brought you the story of the now-completed work at the former Denny International Middle School site in Westwood, with a focus on how it incorporates some of the features neighbors fought for, during the design process more than three years ago. Tonight, we have an aerial view of the results, courtesy of Seattle Public Schools (click the image for a larger view), photographed just last Friday.

As noted in our story – read it here, if you didn’t see it when we published it – the only part of the site that’s still fenced off is the big unmarked field where the main Denny building was, before last summer’s demolition work. While some nearby nicknamed the site “Denny Park,” it is school-district property, and considered to be an expansion of the nearby Southwest Athletic Complex, though Seattle Parks is helping with some of the scheduling. Technically, it is the third and final phase of the Denny/Sealth co-location work (coverage archive here), funded by the 2007 BEX III levy, with tennis courts and a softball field replacing the ones torn out on the Sealth/Denny campus nearby. Since this site may house a new elementary school under consideration for the BEX IV levy, project managers say there is nothing on the site that would have to be torn out for that potential project.

West Seattle schools: Wednesday changes/closures

Note – we are starting a NEW school-closure story for Thursday, since this one has a long list of comments from Tuesday/Wednesday. Find that new one here.


Seattle Public Schools closed Wed.
Explorer West Middle School closed Wed.
Westside School closed Wed.
Holy Family School closed Wed.
Hope Lutheran School closed Wed.
Vashon Public Schools closed Wed.
Highline Public Schools closed Wed.
Seattle Lutheran High School closed Wed.
Our Lady of Guadalupe closed Wed.
Holy Rosary School closed Wed.
West Seattle Montessori/West Seattle Academy closed Wed.
Community School of West Seattle closed Wed.
A Child Becomes Preschool closed Wed.
Bright Horizons-West Seattle closed Wed.
Kennedy High School (Burien) closed Wed.
South Seattle Community College closed Wed.
University of Washington-Seattle closed Wed.
Seattle University closed Wed.


West Seattle Weather Watch: Tuesday pm updates; Wednesday school closures

(9:45 PM TOPLINES: More school cancellations for Wednesday (here’s the list) … Late-night forecast updates now coming in)

While some other parts of the city have snow, as of right now, we still don’t. But the snow elsewhere – and anticipation here – has still led to some changes, so here’s where we are publishing updates:

(Lincoln Park this afternoon, courtesy David Walega)
(updated 10:02 pm) LATEST FORECAST: Cliff Mass‘s late-night update suggests 2-4 inches most likely here. Still awaiting Nat’l Weather Service’s late-night take … (added) Here it is: They see maybe 4-8 inches over the city and are keeping warnings in place.

(updated 9:43 pm) CHANGES/CLOSURES FOR TONIGHT/TOMORROW: Seattle Public Schools will be CLOSED WEDNESDAY … Explorer West Middle School will be CLOSED WED. … Westside School will be CLOSED WED. … Holy Family School will be CLOSED WED. … Hope Lutheran School will be CLOSED WED. … South Seattle Community College closed at 4:30 pm today, evening events canceled … The city meeting at the ex-SW Community Center re: emergency preparedness is canceled … Sustainable West Seattle has postponed its forum/volunteer fairSouthwest Pool lessons canceled, according to a call received by a WSB’er … “Finding Kind” screening at Explorer West rescheduled for March 14th, 7 pm … PCC Cooks classes are canceled tonight and tomorrow … Seattle Municipal Court will be closed tomorrow … West Seattle Community Orchestras have canceled their rehearsals for tonight … Relay for Life-West Seattle has postponed its scheduled Wednesday night kickoff party … ArtsWest is canceling its WEDNESDAY night performance of “All Through the Night” (but TONIGHT is still on) … Anything else to add? Let us know!

(updated 8:32 pm) TRANSIT: Metro is staying on snow routing TFN. Its latest update includes this:

Due to the weather forecast for treacherous and impassable roadways, Metro is scaling back some service Wednesday to be able to operate the rest of its system safely and as reliably as possible. The routes scheduled to be canceled for Wednesday are: 2EX, 38, 42, 45, 46, 51, 53, 79, 114, 161, 162, 175, 192, 193, 197, 205, 210, 215, 216, 219, 224, 237, 251, 268, 277, 316, 355, and the Center Park Shuttle. Information about these Wednesday route cancellations will be added to Metro’s snow page after midnight tonight.

Metro also made a special point of saying it does not serve the 2nd/Columbia bus stop downtown while on snow routing. Use 3rd/Spring instead.

WEDNESDAY TRASH SERVICE? So far, Seattle Public Utilities says, they’re planning on it. They were planning on a normal pickup day today, and had also advised everyone who was missed yesterday to leave theirs out till end of day today.

More to come (till we launch a new late-night roundup).

Last call for silent-auction donations for Teri Ensley/Furry Faces benefits

January 17, 2012 3:30 pm
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Before we get back to weather news – two benefits are scheduled this Thursday night for fire victim Teri Ensley and the animal-advocacy group she leads, Furry Faces Foundation, at Feedback Lounge and Beveridge Place Pub. Organizers are putting out one last call for silent auction donations. From Sara Riehl at AARF:

Hey Everyone, I am still trying to collect donations for our Silent Auction this Thursday. Due to the weather, I would love to have a finalized list with items in hand by Wednesday. Anything that you would bid on an auction would make a great item. Please e-mail me if you intend on donating, You can also comment to the post on our Facebook page Here is a list of current local supporters: Clementine’s, Menashe & Sons Jewelry, Pet Elements, Beveridge Place Pub, Feedback Lounge, Muttley Crew Cuts, Elliott Bay Brewery, and The Wash Dog.

West Seattle wildlife: Coyote not fazed by weather

Quick break for a couple more short stories before we resume weather-related coverage. From Charley:

Today (Tuesday the 17th of January) a young coyote was spotted roaming around Riverview Park neighborhood. He visited many neighbors’ backyards and seemed harmless (maybe just a little hungry). He was later spotted going into a wooded area, which later he left to roam around more.

The WSB archive of West Seattle coyote reports – including what to do if you see one (hint: make a lot of noise – they and we need to remain wary of each other) – can be found here.

West Seattle Crime Watch: Tonight’s WSCPC meeting STILL ON, and 2 other notes

Just got word from leadership of the West Seattle Crime Prevention Council that they are NOT canceling tonight’s 7 pm meeting – during which, besides getting updates on local crime trends from Southwest Precinct police, they also are scheduled to hear from a representative of the Aggressive Driver Response Team. The meeting’s at the precinct, Delridge/Webster, all welcome (door’s on the west side of the building, by the public parking lot).

Meantime, we promised to follow up on the helicopter seen over Highland Park for a while last Saturday night. Took a while to get the answer because of the holiday weekend, but King County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson Sgt. Cindi West says it was a search for two people who had stolen from a White Center store and ran across the city/county line into West Seattle. Full story on our partner site White Center Now.

Last but not least, another car break-in reported – this one by Kristina:

Not only was our car broken into, they knocked over our snowman and our trash can. A video camera and a parking pass were the only things stolen also the insert inside the console . No damage to vehicle either. We live in North Admiral.

Update: Seattle Public Schools now DISMISSING 2 HOURS EARLY; some other schools too

(12:55 PM UPDATE: We’re hearing from independent schools too, and are adding their changes to the end of this story)

(Photo by West Seattleite Tony Welch, showing the snow at Ingraham in the north end)
We started getting word that people were being told Seattle Public Schools – which started 2 hours late – were letting out two hours early. It wasn’t on the district website. But we just spoke with Lesley Rogers at the SPS communications office – she CONFIRMED it, explaining that yes, they are dismissing everyone two hours early, “because the north end is getting slammed with snow.”

Again, this is ALL SPS campuses – two-hour early dismissal today. (Thank you to everyone who called/texted/e-mailed about this!)

ADDED 12:16 PM: SPS’s official announcement to the media:

All Seattle Public Schools will be closed two hours early on Tuesday, Jan. 17. All after school events will be cancelled. This includes games, practices, events, plays, meetings, etc.

We are cancelling all classes this afternoon because of recent winter weather. Buses in the north end are having difficulty on the roads. This will be operated as a two-hour early release. Weather patterns changed this morning in the north end of the District requiring us to dismiss classes early. We apologize for the inconvenience this caused today but predicting the weather is not an easy task. Safety is a top priority of our students.

SPS will send an automated phone call to all families notifying them of the two-hour early release. Families who are using childcare services at a school should contact the childcare provider directly for hours.

Seattle Public Schools is closely monitoring the weather this week, especially for school on Wednesday. Families will receive an automated phone call if school is cancelled.

P.S. If you’re noticing slowness accessing WSB, our apologies – we are working with our server-management firm to handle the very high traffic. We always publish breaking-news bulletins to our alternate channels as well – so if you use Facebook, please be sure to “like” the WSB page at (and of course on Twitter,

12:55 PM UPDATE: At least two local private schools are dismissing early too – Westside School at 1:30 pm, Explorer West two hours early. We also are working on a list of non-school changes/cancellations/postponements, so if you know of any, please let us know.

Volunteer sorters help WestSide Baby on MLK Day of Service

January 17, 2012 10:37 am
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Despite the weather concerns, some did still put in a Day of Service in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., on Monday – including these volunteers at WestSide Baby. Christy shared the photos, saying the volunteers helped sort donated items including “carseats, clothing, toys, books, layettes, blankets, baby bottles, and of course new disposable diapers, for distribution to King County families in need through over 90 local agencies and charities.” Here’s their group shot for posterity:

WestSide Baby is one of the hard-working local nonprofits that can use volunteer help and donations year-round. (And – are you attending next month’s benefit WestSide Baby Tea?)

West Seattle Weather Watch: Tuesday a.m. updates; new forecast

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Seattle Public Schools is DISMISSING 2 HOURS EARLY, just announced, see separate story.)

(Latest bridge and Viaduct views; more cams on the WSB Traffic page)
No snow on the ground – at least where we are – but some is falling, off and on. Closures, changes, forecast updates:

(updated 10:42 am) FORECAST CHANGING? : Though a winter storm warning takes effect tonight, famous forecaster Cliff Mass has JUST updated his website, saying it’s scaling back, though still tough to tell. He was on KPLU Radio, saying basically the same thing. … Meantime, the National Weather Service’s midmorning “forecast discussion” is not quite so scaled-back, saying that they’re still expecting serious snow after midnight and that “5-10 inches” still looks plausible for Seattle.

(updated 12:46 pm) SCHOOL CHANGES/CLOSURES: Two new announcements: Seattle Public Schools is DISMISSING two hours early; Explorer West Middle School too.

(earlier) Seattle, Highline, Vashon districts are all opening two hours late. Explorer West Middle School and Our Lady of Guadalupe School open at 10 am. Westside School opens at 9:30 am … Community School of West Seattle, 1 hour late … Burien’s Kennedy HS is closed. More details in our ongoing list.

(updated 7:46 am) TRANSIT: Metro remains on snow routes. Route-by-route info here. Note: There are scattered reports of buses NOT taking snow routes, but they’re all SUPPOSED TO …

(updated 6:38 am) OTHER CHANGES/CANCELLATIONS: Downtown (etc.), King County Superior and District Courts are opening at 9:30 am. (King County updates are all here.) … As announced Monday, tonight’s West Seattle meeting to talk about the city emergency plan is canceled

(updated 7:06 am) TRASH (ETC.) PICKUP: Just in from Seattle Public Utilities:

While some roads in Seattle may still be icy, Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) is advising customers to treat Tuesday as a normal day for garbage, recycling, and food/yard waste collection. But customers should note that collections may be restricted in hilly locations.

Please put your garbage, recycling, and food/yard waste out by 7 a.m. to ensure pickup. If your collection is missed, please leave your materials out for one more day. If your materials still have not been collected by 5 p.m. on Wednesday, please put them out on your next regularly scheduled pickup day.

For Customers Who Were Missed Yesterday: Customers, who were missed yesterday, January 16, should set out their materials today for pickup. If your material is not picked up today, set it out on your next regularly scheduled pickup day.

Missed customers will be allowed to set out double their normal amount of garbage, recycling and yard waste at no additional charge.

(added 7:49 am) COMCAST OUTAGE: We’ve had three reports via Twitter of trouble in Gatewood. One says they called it in and were told it’s a priority, they’re “working on it.”