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West Seattle snow: New forecast out – might be snowy till Friday

The weather experts have warned that this is tricky to predict – but the National Weather Service is out with its 9:30 pm forecast discussion, and also mentions the “model” that suggests it could stay snowy in the city till Friday. Read it here. As for tonight/tomorrow, snow showers are still expected, the forecast says, and that could mean you get up to a little new snow on the ground.

West Seattle snow scenes: Monday photo roundup

More snow fun today – and a few holdover photos from Sunday – so we’re putting together this roundup. First two photos are by Doug Branch; that’s Holly and Simba (enjoying his FIRST snow) above, and Nick, below, in Seaview:

We’ve received more snow-creation photos too – Steve Fredrickson was on his way to Bartell Drugs in Admiral, he tells us, when he caught sight of this biker snowman on Admiral near 38th:

That’s a “Sons of Anarchy” vest, by the way. In a holdover photo from Sunday night, Rod Moody shares his snowman photo:

Sadly, someone knocked it down overnight, he reports. Another holdover – Norman’s take on the West Seattle version of Easter Island:

From the WSB Flickr group pool – continuing the tropical/wintry contrast – Kristina Noir found flamingos in the snow:

Paul Swortz was out on Alki on Sunday – and says Groot McCann, creator of Cooper’s Pack, was too!

Not all the snow creations are characters – we’ve got an igloo here, photographed by Edgar:

And a snow fort of sorts at Hiawatha last night, discovered by Clove Burt:

Now, a pet photo! From the Borrells – thanks!

In addition to fun and scenic photos, informational photos – road conditions, etc. – are also incredibly helpful once the snow returns, so we appreciate your help, so other WSB’ers can see what things are like where you are. – also on Facebook, be sure you have “liked” WSB at – on Twitter, – and on Flickr, here.

West Seattle snow: Monday pm updates; what’s next

(EDITOR’S NOTE: This story will stay atop the home page through the evening, but we’lll be adding new stories, snow and non-snow, beneath it – scroll down!)

(Latest bridge and Viaduct views; more cams on the WSB Traffic page)
2:30 PM: Here’s where things stand as the afternoon commute, for those who weren’t off on this MLK Day, approaches:

–Main roads in West Seattle are in great shape.
–Bridge, Viaduct the same.
–Side roads may still have spotty problems, though one of our nearest offenders is almost as bare and wet as the nearest arterial.
If you encounter a road problem, please advise (comment, or text/call 206-293-6302) so we can share the news.

In the forecast department – we appear to be in the calm between the storms. We’ve had some flurries today but no real added accumulation. (The sun is even peeking through as we write this.) The chance of snow showers remains in the forecast through the night – maybe good for another inch or so, maybe not. The forecasters are continuing to warn that a BIG round of snow may be on the way for tomorrow night/Wednesday – see the “winter storm watch.”

More to come. And new photos welcome, too – we’ll be creating a spot for them a little later this afternoon. (If you’re looking for our morning/midday coverage – including today’s closures – go here.)

4:53 PM: So far a trouble-free commute by all accounts. And the city is clearly gearing up for tonight and beyond – a de-icer truck just stopped in front of WSB HQ (we ran out with a camera; he says he’s assigned to “high hills and bridges”), while a snowplow headed by on the nearest arterial. Commenters are discussing the situation with school tomorrow; we’ll publish any announcements we get as soon as they come in, private as well as public. Metro just reiterated that it’s on snow routing TFN. No trash pickup today? As noted in our morning report, Seattle Public Utilities had said they would have trouble in “hilly” locations; Waste Management said their crews were running two hours late. We are watching for any school-closure reports for tomorrow – please let us know if you hear of any we haven’t reported. Seattle Public Schools notes that they typically decide by 5:30 am.

5:37 PM: Here’s the Weather Service’s infographic for tonight into tomorrow – we’re in the “1 to 3 inches possible” zone.

5:51 PM: Just out of the inbox, the city’s words of warning:

SEATTLE – With weather forecasts predicting significant accumulations of snow in Seattle, Mayor Mike McGinn urged residents to be prepared for a series of winter storms over the next few days. The National Weather Service predicts lowland areas, including Seattle, could get three to seven inches of snow through Tuesday morning. They are also forecasting the possibility of another six to 12 inches of snow over the lowlands on Wednesday.

“With the possibility of significant snowfall, we are urging residents to be prepared,” said McGinn. “The Seattle Department of Transportation is treating major streets around the clock, our Emergency Operations Center is activated and other city departments are taking readiness steps. The public should get ready as well, making sure they have needed supplies in the event we do get a lot of snow.”

The City of Seattle also recommends that residents:

· Consider options now for travel, staying off the roads if possible.
· Move cars off streets, if possible, to aid with snow removal.
· Check on neighbors, especially the vulnerable.
· Wrap pipes and outdoor faucets to prevent ruptured pipes and flooding inside homes.
· Turn faucets to a slow drip to prevent pipes from freezing.
· Be careful how they choose to heat or light their homes. Open flames and unattended candles are dangerous. Do not bring open stoves or gas grills inside as the fumes can be poisonous and deadly.
· Find and clear street storm drains. Snow followed by rain can clog drains and cause flooding.
· Have coats, hats, gloves and blankets at hand to stay warm during possible power outages.
· Bring pets indoors.
· Only call 911 in a life-threatening emergency.

Businesses and residents are reminded to keep their sidewalks clear to help pedestrians walk safely. Pedestrians should be cautious on snow or ice covered surfaces.

We have some driving advice, meantime, from WSB sponsors West Seattle Autoworks, via Facebook. Among them: Use lower transmission gears to go downhill more slowly. (Slow driving – slow and steady – can get you through a precarious situation.)

6:43 PM: Looking for today’s fun snow photos? Find them here. (And we’re still adding more.) And as we typed that – snow started falling again.

West Seattle snow: The ‘Snow Goddess’ of 35th SW

Nick Worsford sent us the photo last night and took credit for what he calls the “Snow Goddess.” She’s topless, headless, and on 35th SW. This being a G-rated site, we didn’t just add it into the middle of our photo roundups, but here in a standalone item, you can choose to click ahead, if you haven’t driven by and done a double take already:Read More

West Seattle Crime Watch: Textbooks taken in car break-in

From an Alki resident who didn’t want to be identified: Her son lost school-related items, including college textbooks, in a daylight car break-in on Saturday:Read More

School volunteers needed! Share a ‘Day of Service’ any day

January 16, 2012 9:55 am
|    Comments Off on School volunteers needed! Share a ‘Day of Service’ any day
 |   How to help | West Seattle news | West Seattle schools

(EDITOR’S NOTE: MLK Day has become a day to focus on the value of service – particularly volunteering. It’s something you can do any day, and this periodic compilation of local school-volunteering opportunities can help – pitch in!)

By Judy Pickens
Special to West Seattle Blog

Even when the 5th-grade teacher I support plans to be away, leaving her class to a sub, she asks if I can come anyway: “Please come for your regular time. The students love having you.” It’s not that I bring superior qualities as a classroom volunteer; it’s that I bring variety – someone there from the “outside” for a couple of hours. When I’m there, students know their questions will be answered quicker, they will receive more attention, and they will have another adult to tell about something special that just happened to them. Consider brightening an otherwise gray, rainy winter day for students at one of the following area schools in need of volunteers (note one time-specific opportunity is THIS FRIDAY):Read More

West Seattle snow: Monday morning/midday roads & other updates

(AFTERNOON COVERAGE can be found here)

We’re tracking road conditions and anything else of note over the next few hours. For starters, SDOT says via Twitter the West Seattle Bridge and Alaskan Way Viaduct are “bare and wet.” In an earlier comment thread, SSF says 35th SW is OK this morning: “I live on 35th by Camp Long. People are flying by on 35th like it’s no different than any other day.” Highland Park Way and Admiral are reported to be OK.

As SSF also notes, side streets are NOT plowed/salted by the city, so getting to the arterial(s) will be the biggest challenge. Let us know what you’re seeing if you have to be out there today. Above is the latest image from one of the bridge cams; you’ll find more nearby cams on the WSB Traffic page.

(8:10 am note) So far, no notable road problems reported in our area. The “arterials good, side streets and sidewalks the big challenge” has held true in every report we’ve received.

is on snow routes (find them here) and “reduced weekday service.”
No Water Taxi today (holiday plan, not snow-related)

CHANGES/CLOSURES (updated 2:11 pm):
Nature Consortium is canceling its MLK Day of Service volunteer work party
Bright Horizons West Seattle is opening two hours late
Dr. Suzanne Fiala’s medical office closed
West Seattle Tool Library‘s “indoor winter gardening” class postponed
Kathy’s School of Dance has a “classes canceled” phone message
Little Gym of West Seattle has canceled today’s classes
The disaster-preparedness community meeting Tuesday night at the former Southwest Community Center is canceled
(Any others? – we’ll keep adding)

A Winter Storm Watch is up for Wednesday (see it here), with the National Weather Service warning of the POSSIBILITY of a “significant snow event.” As for today – there’s an ongoing chance of snow showers. Highs are expected in the mid- to upper 30s.

As of 10:07 am, light snow is falling in West Seattle – we’ve had reports from Admiral to Arbor Heights.

Seattle Public Utilities
says it’s a normal day BUT “customers should note that collections will be restricted in hilly locations.”

HOLIDAY NOTES (added 9:04 am):
*Free parking in neighborhoods with city pay stations/meters
*Seattle Public Library facilities closed
*Liquor stores open 10 am-7 pm

TREE TROUBLE (added 11:15 am):
Thanks to Anne for this photo from outside Schmitz Park Elementary:

SLEDDING (added 1:42 pm)

On SW Spokane by Madison Middle School – thanks to Brian Presser of TouchTech Systems for the video.