Door-to-door alerts: Cable check-in; magazine sales

Just received a door-to-door alert that, as its sender notes, could be legitimate, but the hour and the subject seemed odd to her; we also have had one in queue about a magazine seller. Read on for both:

First, just received from Emily:

A guy in a Comcast hat & shirt just came to my apartment wondering how I like my service. I live in the Fairmount Park area. The first problem was, I don’t have Comcast and never have. The second problem was he had a list of names and addresses of people who apparently have the service. I could have been completely legitimate, but it was very strange to have someone inquire like that at 8 at night, door-to-door. Just thought I would let you know!

This one came in a few days ago:

Had a young man at my door this evening trying to sell magazines for La familia. He was the same guy who came to my door last year, must have thought I would not have remembered him. He was not aggressive; however, did not want to leave in spite of me telling him I couldn’t do anything for him. I googled ‘La familia’ and saw the archive from Sept 2010 blog, the description matches him perfectly. Anyway, I haven’t seen a posting on the blog and thought it would be worth noting and referencing last year’s entries as well. There has been a lot of crime in the area lately and having someone going door-to-door isn’t a confidence booster. We all know that door-to-door sales is a very low yield occupation even IF it is legitimate.

Here’s the reports from this time last year. Always ask door-to-door sellers for a license, which city law requires; the name “La Familia” is used by at least one company that’s in the Better Business Bureau database – read about it here.

7 Replies to "Door-to-door alerts: Cable check-in; magazine sales"

  • Steph September 6, 2011 (9:20 pm)

    Comcast came to my door today too. Woman in her twenties, attractive, also just asking how I like my service. Glad I was not the only person.

  • kr September 6, 2011 (9:31 pm)

    We live in the Fairmount Park area too and had the Comcast guy come by on Monday. Seemed odd that he came on a holiday but he had all the Comcast info and subscriber info as well. He seemed legitimate but I wanted to call the official Comcast number and check for myself.

    Turns out that they do employ a few door to door salesmen and the story that the guy on the phone provided matched with what the guy door who came to the door said. The rep on the phone even said that the door to door guys often have better deals than they can give you over the phone.

  • Casey September 6, 2011 (10:57 pm)

    The comcast thing seems like something that happened to us a few months ago, young girl in her twenties with a list of names and addresses etc. I questioned why comcast wouldn’t just call to ask these questions and shortly later she left. My grandparents live 5 houses down, when she got there she asked for their dates of birth, social security numbers etc!!!!!!!! Luckily my grandparents don’t fall for those things and quickly caught on and told her to leave. I have just begun to not answer the door unless I am expecting someone, and I’m sure if you double check with comcast they will say they won’t have people go door to door when it would be more cost effective and easier to call the customers, or better yet auto generate a genetic emailed survey.

  • Klause September 7, 2011 (12:30 pm)

    Um, Casey….did you read the post just previous to yours? Comcast has been called and they do employ door to door salespeople.

  • ComcastMark September 7, 2011 (1:25 pm)

    Your safety is very important to Comcast. I work for Comcast and I just wanted to remind everyone that Comcast employees always carry a Comcast ID, and wears Comcast uniform. They should also have a Comcast marked vehicle. Always call our local office if you are in doubt. You can also ask for their Comcast ID for verification. If none of these descriptions are visible/available, please do not entertain such visits.


    Mark Casem
    Comcast Corp.
    National Customer Operations

  • Jim P September 7, 2011 (1:39 pm)

    I always assume a door to door salesman is guilty until proven otherwise.

    I never respond to “cold calls” of any sort. Telephone or knocking. If I want your service or product, I’ll call you.

    Feel free to send me something in the mail. If I am interested I’ll let you know. if not, I just slap a “‘refused” sticker over the address and send it back to you.

    Comcast ought to take note as I’ve sent back probably two hundred of their mailings since I moved here. One hopes it is costing them cash.

  • Franci September 7, 2011 (1:51 pm)

    I’m with Casey on this one… I get that Comcast has door to door sales people. I do NOT understand why in the world they would need my birthdate and/or SSN. Especially for existing customers, that’s a huge red flag to me.

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