Seafair Saturday 2011, first report: Blue Angels’ hybrid show

Though much of the cloudiness was gone by their Seafair showtime, the Blue Angels did what looked mostly like the “low show” today, with a few straight-up-into-the-blue-sky maneuvers rendering it somewhat of a hybrid. These first two photos are courtesy of JayDee, who watched from the 4th Avenue Costco parking lot, another great spot if you can’t make it to Boeing Field/Museum of Flight or Lake Washington.

Your co-publishers watched from the hydro pits at Lake Washington, and we’ll have some pix/video of both Angels and hydros (the classics were going into the water while we were there) to add later. And we photographed the Blue Angels’ “Fat Albert” flying over the lake with the knowledge that longtime WSB contributor Christopher Boffoli was on board – Seafair PR offered media flights in the crowd-pleaser C-130 this year, and we’ll have something from Christopher for a separate report later. (added – here’s Fat Albert over the log boom:)

Meantime, tomorrow’s the grand finale – one more round of Blue Angels, the rest of the air show, hydros, and fleet tours on the downtown waterfront. (If you go to Lake Washington, here’s the Seafair site map.)

ADDED 9:16 PM: A few more photos from Lake Washington:

The rejuvenated Moby Duck – with a Seafair Pirate or two – is on hand near the hydro pits, where you can watch the boats getting lifted into the water. We were there for the classics, and admired the reflective underside:

That’s the Miss Thriftway. Nearby, the Miss Wahoo:

And the sights included an unusual Seattle Fire Department vehicle:

3 Replies to "Seafair Saturday 2011, first report: Blue Angels' hybrid show"

  • Admiral935 August 7, 2011 (1:26 pm)

    Great coverage and photo’s WSB! Thanks! Ahhh Miss Thriftway….would love to have a video clip of her singingroaring.

    • WSB August 7, 2011 (2:46 pm)

      A935 … I am sorry to report that while my co-publisher did shoot video of the classics taking off, I apparently unintentionally erased it … we have a new camera that we use primarily for stills but unlike our last DSLR also shoots video (like the good ones all now do); however, I forgot he had done that, and when I downloaded everything, I hit “delete from camera,” which apparently killed the video :( – TR

  • wt August 8, 2011 (8:38 am)

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