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Restaurant updates: Zippy’s, A Terrible Beauty, Proletariat Pizza

Quick news bites regarding local restaurants current and future:

UPDATE ON ZIPPY’S GIANT BURGERS’ PROGRESS TOWARD WHITE CENTER REOPENING: You’ll recall that Zippy’s had hoped to open its new, expanded White Center location last Monday, but as reported here that day, some inspections/permits were taking longer than expected. WSB/White Center Now contributor Deanie Schwarz reports an update tonight from Zippy’s proprietor Blaine Cook: Looks like it’ll be at least another week. An intertwined list of installations and inspections (involving alarms, electrical, and fire suppression) isn’t done yet, and Cook says next Tuesday is their “best-case scenario.”

UPDATE ON A TERRIBLE BEAUTY’S PROGRESS TOWARD WEST SEATTLE OPENING: WSB contributor Katie Meyer talked today with the co-owner of the new Irish restaurant/pub coming to California/Edmunds in The Junction, Jenna Shannon Garvey O’Brien. She told Katie the finish work is taking longer than they thought it would, so they believe it’ll be “another two weeks, three at the most” before they’ll be ready to open. Jenna was out front staining the window trim when Katie caught up with her; she explained they’re enjoying doing some of the work themselves, and she appreciates the kindness of folks who have been stopping by to ask about progress, or shouting out from their cars, or sending enthusiastic e-mail.

PROLETARIAT PIZZA ADDS SUNDAYS: Just announced last hour via Twitter, White Center’s popular pizza place is going to be open on Sundays starting June 4th.

West Seattle Community Orchestras opens 2-Tuesday doubleheader

May 3, 2011 9:51 pm
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The West Seattle Community Orchestras are unique in that they’re for everyone – beginners on up – and everybody gets to play! Tonight, the String Ensemble (in our video above, tackling “My Favorite Things“) and Westside Symphonette groups performed the first half of a two-Tuesday doubleheader for WSCO – a spring concert at the Chief Sealth International High School auditorium. The second half is next Tuesday, with WSCO’s senior group, Westside Symphony, presenting “Bach, Beethoven and Beyond,” 7 pm (May 10th), also at CSIHS, details here. (And if you’re interested in potentially joining the orchestras at some point, scroll down the WSCO website’s home page for information on that.)

Memorial on Saturday for Barbara Steen, longtime West Seattleite

This Saturday afternoon, a memorial service is planned at Hope Lutheran Church for Barbara Steen, who died last week after living in West Seattle for more than half a century. Her family shares her obituary:

Barbara Ann Myers Steen, 82, died April 29, 2011. She was born November 2, 1928, to Max and Katherine Myers at her grandparents’ farm in Leroy, Kansas. The family moved soon after to Shelton Washington where she attended Irene S. Reed High School, where she was known as Bobby Ann. She especially enjoyed being in drama club, and graduated from there in 1946. She was baptized and confirmed at Mt. Olive Lutheran Church, and met Wayne Steen there, when they both taught Sunday School.

After high school, she worked in an office in Olympia, WA until her marriage to Wayne, May 21st, 1948, upon his return from serving in Germany during WWII. They moved to Seattle in 1950 and settled here to raise their growing family.

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West Seattle Crime Watch: 1 arrest after Fauntleroy search

4:12 PM: After a few notes and calls, we checked out major police activity this past hour near the Fauntleroy ferry dock. According to police on the scene as well as scanner traffic, a possible burglary in progress was reported. However, police say, no burglary after all – but they were still trying to find the people who had been seen possibly trying to break into a house; the only description we heard was white, male, early 20s, one in a red hat, last seen possibly eastbound on SW Director (which is the street that’s just north of the Fauntleroy Creek overlook across from the dock). 4:28 PM UPDATE: There’s a new call of a possible prowler, maybe related, just a bit east/uphill. Meantime, we’ve added a photo from the earlier search. 4:50 PM UPDATE: Scanner traffic indicates a possible suspect has been detained. We’ll be checking for more information on whether that led to an arrest.

5:53 PM UPDATE: Just talked with Brian, the nearby resident whose tip appears to have led police to the suspect. Brian lives near Fauntleroy Creek and was startled to look out a window and see “this guy walking through the back yard.” After seeing the guy walk on to open the gate, Brian went out and asked the man what he was doing. The man claimed to have been lost in the woods. Brian went back in the house and called 911 to ask if they were looking for anyone in Fauntleroy; and of course, they were. He then called some neighbors to alert them – and the neighbors told him a whole bunch of police had just rolled up, and found the suspect. (Brian says he was told they were going to detain the suspect on warrants that were out for his arrest; we’re still working on getting official information.) “I was impressed,” Brian told us. “From the time I saw him walking through the back yard, it was maybe five minutes (till they arrived) – they were right on top of it. There’s no reason for anybody to be in my back yard!”

7:26 PM UPDATE: Police confirm this all started with someone reporting “2 suspicious males attempting to enter a residence in the 9100 block of Fauntleroy Way SW.” Police talked with one suspect shortly after that 3 pm report, according to Southwest Precinct commander Capt. Steve Paulsen, who says it all wound up with one arrest. Since no actual burglary happened, that arrest was for criminal trespass plus “miscellaneous warrants” including one for escape. Capt. Paulsen adds:

The Southwest Precinct would like to thank all of the citizens who called 911 when they observed the suspicious behavior at the residence as well as calling 911 after observing one of the subjects running through yards. It was your watchful eye and knowledge of your neighborhood that helps keep West Seattle as one of the safest places to live.

A similar sentiment from Lt. Alan Williams: “Once again, the Community-Police partnership has made life difficult for criminals in our area!”

ADDED 11:30 PM: From area resident Natascha:

I wanted to respond to your story and also provide my feedback and strong support for the Seattle police department. I had left my patio door open while working in my home office. After my dogs did not stop barking for quite some time, I left my conference call to find 6 police officers surronding my house and asking if they could search the premises for the suspect who was seen in my backyard. I was very impressed with the action of the police officers and response to the calls from the neighbors. Nice to know that everyone takes prowlers seriously and want to keep our amazing neighborhood safe. Having relocated from LA this is definitely refreshing!

For everyone asking about West Seattle Trader Joe’s – big news!

After another wave of “what’s up with the West Seattle Trader Joe’s and why hasn’t work started already?” we checked around this morning, and uncovered big news: The city’s decision on the project’s Land Use Permit will be published in the city’s next Land Use Information Bulletin, which comes out on Thursday, according to Bryan Stevens from the Department of Planning and Development. (That’s also noted behind the “land use” tab of this DPD page.) And sources suggest to WSB the decision’s a thumbs-up. That’s a major step toward the start of construction, though Stevens cautions, “The related construction permit will need to be obtained before work can begin. Corrections are currently being addressed by the applicant.” (If you are interested in all the minutiae, you can click through the tabs at the bottom of DPD project pages like this one for the TJ’s building permit, particularly “reviews” – the department now puts more detailed information online than they used to.)

Of course, we know the main answer you want is – when will it be open? Project documents we perused at DPD HQ downtown for this February update project a six-month construction schedule, so there’s still a chance it will at least be open in time for Christmas shopping. (And if you are completely new to this story – the location is 4545 Fauntleroy Way SW, the former longtime Huling Brothers Buick showroom; the building will get a new facade on its southeast-facing side, but the project overall for the 14,000-square-foot store boils down to remodeling, not rebuilding. It’s now been almost eleven months since the original announcement.)

Accused Lincoln Park attacker Duane Starkenburg back in court

Another delay this afternoon in the case of accused Lincoln Park jogger attacker Duane Starkenburg, over the prosecution’s objections. Starkenburg was arrested January 25th and charged with indecent liberties in connection with three attacks on women jogging in the park – the one that led to his arrest, as well as 2 in August and December. He returned to court today, and contributor Katie Meyer was there for WSB. She reports that while the prosecution wanted a trial date set, Starkenburg’s lawyer wanted a delay because they have arranged for a mental-health expert to meet with him, but that evaluation might not be complete for two months. They also wanted time to prepare for a certain type of evidence they say the prosecution is planning to use; Katie looked up the code that was cited, ER 404B:

Other Crimes, Wrongs, or Acts. Evidence of other crimes, wrongs, or acts is not admissible to prove the character of a person in order to show action in conformity therewith. It may, however, be admissible for other purposes, such as proof of motive, opportunity, intent, preparation, plan, knowledge, identity, or absence of mistake or accident.

Judge Theresa Doyle granted the defense’s delay request, though the prosecution protested it, saying that Starkenburg is charged with indecent liberties against “strangers,” involving force. So the next court date is set for July 5th. Starkenburg remains free on bond, and remains under orders to stay out of all parks in King County. (Photo from today’s hearing, by Katie Meyer for WSB)

Elliott Bay Brewing in The Junction working on a new, ‘old’ look

A recently issued permit for a “new storefront” at Elliott Bay Brewing Company in The Junction sparked our curiosity – so we stopped by today to find out what’s up. Elliott Bay Brewing owner Todd Carden tells WSB he’s been thinking for months about facade work that will leave the building looking a little more like what it looked like decades ago. And even just with a bit of work, he’s uncovered some history:

The inscribed bricks shown in our photos are part of what he uncovered while out doing some work today – with the inscriptions 1932, above, and below, GJ Vayhinger:

(Who was GJ Vayhinger? So far, we’ve only found one reference, in a Google Book search result about a national board of hardware sellers. Help, Junction historians!) Carden says he doesn’t have the plan completely finalized yet – he’s still exploring options. There are even windows under the current facade, so he’s going to see what kind of shape they’re in, to possibly let some more light into his establishment. So be on the lookout for a “new ‘old’ look” at Elliott Bay!

4:14 PM UPDATE: WSB’ers have been researching GJ Vayhinger while we were working on other stories – read their discoveries in the comment section – and the research indicates he indeed ran a West Seattle hardware store!

Countdown to West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day

With the Alaskan Way Viaduct closed for part of the day, it’s a better-than-ever reason not to even bother thinking about leaving the peninsula on Saturday, May 14th. West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day will have more than 250 sales on the map by the time we’re done – what you see at left is a screen grab of the rough-cut map ***with only about two-thirds of the addresses input so far*** (once they’re all in, we number the sales, north to south, west to east).

From Admiral to Alki to The Arroyos to Highland Park to Pigeon Point and beyond, you will find sales in your neighborhood on May 14th – and you will find reasons to go explore West Seattle neighborhoods you’ve never visited. Since West Seattle can certainly be reached without using The Viaduct, we encourage you to invite your friends, relatives, co-workers all to c’mon over. As we go through the list, we are making sublists of the benefits, the block sales, the unusual items, and once we publish the maps – still trying hard to make the promised date of next Saturday! – you’ll want to peruse and preview. One neighborhood’s having what they call a mini-street fair; one school has a sale with more than 100 families participating … This is HUGE.

If you have stuff to sell but didn’t make the deadline … you can still check with the group sites that had tables to offer – Hotwire Online Coffeehouse (WSB sponsor) plus the Ginomai lot across the alley, … the VFW Post 2713 Hall in The Triangle (e-mail Commander Ron Zuber at … Cycle University in The Triangle (contact info on their website at … and C & P Coffee Company (WSB sponsor), e-mail Plus you can stop by any of the aforementioned sites to see about signing up in person.

Two other things – We are reminded (thanks, Kris!) that May 14th is also Stamp Out Hunger Day, the annual postal carriers’ food drive, so before you go out to sell OR shop, be sure to leave a bag of nonperishable food by your mailbox for your carrier to pick up. And the other events around West Seattle that day include one that’s bought a spot on the map – the West Seattle Kiwanis Classic Car Show and Motorcycle Poker Run, which is offering a barbecue too, 4700 Fauntleroy Way.

Sale hours are 9 am-3 pm; watch here, on the WSB Facebook page, on the Garage Sale Day Facebook page, and on the official WSCGSD website for the announcement of the map, plus other info.

After 3 years, The Kenney shelves its redevelopment plan

May 3, 2011 10:42 am
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(2009 photo by Christopher Boffoli for WSB; during the now-ended process, the cupola-topped Seaview Building became an official city landmark)
It’s been three years since the historic West Seattle retirement complex known as The Kenney first went public with an ambitious – and controversial – plan to redevelop much of its Fauntleroy Way campus and dramatically expand its capacity. (WSB broke the story in August 2008 – here’s our first report.) The plan has undergone a variety of changes along the way – with myriad community meetings, both part of the official process, and part of the organization seeking feedback. Last summer, The Kenney had told us the plan was in “retooling mode”; but now, most of the plan is being shelved, at least for a few years, according to this announcement just in from The Kenney management:

(Today) The Kenney will remove the four Notice of Proposed Land Use Action signs that line the perimeter of their campus.

“There are a couple of issues,” says Kevin McFeely, President and CEO of The Kenney. “For one, there’s a new economic reality we’re facing that people are having a much harder time selling their home; something that’s concurrent with moving into a retirement community. Second, it’s much tougher to find lenders for new building projects. As we looked at this project we realized the need to scale down the redevelopment plan to continue to reach the needs of our current residents, our future residents and our neighbors.”

The focus for The Kenney will be on how to improve their current campus and programs. “The people that are inquiring into The Kenney are of a different mindset than those we’ve seen in the past,” says McFeely. “They want choices of programs and amenities, smaller but more efficient use of space apartments and options for various lifestyles. We’ve decided to concentrate on upgrading the infrastructure of our 100 year old campus, expanding our programs and services, and focusing on how we can reach the needs and wants of the seniors of the future.”

Redevelopment is not out of sight, however. The Kenney has begun the plans for a Memory Care Unit to be open fall/winter of 2011. There’s also more building on the horizon, but it may be a few years away. “We do need to have more people on campus in order to survive as a community,” says McFeely. “Not the original 400 we had once planned, but maybe 275-300. This new project will most likely start in the next two to five years.”

When the original $150 million redevelopment plan was announced in 2008, there was some community unrest. “I’d like to thank the community for hanging in there with us,” says McFeely. “We’ve gone through a lot of changes in the plan and I know it’s been tough not knowing. Scaling back will really meet the needs of our community.”

Our archive of coverage of that process is here, newest to oldest.

West Seattle Hi-Yu updates, including one big change

May 3, 2011 10:39 am
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With summer roaring toward us – really! – West Seattle Hi-Yu Festival leaders and members met last night at St. John the Baptist, and we have updates including one big change.

SENIOR COURT SELECTION CALENDAR CHANGE: Coinciding with a change in leadership for the committee that oversees the Scholarship Program – including the summertime coronation of the Senior Court and Queen – Hi-Yu evaluated other festivals’ schedules and has decided to move the Senior Court selection to a fall/spring schedule. Currently, the court that’s selected in summer doesn’t preside over the festival season till the FOLLOWING summer, and then represents Hi-Yu in the Seafair Scholarship Program the year after that, and this among other things will consolidate all that. No exact dates are set yet; new committee members will meet starting May 10th to decide on a timetable – most likely they will start accepting applications in fall, and will coronate royalty in spring. Again, that means NO Senior Court coronation this summer.

JUNIOR COURT TIMETABLE STAYS THE SAME: That said, Hi-Yu has decided to keep the Junior Court timetable the same – chosen during the Hiawatha Fun Festival that’s part of the summertime celebration.

(Float sketch, first published on WSB in February)
FLOAT’S FIRST APPEARANCE: Hi-Yu is continuing to work frenetically on the Sparkling Seattle-themed float, aiming for a debut in the Sequim parade on May 14th. They are still looking for someplace to store it – if you have a suggestion or offer, please contact Hi-Yu.

BUTTONS, SOUVENIR BOOK: They’re planning to make 3,500 buttons this year, since that’s how many they sold last year (see the winning design here). Hi-Yu is also still seeking sponsors before finalizing the souvenir book (which has its prototype cover ready, designed by Elaine Durham).

HI-YU FISHING DERBY DATE: The West Seattle Sportsmen’s Club-sponsored event at Seacrest Pier is the first Hi-Yu event on the calendar, and it’s set for May 21st this year.

(SIDE NOTE P.S. Remember, it’s not the Hi-Yu Parade, it’s the West Seattle American Legion Post 160 Grand Parade, but since so many think of it as the “Hi-Yu Parade,” these updates might leave you wondering about the date – it’s July 23rd. We expect an update soon on Post 160’s fundraising efforts to cover the street-closure cost.)

West Seattle Tuesday: 1st of 2 Community Orchestras concerts

(Tiny bushtits nestbuilding, photographed by Trileigh Tucker last Sunday. She explains, “This is the male, who’s just delivered a new batch of construction material to the nest, woven it into the interior, and is getting ready to go get the next batch. You can see that the nest is hung from small branches with material that might include flexible twigs or spider silk, and the nest itself is made of leaves, lichen, mosses, and other forest materials. Both the male and the female work on the nest.)

From the WSB West Seattle Events calendar:

ORCHESTRAS IN CONCERT: Tonight’s the first of two Tuesdays with spring performances by groups from the West Seattle Community Orchestras. Tonight, the Westside Symphonette and String Ensemble are in concert at Chief Sealth International High School auditorium (2600 SW Thistle Street), 6:30 pm – see full story here.

CITY BUDGET UPDATE: It’s not in West Seattle but certainly will affect us all – so, you can watch this live online at the mayor’s website if you’re interested: Mayor McGinn‘s 2012 budget briefing, 11 am.

FAMILY STORY TIME: Family Story Time at the Seattle Public Library‘s Delridge Branch, 7 pm.

FEATURED AT SKYLARK TONIGHT: West Seattle musician Stacey Unck (singer/songwriter, acoustic/folk, guitar + cello) has a show at the Skylark Cafe and Club at 8 pm. Scarlet Season plays at 9 pm

New Mother’s Day tradition: 1st ‘pie social’ at Village Green

There’s Mother’s Day brunch, and there’s Mother’s Day breakfast in bed … and here’s something new (yet old-fashioned): A Mother’s Day pie social. In case you hadn’t already heard, one is planned at Village Green Perennial Nursery (10223 26th SW) on Sunday, 1-4 pm – with the price of admission a freshly baked homemade pie and a $5 donation for the White Center Food Bank. Village Green’s Vera Johnson is hosting along with Kate McDermott, and RSVPs are requested by Friday. More info on Vera’s “Dig It” website, and/or this Facebook event page.

Tonight: Special event for families of WSHS IEP students

May 3, 2011 6:03 am
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West Seattle High School special-education teacher Alex LaRosa is hoping for a good turnout for a special event tonight (with dinner!) for families of students with IEPs (Individualized Education Plans) – so in case that means you, here’s the reminder:

West Seattle High School is hosting an event for our students with IEPs (Individualized Education Plans) tonight (May 3rd) from 6:30 to 8:00 PM. We have invited various county, state, and community agencies and organizations to provide students and their families with information about options for employment, housing, income, and services for students after they leave high school. Dinner (fried chicken and salad) will be provided, and parents and students will have the opportunity to meet with and speak with agency representatives, as well as hear brief presentations from the panel.

Book sale season kick-off at Tibbetts UMC May 21st

May 3, 2011 12:17 am
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We’ve received another very creatively-written event notice from WSB Sponsor, Tibbetts United Methodist Church, for their book sale on May 21st. We’ve never heard of an eKindook reader, have you?

From 10:00am – 1:00pm on Saturday May 21st. Tibbets United Methodist Church (3940 41st Ave SW) holds our semi-irregular somewhat annual used book sale.

Readers Unite! Join us to stand anachronistically, albeit proudly, lauding our Luddite ways. Our mission is to stem the tide of the eReader revolution. Tibbets United Methodist Church (WSB Sponsor, 3940 41st Ave SW), from 10 am – 1 pm holds its “semi-irregular somewhat annual” used book sale. Together we can overcome! Besides, how else can we sell hardbacks for the rock bottom price of a buck, paperbacks are just half that.

Not a book owner? Discover the secrets many thousands of people already know about book ownership; owning one is cool, owning lots of books is pretty darn sexy. Super models the world over already know the secrets, so should you. To think, you can lose weight, be sure to ask any student hauling a hefty backpack of books around campus. Will you get the same result with a six ounce, eKindook reader, nope. Friends will be envious of your intellect as you clarify the mystery of string theory. Later that evening, your dinner guests will be amazed at your golden clarified butter. Both skills learned from reading “Clarifying String Theory and Ghee – Take the Mystery Out of Theoretical Physics and Cooking”. Sure, you say, “I’ll get my books from the library”, true, but, caveat borrower. your kindly librarian will eventually want them back. What happens when you buck the system? Late fees are just the tip of the iceberg (p54. “Fun Facts About Icebergs”), who wants to be tracked down by the library police force? Before you know it, you’re photographed, fingerprinted, library card shredded and you’re on your way to the big house, oh the shame. Nuff said.

In addition to satisfying your craving for intellect, we also satisfy your craving for goodies. Available for sale, a selection of treats and coffee. Plus the highly desirable “comfy” chair” (p102. “The Best of Monty Python”) to sit and ponder your purchases. Relax, read, have coffee, oh, and if you spill it on a book, mop up and keep continue reading. Try that with your eKindook reader!