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Another food truck adds West Seattle to its schedule: Charlie’s Buns

News tonight for mobile-food fans – Charlie’s Buns N’ Stuff is headed for West Seattle. Starting April 1st, according to co-owner Veronica, it’ll set up on the Alki Auto Repair lot five days a week. Veronica says it’s an offshoot of their original Charlie’s Dog House cart – named after Charlie the Yorkie (photo right). They serve “specialty hamburgers, grilled sandwiches, gourmet sausages, fries, and more,” Veronica says, with other items from a “rotating menu … introduced periodically.” Veronica’s co-owner Mignon works the “front of the house.” Veronica says she works early mornings as a driver for Metro, while Mignon is getting ready to go to nursing school, after being caught in the WaMu layoffs almost two years ago. Veronica had been a longtime independent-sales rep until deciding a year and a half ago that she wanted to start a hot-dog-cart business, which she says went so well that they decided to go for a full-fledged food truck this past February. (The burgers, she notes, are handmade from grass-fed beef.)

Veronica says they’ll be at Alki Auto’s lot (2504 Alki SW) 3 pm-7 pm Wednesdays-Fridays, 11:30 am-4 pm Saturdays and Sundays, during April and May, and will change their hours when summer arrives. They’re online here, on Facebook here, and on Twitter at @charliesbuns.

ADDED SUNDAY 3/20: Via Twitter tonight, Charlie’s Buns announced they’ll also be in West Seattle at Jiffy Lube east of The Junction, Mondays & Tuesdays from 4 pm-7 pm starting 3/28.

West Seattle help for Japan: Benefit wine tasting; school ‘flash mob’

Separate from Karla‘s note gauging interest in a West Seattle-wide fundraiser for Japan (here’s that story if you haven’t seen it – watch for followups), we have two individual local benefit efforts to report tonight.

WINE-TASTING FUNDRAISER: Bin 41 wine shop in The Junction has regular Friday night tastings, usually with a $5 refundable fee. Tomorrow night, that fee will go entirely to benefit earthquake and tsunami victims. The featured winemakers are Stewart and Athena Boedecker from Oregon. Bin 41 says “100% (of the fee is) going into a community pot to raise funds for relief efforts for the earthquake and tsunami victims. We appreciate your support and look forward to taking part in helping those in need during this unprecedented natural disaster.” The tasting is 5:30-7 pm, 4707 California SW (next to KeyBank).

WEST SEATTLE ACADEMY ‘FLASH MOB’: Teacher Matt Evans explains:

I just read about Karla’s quest for ideas for a West Seattle-wide fundraising event for Japan. I am the science teacher for the middle school at West Seattle Montessori. Today, after viewing tsunami footage I selected to show my classes, I brainstormed with our 8th graders about we could do to raise money and help out those poor people. It is a busy time for us with our Science Fair next Wednesday, but we decided that we would dedicate our two hours set aside for PE next Thursday to try and raise some money. We decided on a “Flash Mob” style fundraiser where the students will descend upon the WS Junction next Thursday around 1 pm to solicit donations from shoppers. The kids will design their own donation box and either sing, perform, or otherwise exhibit their own individuality to (hopefully) gather donations. There is only 24 students in our middle school so it shouldn’t be too overwhelming or (hopefully not) bothersome for those going about their business in the Junction. … I believe that if the people of West Seattle know to expect the presence of 24 talented middle school kids in the middle of a school day, and know what their intentions are, it would benefit all involved and affected.

After the jump, the letter Matt sent home with his students:Read More

Global Reading Challenge: Roxhill in the finals too!

Last night we reported that West Seattle’s Sanislo Elementary made it into the citywide finals of the Seattle Public LIbrary‘s Global Reading Challenge, and then added the word this morning that Concord has too. Now we have word from Roxhill Elementarys head teacher Christopher Robert that Roxhill is also in the finals – he shares the photo above, and the report:

Roxhill joins Sanislo and Concord in representing West Seattle well in the Global Reading Challenge! Nine schools participated in one of the semifinals today. John Muir placed first, and Roxhill went into the lightning round with Graham Hill to be the second finalist from that semifinal round (after having gotten 29 out of 30 correct). Roxhill won the lightning round to advance, along with John Muir, to the finals on March 29! Also competing in this semifinal round was Gatewood, Highland Park, Wing Luke, Olympic Hills, Madrona, and Leschi. Way to go, Roxhill!

Roxhill’s representatives are Joshua, Salma, Shareena, Emily, Kelli, Jasmine, and Trinidy, photographed with the school’s Golden Apple Award-winning librarian Pat Bliquez. (P.S. Roxhill mom Lisa also asked us to be sure that the student coaches are credited too: Miarra, Mulualem and Crystal.) The finals are at the Central Library downtown on March 29th.

First Mural & Link; next for Harbor Properties in West Seattle, Nova

(Photo by Christopher Boffoli)
One week from tonight, the Southwest Design Review Board convenes for the first time in many months, to offer “early design guidance” on a new West Seattle project. As reported here previously, that project is by Harbor Properties, which is about to open Link in The Triangle, a followup to its mixed-use sibling in The Junction, Mural. (Both are WSB sponsors.)

The new project is in The Triangle, two blocks east of Link, on a relatively small parcel (4600 36th SW) that Harbor bought while also at one time holding an option on the adjacent motel, an option it didn’t convert (as reported here last year, the motel has new owners and a new plan). We just spoke with Emi McKittrick and Denny Onslow of Harbor, who say the new project has a name: Nova. They’re looking at around 60 apartments, mostly one- and two-bedroom, and no retail – “because of where it’s located on 36th, we don’t think retail can thrive there; the site is kind of ‘tucked in’,” McKittrick explained. They’re aiming for six stories, and an as-yet-undetermined amount of parking – most likely similar to Link, with about two-thirds as many spaces as units.

With Link already having secured tenants for more than a quarter of its 195 units, before the first move-in (which is about a week away), Harbor is still banking on strong apartment demand in West Seattle: “It went undiscovered for so long as a delightful place to be,” Onslow observed. They don’t have sketches for Nova just yet, but we’ll see them in pre-meeting material sometime before next week’s Design Review Board meeting, 6:30 pm Thursday 3/24 at the Senior Center of West Seattle (SE corner of California/Oregon).

Genesee natural-gas leak: Broken pipe; should be fixed soon

March 17, 2011 4:05 pm
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(Photo by Katie Meyer for WSB)
If you’re in the Genesee area and saw the fire trucks and/or smelled the natural gas in the air – we’ve checked out the gas leak in the 4000 block of 47th SW. A contractor at the scene told WSB contributor Katie Meyer that they accidentally severed a relatively small line and it should be easy to fix. No injuries reported, no major roads blocked, but that block of 47th SW will be a little congested till everything’s fixed and cleared up.

Road reminders: Viaduct closure; 1st Ave. S. detour; ‘Good to Go’

ALASKAN WAY VIADUCT CLOSING BOTH DAYS THIS WEEKEND: It’s the semiannual safety check plus testing of the automatic closure-in-case-of-quake gates. 6 am-6 pm both days (as always, we’ll watch for an early reopening Saturday, and will let you know here/Facebook“liked” our NEW page yet? – Twitter if that happens). In the official announcement, WSDOT says the “viaduct closed” lights on signs in West Seattle (etc.) may operate “intermittently” because of the gate testing – but even if they’re not flashing, the viaduct WILL be closed.

NORTHBOUND 1ST AVENUE SOUTH CLOSED AT SPOKANE FRIDAY NIGHT/SATURDAY MORNING: The Spokane Street Viaduct Widening Project will close northbound 1st South right at the bridge from 8 pm Friday to 5 am Saturday; that means detours for buses as well as private transportation, and Metro has sent an alert saying it means a reroute for Routes 21, 56 and 85: “During this closure, Routes 21 & 56 will travel on 4th Av S & S Horton St. Use the stop northbound on 4th Av S just north of S Spokane St. No stops will be missed for routes 21 & 56. Route 85 Night Owl will miss one stop northbound on 1st Av S just north of S Spokane St. Use the stop northbound on 4th Av S just north of S Spokane St. ”

NEED THE ‘GOOD TO GO’ PASS FOR 520 BRIDGE? WSDOT’s mobile van is coming to Roxbury Safeway (26th SW and SW Roxbury) both days this weekend, 11 am-4 pm, and you can buy the sticker that will line you up with the electronic tolling system. Details here.

A long time ago, at a Pacific Science Center not so far away…

(ADDED 3:19 PM: Band & Mr. Pimpleton rehearsing Imperial fanfare this afternoon)
… local student musicians will play at the opening of the “Star Wars: Where Science Meets Imagination” exhibit at the Pacific Science Center downtown this Saturday. Local music coach extraordinaire Marcus Pimpleton confirms that his Chief Sealth International High School Band will perform music from “Star Wars” at the grand opening of the display, 10 am Saturday. From the media advisory for the opening:

*Performance by West Seattle’s Chief Sealth (Int’l) High School Concert Band with Music Director Marcus Pimpleton

o Performance includes John Williams’ “Star Wars: Main Theme,” “Parade of the Ewoks,” “Imperial March” and others.

* Appearances by more than 40 members of the 501st Garrison and Rebel Legion, worldwide Star Wars costuming organizations comprised of and operated by Star Wars fans. Costumed characters making an appearance including Darth Vader, Princess Leia, Luke Skywalker, Obi-wan Kenobi, Chewbacca and more than one dozen Storm Troopers.

We’re still trying to confirm with PSC exactly where all this will be happening on the PSC campus. (Or maybe we should just look for the arriving X-wing fighters.) In case you can’t get out on opening day – the “Star Wars” exhibition will remain at the Science Center through May 8th.

The WSBeat: Call this one the ‘uninvited-visitors edition’

By Megan Sheppard
On the WSBeat, for West Seattle Blog

From reports on cases handled recently by Southwest Precinct officers:

*A man, described as a transient, who was “shaving and bathing” in the bathroom at a local library branch was stopped by officers as he left the facility. A search showed that he was carrying a large, concealed fixed-blade knife and eleven capped needles. He was booked into King County Jail for investigation of weapons possession.

*Around 5:30 Tuesday, in the 4800 block of Fauntleroy SW, a woman saw a man walk into her home through an unlocked back door. He apologized, saying he had come into the wrong home. He stood outside on the back porch until police arrived. Nervously, he told officers he had come to see a friend and that Jesus “talks” to him. He was carrying a paper sack that contained a statue of Jesus. He also admitted that he uses meth and hadn’t slept for two days. He was taken to Harborview for an evaluation. The woman did not want to press charges.

*While driving by a Triangle convenience store Friday evening, an officer recognized a customer at the counter had been previously trespassed – ordered to stay out – for causing disturbances. On this date the suspect was, as usual, yelling at an employee and telling him to “go back to India.” The officer contacted the suspect who admitted yelling. He also had outstanding warrants from Minnesota and Spokane and is a registered sex offender. He stated that he lives under a bridge in West Seattle. He was booked into King County Jail for harassment and trespass.

Seven more summaries, after the jump, including the job termination that got very ugly, and the aggressive panhandler who reportedly went beyond panhandling:Read More

More West Seattle greenery: Forest hike; Garden Tour beneficiaries

March 17, 2011 11:52 am
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NO SCHOOL TOMORROW – SO STROLL THE WEST DUWAMISH GREENBELT! Just so happens that tomorrow’s day off for Seattle Public Schools students coincides with the Nature Consortium‘s monthly free guided eco-hike through the West Duwamish Greenbelt, the largest contiguous stretch of forest left in Seattle city limits. 1 pm tomorrow, meet at 14th and Holly (map), it’s a fairly easy “hike” – RSVP to Lisa at NC,

WEST SEATTLE GARDEN TOUR ANNOUNCES BENEFICIARIES: Speaking of the Nature Consortium – they’re among this year’s West Seattle Garden Tour beneficiaries! Jane Watson with the WSGT committee sends word that they’ve just decided who will get the proceeds from this year’s tour (set for July 17th):

Each year, the WSGT donates the net proceeds from the Tour to Seattle-based non-profit organizations that promote horticultural, educational, or artistic endeavors. This year, we are pleased to announce that proceeds from the 2011 Garden Tour will benefit ArtsWest Theatre, the Seattle Chinese Garden, the Duwamish Longhouse, Lincoln Park P-Patch, Nantes Park, the Nature Consortium, Walking on Logs Landscape Restoration Group and the West Seattle Tool Library.

Jane also notes that if you’d like to be a sponsor (business OR individual) for this year’s West Seattle Garden Tour (WSB is signing on again this year), this is the last month to do it – sponsorships make up more than half the nonprofit tour’s proceeds, which go to those beneficiaries. You can find out more about sponsoring WSGT by going to

West Seattle St. Patrick’s Day: Famous ‘green stripe’ reappears

Got a note very early today that the fabled green stripe of Admiral’s 41st SW, near Metropolitan Market (WSB sponsor), has been refreshed, just in time for St. Patrick’s Day 2011 – so we had to send leprechauns over to get photos – including the shamrock at the end (in the 1900 block – here’s a map).

West Seattle Thursday: Top o’ the mornin’ to ya (etc.)

March 17, 2011 6:34 am
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We received that mysterious photo taken at Walking on Logs on behalf of “The Fork.” Ready to dig into corned beef and cabbage, perhaps? It’s all tied to, promising the mystery will be revealed next Monday. Till then, grab your lucky shamrock, and here goes the morning preview.

ST. PATRICK’S DAY: Feedback Lounge (WSB sponsor) is one of the places where the wearing and drinking of the green will be the order of the day. On the border between West Seattle and White Center, Mac’s Triangle Pub is planning a St. Patrick’s Day night to remember, starting at 6 pm (here’s the Facebook event page).

WATER TAXI BACK ON SCHEDULE: After almost a full day without West Seattle runs, because the Rachel Marie was filling in for Melissa Ann on the Vashon run, everything returned to normal mid-afternoon Wednesday, so it’s expected to be back on schedule this morning.

ALKI COMMUNITY COUNCIL: The May 22 “car-free day” (Seattle Summer Streets) is among the agenda items for tonight’s Alki Community Council meeting, 7 pm, Alki UCC (6112 SW Hinds).

BRUSH UP AND LISTEN UP: High Point Library presents a “Clean Your Teeth!” Story Time! AmeriCorps volunteers Zara Friedman and Emily Johnson, who work at a local clinic, will present a dental care themed story time 11:30 am-12 pm. The presentation will include a mix of stories, songs, games, and props to teach young children about dental care. It’s a free program for caregivers and children ages 3-5.

WEST SEATTLE CELLARS WINE TASTING: This week’s free Thursday night tasting, 5:30-8 pm, focuses on French wines.

OPEN MIKE NIGHT: It’s that time again at Freshy’s Coffee. You get a discount on wine and beer if you show up to perform; it all starts at 7 pm, and “anything that pertains to open mike is welcome.”

ECSTATIC DANCE: Every Thursday, 7:30-9:15 pm, VFW Hall at 3601 SW Alaska , freeform movement to recorded music from around the world. More details –

And even more on the WSB West Seattle Events calendar

County assessor tells West Seattle Kiwanis about changes he’s made

March 17, 2011 4:50 am
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If you’re a home/property owner but haven’t looked your property up online lately – you might be surprised at some of the changes to the website overseen by the office of King County Assessor Lloyd Hara. That’s one of the things he brought up when he spoke to the Kiwanis Club of West Seattle during its breakfast meeting on Wednesday at Be’s Restaurant in The Junction.

When he took office after being elected in 2009, Hara said, he was the “fourth guy to hold the job in seven months.” He had two objectives – make the office more customer-friendly, and create more-efficient ways to get the job done. To tackle those tasks, he started by figuring out how to ensure people who called the Assessor’s Office could reach a live human rather than getting “lost in phone-mail hell,” which he said happened to him once. They still have a ways to go, he acknowledged, but his staff is under orders to make a callback within 24 hours to anyone who calls and leaves a message.

Back to the website – Hara says his office has expanded the amount of information it offers, such as a list of taxes paid on a given parcel over the past 10 years. As the online information expands, he said, the postcards sent in the mail with information each year will shrink, and that’ll save money.

Speaking of money – valuations are going up this year, he said, compared to last year, but the commercial real-estate market remains weak, so much of the tax burden remains on homeowners. (Here’s the office’s announcement from February.) Still not much of a condo market, either, he observed, as banks tightened up on home lending.

West Seattle Kiwanis meets three times a month – the schedule’s on their website. Coming up on April 2nd, you’ll find them (and Key Club members) at five local supermarkets in a one-day food drive.

Fauntleroy Community Association serves up its annual Food Fest

March 17, 2011 3:01 am
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It’s part party, part neighborhood meeting, and a great chance for Fauntleroy neighbors to see each other and learn more about what and who’s in the neighborhood. The annual Fauntleroy Community Association Food Fest membership meeting/drive and restaurant sampler is in the books for another year, bringing neighbors into The Hall at Fauntleroy this past Tuesday night. Ahead, a few photos – and a few words from FCA’s re-elected president:Read More