Alki Community Council: Officer elections, and kiosk talk

From tonight’s Alki Community Council meeting: Officer elections, with 3 returnees and one new: Jule Sugarman, Randie Stone and Paul Carr are returning as president, vice president and secretary, respectively; since Larry Carpenter chose to step down from the treasurer position, Terry Zerngast was elected to take over. ACC is also looking for a new board member to replace Laura Sue Hoover. Another new name: Glynnis Vaughan has been hired to take over the Alki News Beacon, succeeding Cami MacNamara; next edition, said Sugarman, should be out in January (he’s accepting story suggestions). The ACC also heard from Chas Redmond regarding the upcoming Alki wayfinding kiosks and stanchions (signposts) that are in the works along with Admiral, which has a meeting at 4 pm tomorrow, as noted here earlier:

(If you’re wondering about the decor, the group had to meet in an Alki Community Center room more often used for kids’ programs, since the center’s community spaghetti dinner was in its bigger space.) As is the case in Admiral, and Fauntleroy before that, there’ll be meetings to zero in on location and content for the wayfinding structures, part of West Seattle Trails (seen the updated map yet?). One more Alki note – another work party for the West Seattle Wildlife Habitat Project demonstration garden at Seacrest is coming up this Saturday, 9 am-1 pm, all volunteers welcome, meet behind the Alki Kayak Tours shack at 9. (No ACC meeting in December, by the way – next one’ll be January 21st.)

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  • Alvis November 20, 2009 (4:51 am)

    The updated walking map is improved but still has some painful errors, notably its misidentification of Brace Point as Arbor Heights (about 90% of which is cut off by the bottom of the map).

  • chas redmond November 20, 2009 (10:32 am)

    It’s actually not identifying Brace Point, the name Arbor Heights is located where it is by convention – we will move it east a bit. With respect to the missing Arbor Heights data, contact your city council or mayor and ask why Seattle is charging non-profits responsible for executing elements of the city’s Pedestrian Master Plan additional $2500 for GIS data which contains that tiny bit of city which is southern Arbor Heights. Feet First did not have additional funding to buy the GIS data from the city for that section – which is on a different “plat” of GIS data. Ergo, that section of West Seattle is missing from this map.

  • Forest November 20, 2009 (2:59 pm)

    Chas – The conventional placement of Arbor Heights wording on maps is south of Roxbury and east of Marine View Drive. I recommend moving the name to the bottom of the map so it’s parallel with the east-west leg of the #21 Arbor Heights bus route. Speaking as a former resident, I’d say the neighborhood isn’t walker-friendly enough to warrant inclusion on a walking map, but it does warrant a more accurate indicator of its location within West Seattle.

  • Forest November 21, 2009 (7:42 pm)

    Just one more suggestion: it would be helpful for walkers if the final map could indicate that SW Admiral Way is an overpass — not a connecting intersection — where it crosses the Admiral to Seacrest Trail.

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