Video: Mudhoney at West Seattle Summer Fest

That’s our video of Mudhoney‘s first song at West Seattle Summer Fest tonight – “The Money Will Roll Right In” – following the introduction by the West Seattleite who’s running for the biggest job on this year’s ballot, and is backed by many members of the music community, King County Executive candidate (and County Council chair) Dow Constantine. Mudhoney played more than an hour on the Alaska Stage (in the street by Junction Plaza Park). Thanks to Babs (one of many awesome WSBers we were honored to chat with during the festival today – we’re there Sat/Sun too) for sharing photos including this one:

Tomorrow’s Summer Fest live music slate starts at 12:30 pm – see the full schedule here – with highlights including Supersonic Soul Pimps on the California Stage (north end of the festival) at 8:15 pm.

ADDED MONDAY MORNING: Lots of buzz about “bodypassing,” “moshing,” “crowd surfing,” whatever you want to call it, during Mudhoney’s set. Found someone else’s video on YouTube that actually caught it on camera during the later song “Touch Me I’m Sick”- about 40 seconds in:

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  • WesCAddle July 10, 2009 (11:28 pm)

    I was there, and it rocked.

  • Cami July 10, 2009 (11:31 pm)

    Great video!

  • John July 10, 2009 (11:56 pm)

    Awesome thanks for sharing! I wish they played tomorrow instead.

  • Dude July 11, 2009 (1:28 am)

    Touch me I’m SICK!!!

  • alkisw July 11, 2009 (2:03 am)

    Great too see that many people show up for a concert during street fair. That was a lot of fun!

  • WSHC July 11, 2009 (9:33 am)

    One, two, three, four
    West Seattle Hardcore

  • agirl July 11, 2009 (9:38 am)

    great show last night, but what was w/ the douche bags that were trying to be passed over heads?

  • fluorescent carl July 11, 2009 (10:52 am)

    agirl, Back in the 90’s we used to have something here in Seattle called a Mosh Pit… Were we douche bags would surf on top of the crowd in front of the stage and love it! This is a great band of the 90’s surf away douche bags! agirl, you can stand in the back with the respectable sort.

  • WSB July 11, 2009 (11:26 am)

    That was the best comment of the night on Twitter … somebody “tweeted” that they just saw “a 45-year-old get bodypassed” (mosh pit) … TR

  • eaglelover July 11, 2009 (12:11 pm)

    Was simply awesome, thanks Mudhoney for coming out to play.

  • Jody Rodgers July 11, 2009 (12:49 pm)

    Dow introducing Mudhoney…how cool is that?!??!

  • Babs July 11, 2009 (1:07 pm)

    Mudhoney totally rocked and they still have it! I agree with fluorescent carl and the mosh pit, those were the most amazing days in Seattle music! Long live Mudhoney and the crowd who love the sound.

  • ln8r July 11, 2009 (4:28 pm)

    We used to mosh in Portland as well. Good times. Sigh.

  • miws July 11, 2009 (7:05 pm)

    There was another craze, back in the ’90’s, along with the Mosh Pits, and, I’m going to need some help here, I believe it was called “Slamming”?


    From what I remember of it, people would basically “slam” each other, belly to belly. Now pretty much all my life, (I’m nearly 51 now) I’ve been a real wuss, and don’t like any sort of rough physical contact, even on the relatively mild side. I think much of it comes from not wanting my glasses, which I’ve worn full time since around age 5 or 6, (not the same pair ;) ) to get broken.


    One year, maybe ’95, I was at Bumbershoot, at the beer garden with a stage, inside the former building, adjacent to the former Flag Plaza Pavilion. Don’t remember what band was playing, but the slamming, or whatever it was called, kicked in. I didn’t have that many Bumberbeers in me, but decided “what the heck!” and got into it a bit!


    Damn/! It felt good to live on the wild side! ;)



  • Dante July 13, 2009 (2:57 pm)

    I took a bunch of pictures from within the mosh pit. Some of them came out ok.
    Inside the Pit.

    Just a note, I’m still trying out picasa, and don’t have it all configured right yet. If the images look really small, click the full screen button.

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