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Daystar in Westwood becomes “Oz” for a day July 25

July 19, 2009 10:21 pm
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Just received this:

Daystar Retirement Village is hosting an entirely Oz-themed event open to the public on Saturday, July 25th from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m.

In keeping
with the theme of Heart, Brains and Courage, there will be info from and raffle baskets with proceeds to the American Heart Association, the Alzheimer’s Association and Gilda’s Club of Seattle.

The 1939 classic film, “The Wizard of Oz” screens at 1:30 p.m. Drop in for a few minutes or stay for the movie, and have a bite to eat in the “Emerald City” dining room! Bring the grandkids, the kids, the parents or grandparents: all are welcome at this open house!

Daystar is located at 2615 SW Barton Street, across from the Westwood Village Shopping Center. (206) 937-6122

West Seattle restaurant news: Ama Ama announces it’s closing

(Photo by Christopher Boffoli, added 11:37 pm)
Thanks to everybody who’s just sent us word of Ama Ama Oyster Bar and Grill‘s closure announcement. Last day: July 25th. It’s posted on the Ama Ama Facebook page, and this is what was sent to the Ama Ama mailing list:

Well, we are very sad to announce that Ama Ama will be closing its doors for good on Saturday, July 25th. Economic conditions, being what they are, have reluctantly forced our hand.

Thank you to all of our customers, from West Seattle and beyond, we truly enjoyed serving you and hope you enjoyed your time spent at Ama Ama. To all of our employees, both current and former, we thank you very much for your hard work and dedication. We are lucky to have had the chance to know and work with you all. Special thanks to our Chef, Jared Wentworth, whose menus are both creative and fantastically well executed. We are very proud he has been a part of our restaurant – we are now several pounds heavier because of him – but we will try not to hold that against him!

We hope you will come by in the coming week, have some oysters, a few drinks, say goodbye to the staff and fill up on Jared’s incredible food one last time. Thanks again, for your support and encouragement. We will miss coming to work at Ama Ama and miss seeing our West Seattle neighbors!

Rob Coburn
Paige Crandall
Co-Owners Ama Ama

Ama Ama opened in October 2007. Before that, Ovio Bistro had been there (following its move from the location further north on California where Beato closed last year); previous incarnations included Guppy’s and a national-chain pizza parlor.

Bike lane just added to south stretch of California SW

Much of the main south stretch of California SW, from south of Morgan Junction up toward the Gatewood/Fauntleroy border at SW Thistle (map), not only has received bicycle-awareness “sharrows” in the past week-plus, but now also of this weekend has a bicycle lane, mostly in the southbound/uphill direction. (The bike lane ends at SW Ida [map], which is also where the Route 22 bus turns.) Striping crews have been working night and weekend hours in the past several days — they first moved the center line a few feet east, where it’s now marked by reflective yellow “turtles” (so many of which had come off during last winter’s snow/ice/sanding), and then the bike lane appeared. The West Seattle section of the citywide Bicycle Master Plan (see it here) does not call for a bike lane in this area – bike lanes are marked by broken dark-blue lines, sharrows by light turquoise, and this stretch is marked only with the latter (here’s a screen grab; link to the full plan is here):

We’ll be checking with SDOT tomorrow about the appearance of the bike lane and if bike lanes are on the drawing board anywhere else in West Seattle that’s not included in the Master Plan. (In the plan, the stretch of Fauntleroy that’s getting a bike lane as part of the “rechannelization” following the current road-rebuilding/repaving work is coded in the plan as “more study needed.”)

“Stuff the Bus” diaper-drive update: And the results are …

That’s WestSide Baby executive director Nancy Woodland announcing the results of today’s “Stuff the Bus” diaper drive (with WSB among this year’s co-sponsors) just moments ago at West Seattle Farmers’ Market – she’d spent the first half of the four-hour event at the newly added Burien Chevrolet location (which brought in more than 10,000 of those nearly 30,000 diapers). You can still donate to WestSide Baby any time – diapers and/or money – see for info. ADDED 3:33 PM: The total beats last year, which had about 25,000 by 2 pm (WSB 2008 coverage here). And here’s a photo we took inside the West Seattle bus right as today’s drive ended at 2 pm:

The work’s not over for WestSide Baby volunteers – now they get to sort through all those diapers! ADDED 10:12 PM: KC passes along one more tidbit regarding ongoing donations to WestSide Baby:

Did you know that you can drop off partial packs of diapers/training pants to WestSide Baby? It’s true! So go through your closets, the old diaper bag, the car, and get the spares that your kids no longer need. Check at grandma’s house and even in your purse/backpack, too– you can find old spares all over! WestSide Baby will happily take the leftover diapers/training pants.

2 more ways to “do good” right now: Car wash, plant sale

July 19, 2009 1:12 pm
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Look for the Illusions Hair Design (WSB sponsor) VW Bug and the brightly lettered sign outside the West Seattle Eagles parking lot near the Junction post office – the car wash to raise money for Pencil Me In For Kids is happening till 2 pm:

PMIFK gets school supplies for kids whose families have trouble affording them – and even though it’s the heat of mid-July, back-to-school time in September is practically right around the corner. By 12:30 pm, they’d already washed 15 cars! (1:27 pm note – they’re also updating via Twitter, with pix – 21 cars as of about 1:10 pm!) Also this afternoon: Furry Faces Foundation‘s end-of-summer plant sale to raise money for animal rescue – 3809 46th SW (map) – see this WSB Forums item for full details – it’s continuing till 5 pm, blowout prices.

Update: WestSide Baby “Stuff the Bus,” midway through

July 19, 2009 11:54 am
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Just revisited the “Stuff the Bus” HQ at West Seattle Farmers’ Market. That’s WestSide Baby board member Sandra with young volunteer Sabrina, in the bus around 11:30 am. LOTS of room for more diapers. They’re also collecting, as mentioned earlier, at local grocery stores – Jefferson Square, Roxbury, Admiral Safeways and West Seattle Thriftway, and those will all count into the total – one of those store locations had brought over 800 diapers just before we got to The Bus. There’s also a bake sale at The Bus (gorgeous little cupcakes):

And if you donate, you get to honk the bus’s horn – which appeals to the young helpers in particular. This continues till 2 pm. (Just heard from WestSide Baby’s executive director Nancy Woodland, who’s in Burien for the first-ever Stuff the Bus site there, at Burien Chevrolet, where she says almost 5,000 diapers had arrived by 11:45.)

Also under way now: West Seattle Garden Tour

(photo added 12:30 pm)
The West Seattle Garden Tour continues till 5 pm, lots of time to make it to all eight gardens, ticket info here. Also if you’re looking for lunch, received this from Patty at Blue Willow Catering in The Junction:

Blue Willow Luncheonette is open for business today in honored of the West Seattle Garden Tour. We are on the map as a rest stop, we are also serving our full lunch menu and some breakfast type specials from 11-2:30.

They’re on SW Oregon across from the entrance to the parking lot behind Chase/the liquor store/etc. 12:29 PM UPDATE: Making the rounds of some of the gardens – at the Hailey Family Garden in Admiral, you’ll find beverage sales on behalf of WestSide Baby and today’s “Stuff the Bus” diaper drive:

Also a reminder that the West Seattle Garden Tour proceeds themselves benefit nonprofits, such as the Junction Plaza Park construction fundraising:

The Haileys’ garden is also where you can see the stone bench that’s one of today’s raffle prizes for WSGT attendees (in the background is Shon Robinson, the designer who’s part of this garden’s team):

We’re off to a couple other locations and will add more photos later. The West Seattle Garden Tour continues till 5 pm. ADDED 1:21 PM: More than one of the featured gardens is in Gatewood’s gorgeous Orchard Street Ravine area – we dropped by the one that belongs to West Seattle Internet proprietor Bill Hibler:

This is the “Chez Hugh …” garden featured on the WSGT website – beautiful art glass, too:

Not too late for tickets – West Seattle Nursery and Metropolitan Market are the places to go.

Update: Police ask for help to solve overnight murder in South Park

3:47 PM UPDATE: Police have added a little more information about the case via their SPDBlotter site – both victims were asleep at the time of the attack; the one who was killed was 37, the one who escaped is 40.

ORIGINAL REPORT, 10:41 AM: We covered this incident overnight on Twitter, where we often post about out-of-West Seattle news because nobody else is up covering news at that hour: Someone broke into a home in South Park and stabbed two women, killing one. (Here’s a map to where it happened.) Now the Southwest Precinct (which handles South Park as well as West Seattle) is asking that information about the attack be posted far and wide – so we’re publishing the “informational bulletin” just forwarded by Sgt. Jeff Durden:

At about 0300 hours, an unknown suspect entered a residence in the 700 block of S. Rose Street. The two occupants were attacked, and one has since died from injuries sustained in the attack. The second victim is undergoing medical treatment at an area hospital for her injuries.

The suspect is described as:
• black male,
• late 20’s to early 30’s in age
• He is approximately 5’-9” to 6’-0” tall,
• with a thin muscular build.
• The suspect has a thin moustache,
• “nappy” hair.

The suspect is still at large. The Seattle Police Homicide Unit is investigating this incident, and asks that citizens call the homicide unit at (206) 684-5550 with any information, or King County Crime Stoppers at (206) 343-2020 or send a text to “crimes” (274637).

Citizens are asked to call 911 to report any suspicious activity in their neighborhoods, and to contact the Seattle Police Department Crime Prevention Unit at (206) 684-7724 for additional information on personal safety. During warm weather, citizens are reminded of the necessity to secure all doors and windows in their homes.

The public is invited to a community meeting at the South Park Community Center, 8319 8th Avenue South, on Monday, July 20, at 7:00 pm.

Interim Chief John Diaz

WestSide Baby “Stuff the Bus” diaper drive begins: 1st donation

That’s Luke and he was the very first person to donate diapers to the annual “Stuff the Bus” diaper drive that officially began moments ago at the big bus parked alongside the West Seattle Farmers’ Market. WestSide Baby is hoping to collect tens of thousands of diapers today to help families all around the area. We’ll be publishing updates along the way. “Stuff the Bus” continues till 2 pm. Here’s the “before” shot from just before Luke’s donation:

10:21 AM UPDATE: Just got a note from WestSide Baby’s Nancy Woodland – they’re also doing this in Burien today and got 2,500 diapers in the first 15 minutes. If you have friends/relatives in Burien, tell them to get down to Burien Chevrolet and bring diapers! Here’s full “Stuff the Bus” info for both locations.

10:46 AM UPDATE: We’re reminded that other locations in West Seattle also are collecting donations as part of “Stuff the Bus.” You can take diapers to C and P Coffee and get a free coffee drink in exchange. And we’ve heard diapers are being collected outside at least one Safeway (working to verify which one).

10:57 AM UPDATE: It’s Jefferson Square Safeway. And another reminder from a Facebook friend (find us on FB at – You can donate money to WestSide Baby online at any time so they can buy diapers and other items. One donation that’ll be made today is $128 raised at the raffle during last night’s well-attended Outdoor Movies on the Wall, according to Lora from Hotwire Coffee (WSB sponsor) – any time you go to Movies on the Wall this summer, please bring a few $ (though the movies are free) because there’s always a great raffle, with proceeds benefiting local nonprofits. More on “Stuff the Bus” shortly – we’re on our way back to the Farmers’ Market to see how Hour 1 has gone. (Updates on Twitter too –

11:03 AM UPDATE: Clarification on the sizes most needed – 4, 5, 6 and 4T, as per the Stuff the Bus ad we’ve been running as a co-sponsor of today’s drive.

Also today: Mediterranean Fest, Garden Tour, Farmers’ Market

We’ve already mentioned it’s the day to “Stuff the Bus” for WestSide Baby – 10 am-2 pm at the Farmers’ Market (we’ll be there for “live” updates). Also – the Mediterranean Fantasy Festival is in day two:

Thanks to Dina Johnson for sharing photos from today’s Day 1 – that’s Shamandura with her 8-year-old granddaughter Princess Tori – here’s West Seattle dancer Mirabai:

The festival continues at Hiawatha from 10 am to 9 pm today. (ADDED SUNDAY NIGHT – Two Hiawatha scenes from Sunday – also both courtesy of Dina Johnson – first one is Lisa Yasmine, West Seattle bellydancer, and Katia Sahar completing their duet … second one, knights in semi-shining armor)

GARDEN TOUR: Today’s also the day for the West Seattle Garden Tour – 9 am to 5 pm, self-guided tour of eight residential gardens, with admission price including Ciscoe Morris‘ noon lecture at The Kenney. Ticket info here.

WEST SEATTLE FARMERS’ MARKET: Looking for a deal while you’re there dropping off diapers for “Stuff the Bus,” or vice versa? Here’s today’s fresh sheet.

West Seattle weekend scenes: 2 from Alki

Thanks to Ron Richardson for sharing photos from Saturday’s Alki Classic Car Show.

(Added later: Thanks to MargeC for these next two.)

(Missed it? No worries, the 2nd annual West Seattle Junction Car Show – co-sponsored by WSB – is going to be a biggie, and it’s just two months away – Sept. 20 – more info here.) Also from Alki, thumbs-up to the kids who got special “citations” from West Seattle Engine 29 firefighters visiting the beach on Friday:

(photos courtesy Seattle Fire Department)
The “citations” for kids found to be wearing their helmets property included coupons for free Subway sandwiches.

West Seattle Grand Parade wrapup #5: The politicians

July 19, 2009 3:11 am
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That’s video of Dow Constantine, King County Council Chair, King County Executive candidate and West Seattleite, marching with supporters in Saturday’s West Seattle Grand Parade (and giving WSB a shoutout after spotting us on the sidelines). With by-mail voting about two weeks away for the August primary, you’ll even find non-West Seattle-dwelling politicians almost anywhere a crowd gathers – the City Council‘s president (who’s up for re-election this year) was in the parade too – Richard Conlin and supporters were seen here in the staging area south of Lafayette Elementary:

Other sightings included Conlin’s opponent, High Point resident David Ginsberg, later down the parade route:

And we saw two other council candidates pre-parade, Dorsol Plants and Rusty Williams. Not in the parade but seen working the sidelines, two mayoral candidates – James Donaldson and Mike McGinn, who talked to spectators and handed out “Mike Bikes” stickers:

No sighting of Mayor Nickels himself – though we know that earlier in the day, he helped open the new Sound Transit Light Rail line. Speaking of transportation, Ron Richardson shares this photo of Port Commission hopeful Max Vekich‘s parade visit:

Meantime, King County Assessor candidate Lloyd Hara and supporters stopped to pose:

Acting assessor Rich Medved was scheduled to march in the parade but suffered a stroke last Tuesday and remains in the hospital. Meanwhile, not all politicians in the parade were running for something – both of West Seattle’s State House reps were spotted – here’s Rep. Eileen Cody:

Keep an eye on the WSB Politics archive for all the latest; we also have an archive for the West Seattle Grand Parade, where you’ll find all our other stories on Saturday’s extravaganza. And we’re not done with Saturday reports yet …