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West Seattle Crime Watch: Jefferson Square business break-in

July 11, 2009 11:29 pm
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Leslie Thomson from Dream Dinners (longtime WSB sponsor) reports her Jefferson Square store was broken into late last night or early today:

Dream Dinners staff arrived Saturday morning to find the front door lock jimmied. Drawers, files and cabinets were opened; thankfully nothing was missing or destroyed. No valuables are kept at the store. The break in is suspected to have occurred sometime between 11:30 PM Friday and 7:30 AM Saturday. Business was normal for our session at 9:00 AM on Saturday morning. Any information regarding this incident would be appreciated. Please call Dream Dinners at 206 938 5999.

And of course police will want to hear from you too.

1 more Sunday event: Help a West Seattle kid make a difference

Jeannette e-mailed us about this a few days ago but at the time, the date was later in the month, so it’s not in this weekend’s calendar – now we know it’s happening TOMORROW (Sunday) and we want to help get the word out. Her 9-year-old son will have “Connor’s Lemonade Stand” set up at 40th/Oregon 11 am-1 pm. Proceeds will benefit the Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network. Here’s a map; go buy some lemonade from Connor – that’s just a couple blocks east of the north end of West Seattle Summer Fest.

Live from West Seattle Summer Fest, night 2

(scroll down for frequent updates, till about 9 pm)

(Caspar Babypants – aka Chris Ballew of The Presidents etc. – live at Summer Fest this afternoon)
6 pm already. The West Seattle Summer Fest Street Dance is coming up around 8:15 – both stages, with Supersonic Soul Pimps on the California Stage, Thee Sgt. Major III at 8 pm on the Alaska Stage followed by 70 Proof at 9:30. You might have already been here today and are looking ahead to tomorrow – we recently found a few of the things folks have been asking us about. First, cotton candy is down on the south end by the kids’ fun zone:

And for the folks who asked us about hanging plants – Julius Rosso Nursery has a booth along the western corridor on California, near Husky Deli and Taqueria Guaymas:

A light cloud cover has just moved in and the temperature out here is perfect. Dinner time for a lot of folks – we’ve been asked multiple times about restaurant recommendations – rest assured, we’re offering plenty – the most recent folks to stop by the table went ding-ding-ding when we mentioned the Pagliacci $2 slices (as noted here a few days ago when they wrote to tell us they’d be offering that deal). Let us know about any deals you’ve spotted worth sharing for people coming tomorrow! Beverage deals abound all over the place – for healthy drinks, stop by the table outside Pharmaca (WSB sponsor):

7 PM: Light rain – nobody’s running for cover, not too serious, just summer rain. Also another candidate sighting – mayoral candidate James Donaldson is here.

Other sightings – “the wizard guy with the snake” is a staple at many festivals we’ve attended, and he’s here tonight:

8:05 PM UPDATE: The booths have closed for the night but the music is going strong – with the Street Dance getting going at both stages. Lots of people still here, including a sizable contingent of police – who tell us things overall have been even quieter than last year, despite what appears to be higher attendance – we caught a photo during “Summer Fest roll call”:

Uh oh – some lightning and thunder, just a bit to the northwest. Probably not a great idea to be sitting here with laptops and lots of cords, so we’re going to wrap it up and head north to get some video of the Supersonic Soul Pimps before taking refuge at WSB HQ. Will add that video and more pix a bit later. Summer Fest hours tomorrow are 11 am-7 pm – and remember the West Seattle Farmers’ Market is happening as usual too – Chipotle Mexican Grill plans a promotion at the WSFM, first 100 shoppers at 11 am get some freebies – they’re also delivering burritos to merchants.

ADDED EARLY SUNDAY: As promised, the Soul Pimps clip:

Also a fun pic from Meryl at Sleepers in Seattle:

Another West Seattle Little League team takes district title

July 11, 2009 5:58 pm
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First, the West Seattle Little League 9-10 All-Stars took the district championships and are headed to the state championships – now, the West Seattle Little League 11-12 All-Stars have won District 7 as well! From Cami MacNamara:

The West Seattle Little League 11-12 (Majors) All Star team defeated South Highline Nationals twice on Saturday to become District 7 Champs! The team will now advance to the Washington State 11-12 All Star tournament in Port Orchard, WA on July 25th. Go West Side!

Video: Seafair Pirates’ Landing at Alki (with King Pat Cashman)

Just after 1 pm, with a bigger-than-ever crowd awaiting them, the Seafair Pirates landed at Alki Beach – actually, as you see in our video, a bit offshore since the tide was low and their Army craft stopped short of the sand. Also a highlight of today’s event – Seafair’s “King Neptune” this year is longtime TV-radio personality Pat Cashman, who presided at special ceremonies:

We’ll add more video as the afternoon goes on. We’re told the Pirates were last seen absconding with West Seattle Hi-Yu Festival royalty! 4:04 PM: Here’s the video proof:

By the way, two big occasions are ahead in the process of choosing and celebrating new Hi-Yu royalty: This week, Friday at 12:45, the Junior Court Coronation happens during the Hiawatha Fun Festival — and there’s still time to apply to participate – this Tuesday’s the deadline; more info here. Then the Senior Court Coronation is coming up on July 20th, 7 pm at West Seattle High School — tickets will be available at the door, $10 adult/$5 student. ADDED 8:28 PM: Beautiful photo of the Lady Washington at Alki today, courtesy of David Hutchinson:

We also have a link from Joe Follansbee – with a different take on the Pirates’ Landing and the Lady Washington’s role in it. ADDED EARLY SUNDAY: First, video of “King Neptune” and the young pirate with whom he engaged pre-landing:

Next, Shelly shared this pirate closeup:

And another shot from David Hutchinson – viewing the battle from behind the Alki Statue of Liberty:

You’ll see the Seafair Pirates back in West Seattle next Saturday, during the American Legion Grand Parade (which we’ll be talking about all week – we’re walking in it again this year in celebration of West Seattle volunteers, including those who will be honored at Tuesday’s Hi-Yu Concert in the Park – 7 pm @ Hiawatha’s east lawn – in the new Volunteer Recognition program).

Delridge wading pool opens “early”

Thanks to Nancy Folsom for the photo and word that the Delridge wading pool is open after all – we got a note about that yesterday but hadn’t gotten time yet today to check – as we noted earlier in the week, the Parks Department website had pushed back the opening date to next Monday, but looks like they got it going in time for this warm, sunny weekend. Hours are scheduled to be noon-7 pm; it’s the second West Seattle wading pool to open this season – later than usual because of mandatory safety upgrades. So now Lincoln Park and Delridge are open; Hiawatha is scheduled to open July 27, but neighbors might check sooner, in case it happens earlier, as it has done in Delridge.

Live at West Seattle Summer Fest: Saturday morning/afternoon

(scroll down for frequent updates, photos, video)

(Balloon artist Miriam FitzPatrick, who’s set up outside Petco)
West Seattle Summer Fest has begun for its second day. Official hours today are 10 am-8 pm, but music continues after that, with the Street Dance at both stages kicking off around 8:15 pm. One note: The video arcade in the former northern half of Capers WILL be open today, according to Susan Melrose from the West Seattle Junction Association. More to come! (But if you have friends heading this way soon, please remember, there’s still traffic trouble on the WESTBOUND West Seattle Bridge because of the rollover crash we’ve been covering – here’s our updated report.)

11:16 AM UPDATE: Adding the first photos of the day. We’re told the video arcade should be open around noon or shortly afterward:

11:50 AM UPDATE: First candidate sighting of the day – City Council candidate Sally Bagshaw, who just got the dual endorsement of the 34th District Democrats last Wednesday night for Position 4 along with West Seattle’s Dorsol Plants. She and supporters are here with signs and flyers.

Also happening right now – Westside Dermatology, right around the corner from Summer Fest on 44th north of Edmunds, is having its Skin Care Fair today – lots of freebies (you’ll need sunscreen here today – they’re giving it away!) – and advice on keeping your skin healthy. Jon and Jennifer from Westside Dermatology (which is a WSB sponsor) stopped by our HQ at the Information/Junction/Park/Survey tent at Alaska/California (we’re facing KeyBank) to spread the word:

The Skin Care Fair continues till 4 pm. Live music also is about to start – earlier today since it’s now officially the weekend – as noted earlier this morning, Caspar Babypants (the children’s-music sideline of Chris Ballew from the Presidents of the United States of America) plays at 3:30 pm; tonight at 8:15, it’s the Street Dance, both stages.

12:16 PM: Just got a report from co-publisher Patrick at Alki Beach – TONS of traffic for the Seafair Pirates’ Landing (hard to believe because so many people are here at Summer Fest, but hey, it’s a big peninsula). Look for photos/video later (the Pirates hadn’t yet materialized as of a few minutes ago). Speaking of Alki, Shari Sewell from West Seattle-based Northwest Hope and Healing is here to get the word out about the second annual Alki Beach Run, coming up in September:

12:39 PM: We have word that the crash on the bridge we covered earlier is finally clear, so that opens up traffic to everybody heading this way (Summer Fest continues till 8, and beyond with the Street Dance starting right about then). Speaking of traffic – while you’re here, if you have a question about the Viaduct/Tunnel project and other components of what’s changing in the “corridor,” stop by the official booth, just a bit north of Petco on the east side of the street – we found Katie and Lara there this morning:

Tons of info online, by the way, at Second candidate sighting of the day – now standing alongside our booth before working the crowd, City Council candidate Dorsol Plants, who chaired the Highland Park Action Committee during the first intensive wave of the jail-sites fight. Also here to work the crowd with him, Dina Lydia Johnson and her husband, previous HPAC chair Blair Johnson. Here’s Dina with Dorsol:

One question we’ve fielded several times – when will the Delridge Playground volunteers be in the Community Tent (which is on Alaska just past the stage) – the schedule shows them here 2-8 pm today, so you can get a raffle ticket, buy a (Heart) Delridge T-shirt.

1:07 PM UPDATE: Dave Montoure from West 5 just came by en route to deliver veggie dogs for the “dog-eating contest” coming up at 1:30. Lots of little fun moments like that throughout the day/evening. If you don’t get a festival guide somewhere else, stop by our table at California/Alaska, facing KeyBank/food court/Easy Street (we’ve got the first-ever WSB T-shirts on sale, $15, with $6 of that – past our $9 cost – going to local nonprofits). P.S. We have word now the Seafair Pirates landed after 1 pm. Co-publisher Patrick will be back with photos and video for a separate story.

1:32 PM UPDATE: Lots of other neighborhoods representing – besides Erica Karlovits from Junction Neighborhood Organization (whose next meeting is this Tuesday, July 14, 6:30 pm, Ginomai), Chas Redmond from Morgan Community Association (whose Cindi Barker was last seen heading for the Community Tent near the Alaska Stage), Mark Wainwright and Jim Del Ciello from the Admiral Neighborhood Association, Sharonn Meeks from the Fairmount Community Association; yesterday we talked with Bruce Butterfield of the Fauntleroy Community Association … there’s a list of all West Seattle community groups with websites. We also have information here about some of the upcoming events we’re co-sponsoring – Outdoor Movies on the Wall, starting a week from tonight with “The Princess Bride” (courtyard between Hotwire Coffee [WSB sponsor] and Dr. Wolff, at dusk) and ANA’s Summer Concerts at Hiawatha, which start a week from Thursday (July 23) with Alma Villegas. Here at Summer Fest, the entertainment’s happening everywhere, and demonstrations too, like the Evergreen Tae-Kwon-Do Academy right by our tent a bit earlier:

3:32 PM: Caspar Babypants is under way at the Alaska Stage, right behind us and by Junction Plaza Park and its park-construction-benefiting beer garden – whimsical music, geared for kids but fun for grownups too.

West Seattle Crime Watch: 2 incidents with door-to-door links

We’ve published a lot of “door-to-door alerts” here. Many may be legitimate solicitors – but sometimes, as police confirm, it could be a cover for something illegal. We have two reports to share this morning along those lines – read on:Read More

Saturday highlights: Summer Fest Day 2; Seafair Pirates’ Landing

SUMMER FEST DAY 2: 10 am-8 pm, West Seattle Summer Fest will be in high gear for day 2 after day 1’s Junction jam – busier than day 1 last year by many accounts, and not just because of the Mudhoney crowd. Remember you can browse the vendor list here, the music slate here, other entertainment here, if you want to have a plan before you go – or come to the big tent in the California/Alaska intersection to get the official festival guide (available elsewhere around the site too) – look for the JUNCTION/INFORMATION/SURVEY banners. Junction Plaza Park information (and a donation “keg”) and the West Seattle Junction Association, which brings you the festival (and is selling Junction-logo T-shirts), are on the north side of the booth. Speaking of T-shirts, after noon today, we will have a limited amount of the first-ever WSB T-shirts available at our spot on the west side of the booth – $15, checks only; $6 goes to local nonprofits (beyond the $9 each shirt cost to make). But the really big deal on our side of the tent is a quick online survey for WSJA asking what you think of Summer Fest – please stop by, say hi, sit down at a laptop for five minutes to share your thoughts, and you get entered into a drawing for a $100 Junction shopping spree. We’ll report live from Summer Fest again all day and into the night (via Twitter, too, including cameraphone photo links, at @westseattleblog – also check the WSB Twitter page for other folks mentioning Summer Fest – some interesting tweets and photo links last night from the big concert – and bound to be some tonight for the Street Dance at both stages). Note (and thanks to Howie for the reminder), today’s music includes Caspar BabypantsChris Ballew of the Presidents of the United States of America doing kids’ tunes – as seen here on YouTube:

Caspar Babypants performs at 3:30 pm on the Alaska Stage (previewed here though the time was different then). Now, westward from The Junction to Alki:


(2008 Seafair Pirates’ Landing photo by David Hutchinson)
SEAFAIR PIRATES’ LANDING: Huge day at Alki Beach, too. The Seafair Pirates themselves say they’ll land between 11:30 and 12:30 – here’s their official page for the event – but there’s lots to do before and after – kids’ activities, food and crafts, entertainment. Someone stopped by the Summer Fest booth last night to say they’d never been and wanted to know exactly what happens. It’s a little different every year but let’s just say, lots of pageantry at sea – keep an eye on the water and the assembled group of vessels because you never know exactly what’s going to happen before the Pirates show up and storm the shore. Remember our state’s official ship, the Lady Washington, is part of it this year too. Now, on to High Point:

(Thanks to Daniel for this photo from Marination Mobile’s 4th of July visit)
HIGH POINT STREET FOOD: Marination Mobile is back at 35th/Graham today, 11 am-2 pm, after its debut last week on the 4th of July. Read about ’em here.

BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE … The West Seattle Weekend Lineup has the full rundown for today and tomorrow – see it here. (And if you’re wondering – yes, the West Seattle Farmers’ Market happens tomorrow during Summer Fest too; more on that later.)

Update: West Seattle Bridge rollover crash backs up WB traffic

(thanks to YuriM for sending that photo via Twitter, added 10:20 am)
If you happen to be heading toward West Seattle sometime soon – beware of some trouble on The Bridge – Scott C just called to say there’s an “upside-down car” on the westbound side, between 99 and the top of the high rise. 911 log shows a “motor vehicle accident” call there in the past hour, but it’s now closed, which means fire/medic crews’ work is done. No word on injuries. (Thanks also to those who e-mailed and tweeted – Manuel says via e-mail that the crash was blocking the 2 left lanes westbound and backing cars up as far as 1st Ave So.) ADDED 8:53 AM: Here’s the link to a photo @steveler posted via Twitter. ADDED 9:57 AM: The scene is NOT yet cleared, according to this traffic camera. ADDED 10:10 AM: Just got information from Seattle Police media unit Officer Renee Witt: The car is believed to have flipped after hitting a guard rail “at a high rate of speed.” She says the driver also is suspected of having been under the influence. Both the driver and passenger are at the hospital, but both have only minor injuries. The scene hasn’t been cleared yet because the “under the influence” aspect requires a more extensive investigation. 12:30 PM UPDATE: Via Twitter, we have word from @despeaux that the crash scene is clear.

One of West Seattle’s best-kept secrets: Alki Lighthouse tours

July 11, 2009 6:03 am
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Through the end of August, you can tour the Alki Point Lighthouse on Saturday and Sunday afternoons, free, courtesy of the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary. (Their infopage even reveals a gift shop!) Full details here; also hat tip to Puget Sound Maritime and to a wall note on Facebook (find us there at from Stacy, who toured on the 4th and called it “awesome.”

West Seattle scenes, following WS Summer Fest night 1

July 11, 2009 1:39 am
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WSB photojournalist Christopher Boffoli reports Junction streets (and sidewalk-cafe setups) are still bustling, late into the night after West Seattle Summer Fest‘s first day.

And Alki photographer David Hutchinson shares a view of that vivid pink Friday night sunset, over Alki’s Statue of Liberty:

Not far from Lady Liberty, the Seafair Pirates will come ashore in their traditional summer spectacle today; they say somewhere around noon, but activities before and after the landing go on for hours (more here).