Video: Seafair Pirates’ Landing at Alki (with King Pat Cashman)

Just after 1 pm, with a bigger-than-ever crowd awaiting them, the Seafair Pirates landed at Alki Beach – actually, as you see in our video, a bit offshore since the tide was low and their Army craft stopped short of the sand. Also a highlight of today’s event – Seafair’s “King Neptune” this year is longtime TV-radio personality Pat Cashman, who presided at special ceremonies:

We’ll add more video as the afternoon goes on. We’re told the Pirates were last seen absconding with West Seattle Hi-Yu Festival royalty! 4:04 PM: Here’s the video proof:

By the way, two big occasions are ahead in the process of choosing and celebrating new Hi-Yu royalty: This week, Friday at 12:45, the Junior Court Coronation happens during the Hiawatha Fun Festival — and there’s still time to apply to participate – this Tuesday’s the deadline; more info here. Then the Senior Court Coronation is coming up on July 20th, 7 pm at West Seattle High School — tickets will be available at the door, $10 adult/$5 student. ADDED 8:28 PM: Beautiful photo of the Lady Washington at Alki today, courtesy of David Hutchinson:

We also have a link from Joe Follansbee – with a different take on the Pirates’ Landing and the Lady Washington’s role in it. ADDED EARLY SUNDAY: First, video of “King Neptune” and the young pirate with whom he engaged pre-landing:

Next, Shelly shared this pirate closeup:

And another shot from David Hutchinson – viewing the battle from behind the Alki Statue of Liberty:

You’ll see the Seafair Pirates back in West Seattle next Saturday, during the American Legion Grand Parade (which we’ll be talking about all week – we’re walking in it again this year in celebration of West Seattle volunteers, including those who will be honored at Tuesday’s Hi-Yu Concert in the Park – 7 pm @ Hiawatha’s east lawn – in the new Volunteer Recognition program).

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  • Pat July 11, 2009 (4:13 pm)

    Thanks for posting this…not all of us have Seattle TV.

  • miws July 11, 2009 (6:14 pm)

    I’m a huge, and long time, Pat Cashman fan, so I violated the No Contact Order he has against me ;) and my bit of a phobia of crowds, and went down there. Met up with another Cashman fan freind of mine in the Admiral District and walked on down. Then another couple showed up of our friends showed up while we were down there. Had a great time seeing Pat, and hanging with my friends.


    We were right up at the rope, at the Beach “Stage”, and a few little kids squeezed in, in front. Cutest thing, a brother and sister kept taunting Diamond Jim, the first Pirate King Neptune interacted with, before the rest landed. By this time, King Neptune had talked to a few of the kids, brainwashing persuading them to agree that the Pirates were evil, and that King Neptune, and his Royal Guard, were the Good Guys.


    The little girl would shout out an insult, one of which was “Hey! Diamond Jim! You’re a warthog” The brother would then shout out Hey! Diamond Jim! My sister says you’re warthog!”


    This went on for a bit, with them hurling other insults, and Diamond Jim came over a couple of times, in response to their shout outs. King Neptune actually came over one time, put the mic up to them, so their words could be heard by the crowd. Sadly, though, the little girl went to the darkside, and started rooting for the Pirates, and denouncing King Neptune. :( ;) I believe her brother though, stayed on the side of good. ;)


    Caught the bus back up the hill, then walked from Admiral to the Jucntion Festival. Said “Hi” to TR and Patrick :) hung out awhile and had lunch, then walked on home.


    Feet and hips are sore, but well worth it. Great day! :D



  • miws July 11, 2009 (6:21 pm)

    Then another couple showed up of our friends showed up while we were down there.”

    Apparently, along with my hips and feet, my brain is sore too! ;)

    Of course that should read…”Then another couple of our freinds showed up…..”

  • Aim July 11, 2009 (7:39 pm)

    Pat Cashman “emceed” a friend’s funeral. Funniest damned funeral I’ve ever been to. He’s truly a class act, that man.

  • miws July 11, 2009 (9:35 pm)

    Yes he is! (Aim and I discovered and discussed this connection on a WSB Forums thread last summer.)


    This Cashman fan, and freind to many, had fought Breast Cancer for about 10 years, until it finally claimed her nearly 6.5 years ago. She was fighting this well before this group of Cashman fans came together, just over ten years ago now, when his local, family freindly, radio show was abruptly cancelled, to bring in a crap, trash talk (and I’m not easily offended) show out of L.A.


    This freind of ours was such an inspiration to us all. She had great courage, humility, wisdom, and kept her sense of humor throughout her ordeal. She even was supportive of Pat, and his Mom, as his Mom dealt with her own Cancer, and passed sometime before our freind did.


    She had asked Pat to perform her Eulogy, and did a wonderful, heartfelt job of doing so, and as Aim mentioned, mixed his own brand of humor into it as well. Just as our freind would have wanted….



  • Brian Zenk July 11, 2009 (10:29 pm)

    The pirates landed at Alki Beach – Its was a fun event !

  • MissBeth July 13, 2009 (4:56 pm)

    WOOOOO….nice collection of stories, pics and videos!!!

    I just shared it over at the Seafair Facebook page :)

    Made me feel like I was ACTUALLY there!!!

    Oh and I gave proper credit too :)
    10+ year Seafair family volunteer here :)

  • WSB July 13, 2009 (5:10 pm)

    Thank you! I also felt like I was actually there … in reality, I had to stay in our Summer Fest booth so it was the first one I’d missed in several years, both before and after we started our site – my husband/co-publisher Patrick Sand went down with our cameras instead to get the material for WSB coverage – and also thanks to the folks who contributed their pix too … TR

  • Kate July 27, 2009 (9:58 am)

    You guys are the sweetest! Pat has had a WONDERFUL time being King Neptune – and although he worries his legacy may be Taco Time after hearing the majority of parade onlookers screaming “Hey Pat! Bring me a taco!” — he is appreciative to have every last fan he does.

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