West Seattle Easy Street marquee memorializing Michael Jackson

Just spotted while driving through The Junction.

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  • Admiral Lady June 26, 2009 (2:54 pm)

    If you are looking for MJ CD’s, Easy Street had 4 left @ 10:30am today. I bought one, so that left 3 up on the couter by the register….

  • Roadsterboy June 26, 2009 (3:05 pm)

    Even if they’re all gone from the store now, I suspect his records may be reissued soon due to high demand. As strange and sad as his life had become and as much as we all either laughed or cringed when his name came up in recent years, there’s no denying his talent and the huge impact he had on music and the music industry during his 40-plus years in the business.

  • the_urbanite June 26, 2009 (4:13 pm)

    This morning I checked Amazon.com sales charts to see if he had a sales boost. He had 20 albums just in the top 25. That is extraordinary!

  • DML June 26, 2009 (6:43 pm)


    RIP to you Michael and thanks for making this oldster get up and dance, to this day.

  • Cait June 26, 2009 (9:28 pm)

    Funny I was thinking about how weird it is that I don’t own Thriller today. I know, I know. Deplorable. :(

  • WSGuy June 27, 2009 (12:14 am)

    Very, very talented individual, he’ll be missed!

  • Jersey Jill June 27, 2009 (9:29 am)

    Oh my gosh and to think I donated all my Michael Jackson Albums even the little 45 that he did “We are the World” on to the Goodwill when they didn’t sell at a garage sale last year.

    We also must not forget that “Wacko Jacko” was a celebrity pedifile!

  • Nate June 27, 2009 (9:44 am)

    Was never a fan of his music, glad he is gone, one less child molester.

  • samchong June 27, 2009 (2:46 pm)

    Good to see you people taking the opportunity to take one final jab at a man who was NEVER CONVICTED of a crime against children. Shame on you for being so shallow and rude.

  • Jim June 28, 2009 (9:30 am)

    OJ wasn’t convicted of murder either, doesn’t mean he didn’t do it, it’s amazing what kind of “justice” money can buy…MJ was a pedo, end of story.

  • Chris June 28, 2009 (11:29 am)

    Very talented, but his life was a train wreck. MJ was a pedophile. I cant just ignore that reality for the sake of respect for the man and his craft. For me, the way he conducted his life will overshadow anything he offered musically.

  • Grownup June 29, 2009 (11:35 am)

    Oh, grow up. Your reality isn’t reality for everyone and certainly not for me. Thank you, Easy Street for a much deserved tribute.

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