Newest look at a West Seattle semi-secret: Walker Rock Garden

Have to confess we STILL have not been there. But here’s the next best thing – Mary T tells the story of a Walker Rock Garden visit with words and pictures on her site Shelterrific. (The “garden” is also featured here on WSB in the West Seattle 101 section.)

7 Replies to "Newest look at a West Seattle semi-secret: Walker Rock Garden"

  • Jerry Whiting June 29, 2009 (11:31 pm)

    I *love* the Walker Rock Garden. I used to live 5 doors away and just rode by it on my bike today.

    I have a web page about the Walker Rock Garden it with photos.

  • M. June 29, 2009 (11:40 pm)

    Oh man! I remember this place. I thought it wasnt there anymore because noone talks about it these days. I remember taking a field trip there back in elementary school. VERY COOL!

  • ellenater June 29, 2009 (11:46 pm)

    I can’t wait to go!

  • Sue June 30, 2009 (6:46 am)

    I went over last year during the time they were allegedly open, but I wasn’t sure if I was just supposed to walk onto the grounds or not, so we just looked from the sidewalk since there wasn’t anyone around. Not quite the same, I would imagine.

  • Rhonda Porter June 30, 2009 (7:02 am)

    I’ve been there twice and it’s pretty amazing.

  • AJP June 30, 2009 (9:26 am)

    WOW! I had no idea it even existed! We’re taking a walk the next Sunday it’s open!

  • Mary T. June 30, 2009 (11:25 am)

    Hi, all! Thanks so much for stopping by Shelterrific — I could tell we had some West Seattleite comments! (Another West Seattleite, Megan B., is one of our regular contributors.) When we stopped by Sunday, the door to the kitchen of the house was ajar slightly. We called in and the family friend who lives there came out and told us to go ahead and look around.

    If anyone has a love for the unusual like I do, and an interest in doing a good deed, get in touch with me. I don’t want to step on any toes as the garden is still privately owned and I’ll respect their wishes, but I would be happy to help organize a volunteer weeding/light upkeep party. It’s such a gem (I’d love to live there)!


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