Westwood Council tomorrow night: Latest on Denny (and Sealth)

The second Tuesday of every month is usually a very busy night, with up to four major neighborhood associations/councils in West Seattle holding their monthly meetings. This month, all but one are on hiatus — the one that WILL meet tomorrow night is the Westwood Neighborhood Council. They are expecting two high-profile guests: city parks superintendent Tim Gallagher and West Seattle school-board rep Steve Sundquist. WNC has been focused on the Denny/Sealth school project for quite some time and now is laser-focused on what will happen with Denny’s current site, once the school moves to its new spot on the Sealth campus. Here’s the Westwood vision for that site’s possible future; as we mentioned the other day, citizen involvement is being solicited now for both the school district’s “design team” for the site and for a committee that will hold hearings on code “departures” for the Denny/Sealth project. The WNC invites you to join its meeting at 7 pm tomorrow night, Southwest Precinct meeting room (Delridge/Webster).

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  • anon August 11, 2008 (10:34 pm)

    I unfortunately can not attend but I sure hope those who do can get a 100% rock solid committment from Steve Sundquist that he will not permit under any circumstances whatsoever that the Denny site is sold. The district likely will play games and manipulate the process of the WNC and other neighbors involvement in the design of the transition, but like many I still am not sure if there are still secret plans/desires to sell the land for condos. Thus the pressure and committment from Sundquist (on video would be best) is still important.

  • Valkyrie August 13, 2008 (2:18 pm)

    I’m sorry anon, but are you kidding? Steve Sundquist has never shown any ability to separate himself from the secret agenda of the Seattle School District. They are going to try every way possible to obtain funding. Sundquist himself said he didn’t know how we were going to meet next year’s budget. Selling property is certainly one way to do it.

  • anon August 13, 2008 (9:56 pm)

    Thanks Valkyrie for the reference to Steve Sundquist’s comment about next year’s budget. I thought the reference elsewhere to keeping the land for a possible future school was uniquely curious.
    The Ingraham tree issue had one PI article in which some people are already talking about recalls. I don’t know that their community alone is capable of that, but it’s been a rough year for various WS schools. If the district’s commitmment to a public use of the Denny site was dropped for a condo firesale, and if Sundquist supported the property sale, I can see a recall vote here as it would involve even community members who don’t care about the schools (ex. no kids).

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