West Seattle gardeners make history in 1st “edible” tour


That garden along SW Rose in Gatewood was one of 10 stops today on the first-ever Edible Gardens of West Seattle tour, presented by Community Harvest of Southwest Seattle. That view looks west down Rose, with Puget Sound in the distance – notice the garden’s in the “parking strip” (which is adjacent property owners’ responsibility to maintain). We talked with one of the gardeners, who tells us in this video clip that the garden’s good for more than food:

The tour was free (locations were listed on the online map). Community Harvest of Southwest Seattle is best known for organizing volunteer help to harvest fruit from trees where it otherwise might go to waste; to find out how to help with harvests, or how to “donate” the yield of your tree(s), check the CHoSS website.

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  • Ron Angeles August 3, 2008 (8:51 pm)

    The Edible Garden Tour of West Seattle is funded by the Dept. of Neighborhoods, Small Sparks Program Fund. For more information on how individuals can apply for these funds for neighborhood building projects, contact 684-0464 (ask for Allynn Ruth or Thomas Whittemore).

  • JumboJim August 3, 2008 (10:07 pm)

    What a handsome guy in that video! And so eloquent as well. Course I’m biased seeing as how that’s *me* in the video… ;-)

  • WSB August 3, 2008 (10:10 pm)

    That’s YOU???? Did you tell Patrick you were also known as “Jumbo Jim”? He said you guys mentioned hearing about the tour on WSB but not that you were a well-known commenter! Just blocks away from us, too (which is the main reason we picked that spot on the tour to spotlight). Anyway, great garden, thanks for letting us interview you on cam – TR

  • Aviva August 4, 2008 (9:00 am)

    We are grateful to everyone who pitched in and supported this event, especially the Dept of Neighborhoods Small Sparks grant. Their funding paid for the advertising and printing of brochures for the event. I highly recommend looking into the Small Sparks grant if you have a neighborhood event you would like to do.

    It was a fun day!

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