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Went downtown for a show, and a West Seattle angle broke out

demento2.jpgTeam WSB is just back from the Triple Door downtown, which we were compelled to visit when we found out that longtime radio entertainer Dr. Demento (photo right) was coming to town for a live show. Both of your co-publishers have been almost-lifelong fans. (If you’re not familiar with Dr. Demento – he became famous for playing funny songs, mostly recorded by others, and once upon a time could be heard weekly on radio stations in almost every city nationwide, counting down the week’s Funny Five, taking requests, and so on. His most famous protege – Weird Al Yankovic, whose Nirvana-spoof video was part of tonight’s show.) ealsmug.jpgDidn’t expect to encounter a West Seattle angle – then suddenly, Dr. Demento introduced WS author Clay Eals (photo left), who appeared onstage to talk about Steve Goodman, whose definitive biography Eals penned (published last year), and to introduce a rarely seen video clip of Goodman in the stands at Wrigley Field performing “A Dying Cub Fan’s Last Request,” a funny song about his beloved and beleaguered Chicago Cubs. (You can read more about Eals and his Goodman biography at his website,

West Seattle Crime Watch reader report: Park car break-in

Out of the WSB inbox, from Michale:

Just thought your readers should know that my car was broke into at the Westcrest dog park yesterday around 5 PM. My passenger side window was smashed out and the door frame bent. This was in the North parking lot. A couple of days ago, there was glass from another car window that had been smashed out. I should have taken the hint and parked somewhere else! I just want to warn other readers that this is happening at the dog park lately and be advised to make sure there are no valuables in the car. This seems to be a smash and grab. The thief did not take the time to go through my car, but simply reached through and grabbed a saddle bag – luckily for me it was empty.

Junction development: Letter from Conner Homes’ president

When we published this WSB story yesterday afternoon about some Junction businesspeople circulating petitions opposing the alley “vacation” proposed by Conner Homes for its California/Alaska/42nd buildings, we promised to share any response from Conner Homes as soon as we received it. So here’s the entirety of a letter e-mailed to WSB a short time ago:

August 1, 2008

Dear Neighbors,

We are aware that some of you are concerned about our proposed development at the junction of Alaska and California Streets.

Please be assured that it has always been our intention to build a project that enhances the Junction. We have tried to keep the community aware of our plans and, to this end, have already had a number of group and individual meetings to update residents and merchants as they have progressed. We will continue to do so.

However, if any of you feel that we have been remiss on this score, we will be happy to meet with you either in a group or separately, so please feel to contact me or Project Manager, James Miller directly and we will set something up.

I understand that many of you are concerned about the impact of the development on overall parking in the area as well as the effects of our proposed alley vacation.

In terms of parking, we want to make it clear that our development will INCREASE the number of parking spaces available to the public. The number of surface spaces will remain roughly the same and there will be a considerable amount of new parking for retail created in our proposed underground garage. As a result the current parking congestion will be lessened.

We have also heard that there are worries that our development will somehow lead to the development of the public parking lots owned by the West Seattle Trustees Parking Association. We do not know how this rumor got started but it is completely false. Our development will have absolutely no effect on these lots and as a member of the Association we are not aware of any plans to develop these lots.

As far as the alley vacation we are confident that this will be a real plus for the abutting owners representing the majority of the properties along the alley have supported it. Still we appreciate the concerns of some merchants about possible disruption to their business and we want to assure them that we will work directly with them to come up with a solution (turnarounds etc.) to mitigate those impacts.

We do want to be clear that this is not a permanent alley vacation but only temporary to allow completion of the underground garage. Once this process is complete (in around 10-12 months) the alley will be restored to a much improved condition.

Specifically, the overhead wires will be under grounded, the alley will be widened and pedestrian friendly amenities will be added. These mitigations, along with a pedestrian walkway between 42nd Street and California will make the alley a real asset to the community overall.

As an additional mitigation we have also agreed to commit substantial funds to getting the proposed public park across the street from our property off the ground to the benefit of all residents and merchants in the area.

It should be noted that the two large developments underway in the area will be completed before we begin construction so that overall disruption to the community will not increase.

Finally, we firmly believe that a quality development in this location will improve the Junction, both in terms of housing and new retail opportunities for all West Seattle residents, as well as provide increased business activity for existing merchants.

As long term owners of the property we are fully committed to improving the Junction and welcome any opportunity to work with you to achieve this end.

Thank you for your attention and we look forward to working with you to make this a project we can all be proud of.

Charlie Conner
James Miller

Followup: Alki duplex fire cause to be classified “undetermined”


(7/24/08 photo by David Hutchinson)
Since the Alki duplex fire a week ago yesterday, we’ve continued to check with the Seattle Fire Department regarding their determination of what caused it. Just heard back from SFD spokesperson Dana Vander Houwen, who says investigators just couldn’t find enough evidence – so it will be permanently classified as “undetermined.”

Seattle Public Utilities asks for water/trash/recycling rate hike

Just in from the city, a request to raise rates for water and trash/recycling service. Much fine print in the proposal, but basically, Seattle Public Utilities says, the average household solid-waste bill would go up more than $6, the average household water bill would go up more than $5. City Council approval is required. Here’s the city news release with full details:Read More

West Seattle Weekend Lineup: More than Seafair

Those musicians are from the Duwamish Dixieland Band, recorded after the West Seattle Memorial Day event two months ago. Tonight, you can see them in a more festive setting, again absolutely free, as Providence Mount St. Vincent kicks off its monthlong series of Friday night outdoor concerts (and “The Mount” is joining WSB as a sponsor to make sure you know about it) … the first-ever Edible Garden Tour (free!) … a major beach-volleyball event … and the next West Seattle Movies on the Wall presentation, with WSB presenting this week’s movie … and the Delridge wading pool will start opening on Sunday (as first reported here) … more than 40 events ahead:Read More

West Seattle Crime Watch: Ferry-line cutting triggers gun scare

Thanks to Anne at Ventana Construction (WSB sponsor) and to Darren, who both e-mailed to ask about police action in Fauntleroy last night. handcuffs_2.jpgTurns out it was an arrest at the ferry terminal; thanks to Southwest Precinct Lt. Steve Paulsen for a quick response with info: The call first came in around 9 pm as “a man with a gun menacing people in the ferry line. Police rushed to the terminal (5 or so cars, by both accounts) and found out it was actually a woman, who had a .380 in her car. According to police, it started “when (she) cut into the ferry lane and was kicked out of place by employees. The suspect then pointed her loaded pistol at a nearby car containing 2 adults and 2 small children. The victims feared for their lives and ducked. Nobody was injured.” Officers took the woman to the King County Jail, where she was booked for investigation of assault. (The jail register shows one person booked late last night for that potential charge, a 47-year-old from Vashon.)

Welcoming a new WSB sponsor: Fresh Air Body Fitness

August 1, 2008 7:40 am
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Next Monday, Fresh Air Body Fitness starts a new outdoor-fitness “boot-camp-inspired” class at Lincoln Park; freshair.jpgthis morning, they join WSB as sponsors to let you know about that, and what else they are doing as they invite you to “Air Out Your Workout!” Photo shows Diana Smith (left) and Alex Haas, who write: “As the owners and operators of Fresh Air Body Fitness boot camp inspired classes in West Seattle, we are dedicated to helping our participants reach their fitness goals. As certified group fitness instructors with experience teaching a variety of formats, we believe that it is more motivating to have a group of energetic individuals working together than it is when we go it alone. We take pride in the challenging and balanced exercise programs we implement outside of the usual gym walls. Our beautiful city parks offer a varied terrain that ramps up any workout. The elements push us to work harder while at the same providing a mental boost that makes the time fly! We appreciate our partnership with community organizations such as the Parks Department and even area schools. In addition to holding classes in the West Seattle area, we bring our revitalizing exercise program to the workplace. We are looking forward to a bright future in reaching many individuals across all ages and fitness levels with the hopes of impacting their lives in a positive way.” The Fresh Air Body Fitness website has full details on the cost, time, location, and how to reach Diana and Alex. We’re glad to have them on board along with our other much-appreciated sponsors, all listed on the Advertise page, where you’ll also find a brand-new update on WSB traffic, and information on how to join the sponsors who help keep West Seattle’s 24/7 news source growing. Welcome to Fresh Air Body Fitness!