TV interview by West Seattle mom of Europe murder suspect

We haven’t closely followed the Amanda Knox case, though she’s from West Seattle and her mom still lives here, because there’s a preponderance of places where you CAN find every last little detail; our last mention was back in January. However, Cami from Alki just tipped us that Knox’s family, including her mom Edda Mellas from Arbor Heights, did a rare interview this morning, on the Today Show, and sent the link (click the picture on the right side of the page to launch the clip, which starts with an update on the case before the video of the on-set interview). No stunning revelations so far as we could tell from watching.

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  • westello July 31, 2008 (4:41 pm)

    It was a pretty bland interview. I wasn’t surprised at what Amanda’s mom and dad had to say; of course they love her and believe her. Ditto on her friend who thinks she’s bookwise and not street smart.

    But Meredith Viera, who used to be a real journalist, gave them a big pass. Amanda’s mom said that Amanda has given the same story all along which is patently untrue (and that’s likely why the police suspected her of some involvement). All the earliest reports say that she told the police at least 2 different stories. Meredith didn’t ask about that at all.

    She also didn’t ask Amanda’s mom or dad why Amanda did some pretty odd things (like going shopping for lingerie with her boyfriend – also in jail – in the days after the murder). They have eyewitnesses to this so you have to wonder.

    Her mom also said their lawyer said there was no proof Amanda was there during the crime. Italy has a pretty good justice system and, like the U.S., demands clear and compelling evidence to put people on trial. Maybe when the trial starts a lot of this confusion will get cleared up.

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