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The $520 cake, and other West Seattle weekend scenes

April 6, 2008 11:59 pm
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Thanks to Chas Redmond for that photo of a cake donated by Bakery Nouveau (procured by Grace Bennett) for the Camp Long dessert auction Saturday night and auctioned off for the top price of the night, $520. More photos Chas sent from that event, plus other West Seattle weekend pix, straight ahead:Read More

Last call: Suggest someone for a special honor

April 6, 2008 9:40 pm
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trophy.jpgThe second quarterly West Seattle Community Recognition Awards will be announced in less than two weeks, and this is the last call for you to nominate people who are working to make our community a better place! The first-ever awards — brainchild of Divina‘s Julie Mireille Anderson — were announced at a January get-together at Capers; we then profiled the recipients here on WSB — Cindi Barker from Morgan Junction, Larry Carpenter from Alki, and Paul Sureddin from Fairmount Springs. So who’s next? Up to you! Forms are available at Divina (California/Genesee) and other participating businesses, or you can download it here (it’s a Word doc so you can use “replace” and type the info “inline”), and e-mail the completed form to us at; explanatory info is here. Then mark your calendar for the informal gathering April 18 at Capers at which we’ll announce the winners!

Hiawatha Community Center closed for a week starting tomorrow

Hiawatha Community Center coordinator Ryan Nakanishi asked us to help get out the word that HCC is closed tomorrow through next Sunday for floor-refinishing work. It’ll reopen Monday 4/14. (P.S. While doublechecking on this, we discovered there’s an extended closure for Southwest Pool later this year, June 16-Sept. 29, for “major capital improvements.”)

Crime Watch reader report: More egg vandalism

Out of the inbox this afternoon from M:

Our house just got egged while we were playing a board game near 15th Ave SW & Thistle. We ran outside but didn’t see anyone. I haven’t heard about this kind of thing happening around here recently.

Here’s a map for that location.

WS Community Garage Sale Day: 4 days till signups start!

April 6, 2008 5:04 pm
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hugesale.jpgIf you missed the news earlier this year, WSB is the new sponsor of West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day. The big day is Saturday 5/10; we’re opening registration this Thursday, 4/10. Check our WSCGSD website for full updates including the list of where you’ll be able to pick up mail-in forms if you don’t want to sign up online.

Beveridge Place Pub to open its new location Thursday

April 6, 2008 12:38 pm
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Thanks to Tammi for the tip – Beveridge Place Pub is closed for a few days while moving next door; according to the BPP website, it will reopen in the new spot 3 pm Thursday.

Parade puts out a call for cars (and music money)

April 6, 2008 11:54 am
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(2007 parade photo courtesy Rhonda Porter from The Mortgage Porter)
As first mentioned last month, the official West Seattle Hi-Yu Festival schedule is out, including the American Legion Grand Parade on July 19. The parade is part of the reason we started WSB – as a way to get the word out frequently, repeatedly, and in real-time, about West Seattle events, needs, celebrations, people, and we love it to bits (see last year’s photo coverage here). Even in a time of dramatic change in the way West Seattle looks — taking care of traditions like Hi-Yu is a way to preserve and nurture some of the small-town feel that so many people are so worried about losing. That said, here’s what’s up: First, the parade needs convertibles. The Huling/Gee dealership provided them in the past. Now, of course, that’s all gone. Second, the parade needs financial backing for bands that can’t all cover their own expenses any more. Read ahead for full details on both, and the simple steps the Parade Committee hopes you can take to help:Read More

Former Hart’s Cards and Gifts owner dies

This is somewhat old news but we missed it somehow till two people pointed it out last night, so we’re posting it in case you missed it too. Just a few months after selling his Admiral store, which is now the Atomic Boys retro-stuff store, Alan Hart — longtime owner of Hart’s Cards and Gifts — has died at age 67. The obituary published at a few days ago notes he “thoroughly enjoyed his 2 months of retirement.” Here’s the online guest book mentioned in the obituary.

Crime Watch reader report: Parking-lot problem

Out of the inbox, from Rey:

I park my car in a lot below Bartell in the Admiral District. (Friday) a patrol car came into the lot with their lights flashing. I was actually fixing a rear window of my car and someone reported that someone (me) was breaking into the car. The officer told me they were having problems with thief in this lot. Ironically (the previous Saturday) I went to take my car out and left my truck in its place. When I came back my truck was broken into and my stereo and many of my tools were missing. I thought I would let you know to get out the warning.

We’ve reported a couple incidents in this lot in previous West Seattle Crime Watch reports in recent months.