Crime Watch reader report: Car burglars ignore fence

From TLR, a car break-in last week that isn’t in one of our roundups, but carries an important reminder:

I wanted to report to my neighbors in the 6500 block of 37th Ave SW that my car was broken into sometime last Tuesday night (02/26/08) or Wednesday (02/27/08) morning, which was parked in our completely fenced backyard. My iPod Touch and radio tuner were taken when I forgot to take them inside. Just a reminder to everyone to make sure you take everything inside, even if you have a fenced yard.

2 Replies to "Crime Watch reader report: Car burglars ignore fence"

  • MAS March 4, 2008 (5:31 pm)

    Actually, if it’s a privacy fence folks should keep in mind that they actually attract burglars, since they can take their time without being seen once inside.

    With respect to home safety, try to keep stuff that can hide a person (shrubs, fences etc) well away from the doors and away from the house if possible. Anything that can be used as cover is a potential danger.

  • JJ March 7, 2008 (12:49 pm)

    I just replied to another post about a break in, but my neighbors who live on 37th Ave SW in the 3000 block have reported seeing a man driving and parking a white van on our street for the last 3 days. He has been spotted wandering into people’s back yards. The police found him and spoke to him but we are unsure what they were told. It never hurts to be a “nosy neighbor” and pay attention to your neighbors homes when they’re not home.

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