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West Seattle weather watch: Probably no snow; maybe ice

While out for a walk a little while ago, we were passed by a car with slushy snow all over its hood. That gave us the hint it’s snowing somewhere not too far away; My Ballard, Central District News, and Seattlest verified that. Looking at the latest National Weather Service “forecast discussion,” doesn’t sound like it’ll get this far south. However, road ice could be a problem in the morning, the city warns. And Metro just sent this advisory about possible bus-service effects. Here’s the school-status link to check if you’re up mega-early.

Denny-Sealth update: Teachers’ union resolution

This just in from Delfino Munoz, the Chief Sealth High School teacher who has been publicly voicing concerns about the current Denny Middle School-Sealth HS shared-campus plan:

The Seattle Education Association Representative Assembly just passed a resolution calling “…on the Seattle School Board and District Administration to direct BEX III/Facilities to provide an option for rebuilding Denny at the current Denny site…”

More details when we get them. ADDED 10:01 PM: Here’s the text of the final SEA resolution, from a doc forwarded by Munoz:Read More

New edition of the Alki News-Beacon now available online

Editor Cami MacNamara just sent the link. Its articles include a contribution from us again, a shorter version of our interview with the entrepreneur who’s opening the Alki Urban Market (the WSB version is here). The Beacon is published by the Alki Community Council, which is having its next meeting this Thursday, 7 pm at the Alki Community Center, with a guest appearance by new city council president Richard Conlin.

First day of the first session for West Seattle’s new State House rep

Nelson-Sharon.jpegOur area’s newest state legislator has begun her first legislative session this afternoon in Olympia. 34th District State Rep. Sharon Nelson was chosen last November to succeed Joe McDermott, who moved up to State Senate after Erik Poulsen‘s resignation. Rep. Nelson talked with WSB this morning about what she’ll be working on and how she’s hoping to hear from you:Read More

Floating an idea: Time to start thinking Hi-Yu

January 14, 2008 12:44 pm
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Now that it’s mid-January, we can truly see the summer light at the end of the tunnel – and in fact, there are three ways you can get involved with this year’s West Seattle Hi-Yu Summer Festival right now:Read More

West Seattle Bowl: “We’re not going anywhere”

The WSB inbox gets rumor e-mails every day. We always check them out, and if they’re true, we report it here; if they’re not, we usually don’t say anything, except in an e-mail back to the original sender. Today, there’s one that we do want to mention here, even though the subject says it’s NOT TRUE: Got e-mail last night from someone saying they’d heard from a reliable source that West Seattle Bowl would be closing. Wouldn’t be hard to imagine that could make sense — other bowling alleys in the city are closing (Sunset Bowl and Leilani Lanes), and in the case of WS Bowl, the Fauntleroy Place project going in next door is going to make life on that block a little messy for a while. However, we just dropped in to ask WS Bowl in person, and manager Andy Carl says, “We’re NOT GOING ANYWHERE — our lease is good till 2017.” In fact, he told WSB, he’s doing interviews with some citywide media later this week about the future of bowling alleys in the wake of those other high-profile closures.

Another West Seattle business on the move

Thanks to Tracy from T(ea) Gallery — who as we mentioned recently just closed her Admiral location soon to focus on her new downtown store — for a tip about another business on the move – she noticed a “for rent” sign in the window at Basic Green Box (3407 California) and wondered what’s up. We just heard back from Charlotte of Basic Green Box, who says they are moving in April — new location not confirmed yet; they’re looking at several spots. BGB is next door to yet another space that’s in transition, the former Leslie’s Country Store spot that is becoming The Bohemian (our last update on that is here; they’ve since posted the same info on their website and MySpace).

Traffic alert: Avoid 42nd/Alaska for a while

January 14, 2008 9:59 am
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Just got a reader tip that traffic is starting to slow because of a medic call at 42nd/Alaska (Capco Plaza construction site) – don’t know the nature of what happened but at least two fire/medic units have responded, and our tipster saw somebody down on the ground being helped by fire crews. 11:23 AM UPDATE: Just went down to have a look – the scene is clear now.

Reader report: Anti-coyote vigilantism?

Just in from Lina:

Yesterday I was walking in Fauntleroy Park, and the entrance by the YMCA had a handwritten note alerting walkers in the park that the writer had found small bags of food in the park and this has been a method of spreading poison.

I assume that it is intended for wild animals or coyotes but often this poison/food gets ingested by pets. Either way – it is concerning to me that someone would set out poison bait – for any animals. Over the years I have also seen similar warnings in the Junction too.

Lina wonders if anyone else has heard of or seen anything like this recently, while hoping that this is NOT a case of anti-coyote vigilantism. While we try these days to keep our personal opinions off this site, we have to say, we hope so too. We have posted reader reports about coyote sightings NOT to incite you to panic, but to inform you, and so that anyone who still allows pets to roam loose outside — against experts’ advice (coyotes are far from the only threat) — might reconsider. And as an FYI, if you think you know of a coyote in a situation that is truly a danger to someone or something, King County Animal Control says they’re not the people to call — they would fall under the jurisdiction of the state Fish and Wildlife Department — which has some excellent information, including coyote myth-debunking, on this webpage.

Reminder: Fauntleroy ferry cuts start today, possible bus effects

dock1.jpgAs mentioned here on Friday, the Fauntleroy-Vashon-Southworth ferry runs are down to 2 boats through mid-February, starting today, because repair work is reducing the number of ferries available systemwide. Here’s the WSF overview, which mentions added passenger runs between downtown and Vashon to try to relieve some of the potential pain. Here’s the new F-V-S schedule; looking at the always-cool WSF GPS-powered Vessel Watch, it appears that Issaquah and same-class Kitsap will be the two boats on the run, since Chelan is going into drydock. For non-ferry riders, the effects you’re most likely to notice will be potential longer backups along Fauntleroy during the evening commute — considering Southworth-bound drivers will have a long gap between the 4:40 and 6:20 departures — and possible bus delays/overloads that Metro is warning riders about.