New glimpse into the Water Taxi’s potential future

As the Elliott Bay Water Taxi continues its extra bonus month of commuter runs (M-F through November 2nd, plus two Seahawks home game Sundays 10/14 and 10/21), we get a new peek into its possible future, courtesy of documents prepared for a meeting todaywatertaxisailiconsize.jpg — the King County Council, meeting as the county Ferry District Board. A draft PowerPoint presentation linked to the meeting agenda contains the following proposals (major disclaimer, they’re only proposals until and unless they get official approval): Pier 50 downtown as the permanent terminal for the Vashon and West Seattle (Water Taxi) runs that the Ferry District would operate; Seacrest continuing as the WT’s near-term home, also in contention as its longterm home (along with Pier 2); three vessels to be leased by the county for the first years of Ferry District operations — one for the Vashon/Seattle run, one for the WT, one as a backup. (The draft presentation also contains extensive details of proposals for the Vashon/Seattle run that the county will be taking over from the state, as well as for “demonstration runs” between Seattle and TBA locations on the Eastside — Kirkland or Bellevue — North King County, and South King County.) And it envisions the Water Taxi operating an “extended” season next year — March through October — then starting year-round operations in January 2009. Last but not least, the presentation also looks at how Ferry District service will be paid for, and what it will cost; part of the $ will come from a property-tax levy, with the rate yet to be set. Again, all this is from a draft presentation to be given to councilmembers during their meeting as the Ferry District board at 1:30 this afternoon; you should be able to watch on cable TV or online (KCTV link here), and of course we’ll continue to keep you updated on what happens next.

3 Replies to "New glimpse into the Water Taxi's potential future"

  • Jeff October 8, 2007 (2:04 pm)

    As someone who is trying to go *through* downtown more often than trying to go *to* downtown, I can’t say I’m excited at the prospect of being let off in SoDo. Having to get across all that ferry terminal traffic would definitely reduce the benefit of the water taxi for me. I hate being a naysayer about it; I really like the water taxi now as well as its potential for the future, but the further south they push the endpoints, the less I feel like I am gaining something over just driving around.

  • Keith October 8, 2007 (9:30 pm)

    Any mention of the Jack Block park proposal in any of this?

  • Will October 19, 2007 (11:33 am)

    I’m glad to hear the County Council and the Ferry District are working on the Water Taxi. Living more in the here and now, I’d sure like to see something done about the dock at Seacrest Park. The ramp is steep and the dock boards slippery in the rain. Not to mention how dark it is now that the boat runs later in the year. How hard is it to put up some lights and maybe a canopy for those of us standing in the rain? That being said, I love the Water Taxi!

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