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Help make The Junction a prettier place

The West Seattle Junction Association Beautification Committee is soliciting bids for some landscaping work to spruce up various spots in the heart of West Seattle, including the well-known “flagpole corner.” Click ahead to read the request for bids — interesting reading even if you don’t expect to be bidding — and to see a sketch of the areas involved:Read More

House fire at 4050 45th

If you’re in, around, or north of The Junction, you may have heard all the sirens. Numerous fire crews rushed to a reported house fire at 4050 45th (Dakota’s the nearest cross-street). Our first word at the scene comes from WSB frequent contributor Christopher Boffoli, who says it appears to have been a kitchen fire, and he’s not seeing any obvious signs of anyone having been hurt.

Christopher sends these two pictures of firefighters responding.



Water Taxi future update: What the Ferry District Board did today

watertaxisailiconsize.jpgFollowing up on our report this morning about the King County Council meeting today as the Board of Directors for the new county Ferry District, which will operate the Water Taxi and other foot-ferry routes: The only action taken was the adoption of bylaws. The meeting video isn’t in the county’s online archives yet, but here’s the official press release:Read More

Door-to-door alert: ID-less visitor

Yes, we know there are many legit door-to-door solicitors in the world. Nonetheless, our category of “door-to-door alerts” is a popular one, and absent some other type of clearinghouse, we pass along these notes from time to time. Here’s one just out of the inbox:Read More

Who says Monday nights have to be boring?

October 8, 2007 3:01 pm
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Two highlights for tonight from our frequently updated, relatively new (thanks for all the contributions; keep ’em coming!) West Seattle Events page, which already features Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas events too:

FREE AT ARTSWEST TONIGHT: It’s not a performance night for “Bat Boy: The Musical, but you can see and hear from its director and music director, among others, tonight at 7:30 during the latest installment of ArtsWest’s “On Stage” discussion series.

AT KENYON HALL TONIGHT: This is also at 7:30 — jazz bassist Jay Leonhart performs solo tonight (he’ll be at Kenyon Hall again Wednesday, with comedy added to the bill for that show).

Most colorful pile of West Seattle teardown rubble ever

Just 4 days after we told you they got the permits, they brought in the demolition crew at the ex-Guadalajara Hacienda site this morning. Here’s all that’s left of the bright pink building and the vivid murals on its sides:


Midday photo break

Three photos to share – the first two are from among several more that came in this morning from WSB readers who, like us, were wowed by the eerie sky late yesterday (big thanks to them for sending their pix; send yours along any time); the third is a real-estate-related sign we spotted over the weekend. First, a Sunday sky photo from Joe Murray:


This one’s from Amy:


And now, from the northeastern edge of Lincoln Park, at the corner of Lincoln Park Way and Fauntleroy. Reminded us a bit of this weekend post at The Mortgage Porter.


New glimpse into the Water Taxi’s potential future

As the Elliott Bay Water Taxi continues its extra bonus month of commuter runs (M-F through November 2nd, plus two Seahawks home game Sundays 10/14 and 10/21), we get a new peek into its possible future, courtesy of documents prepared for a meeting todaywatertaxisailiconsize.jpg — the King County Council, meeting as the county Ferry District Board. A draft PowerPoint presentation linked to the meeting agenda contains the following proposals (major disclaimer, they’re only proposals until and unless they get official approval): Pier 50 downtown as the permanent terminal for the Vashon and West Seattle (Water Taxi) runs that the Ferry District would operate; Seacrest continuing as the WT’s near-term home, also in contention as its longterm home (along with Pier 2); three vessels to be leased by the county for the first years of Ferry District operations — one for the Vashon/Seattle run, one for the WT, one as a backup. (The draft presentation also contains extensive details of proposals for the Vashon/Seattle run that the county will be taking over from the state, as well as for “demonstration runs” between Seattle and TBA locations on the Eastside — Kirkland or Bellevue — North King County, and South King County.) And it envisions the Water Taxi operating an “extended” season next year — March through October — then starting year-round operations in January 2009. Last but not least, the presentation also looks at how Ferry District service will be paid for, and what it will cost; part of the $ will come from a property-tax levy, with the rate yet to be set. Again, all this is from a draft presentation to be given to councilmembers during their meeting as the Ferry District board at 1:30 this afternoon; you should be able to watch on cable TV or online (KCTV link here), and of course we’ll continue to keep you updated on what happens next.

Wheels up

WSB frequent contributor “The House” is fuming about this note placed on his windshield, apparently by Seattle Police.

Seattle PD Notice.jpg

Here’s his beef, followed by what we have found out so far:Read More