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Reader recommendation request: Best way to go WS-UW?

Our logs show a fair amount of WSB visits from people with IP addresses from the University of Washington … so here’s hoping some of you can help this reader, whether you are a UW student or UW employee!

I have been attending SSCC for the past year and graduated this spring. Now, I have been accepted to UW Art School and am having a heck of a time trying to figure out how to make my commute to the campus from West Seattle manageable. I am not going to be taking my car as the parking on and around campus is too expensive for me. So far, I have found no direct options from West Seattle to the campus on the metro. The best I can find is an hour long journey involving two transfers. I am looking at using my bike as part of my daily commute possibly too. I was wondering if maybe you could help me find out how other West Seattle residents attending the UW get to and from school?

Door-to-door alert, the sequel

Though this post is 10 days old and long since fallen off the WSB home page, it’s still getting comments because of other related sightings, including one last night in Pigeon Point — worth another look before that next knock at your door, especially the police advice in this newsletter. (Which reminds us, next Tuesday is the monthly West Seattle Community Safety Partnership meeting – 7 pm @ the Southwest Precinct – and as we all were reminded last month, it’s a great place to get updated information on what/who to watch out for and how to protect your home and your family.)

Almost swamped by other events

September 15, 2007 4:42 pm
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On Thursday night, while the Alki Statue of Liberty meeting was under way at the Bathhouse, a SW Design Review Board meeting was under way at the Precinct, and several WS schools had events — a quiet but important demonstration was under way in West Seattle waters: Members of the Surfrider Foundation, People for Puget Sound, and others paddled out from Seacrest to remind us all that the state needs a better oil-spill prevention plan, specifically one that protects the ultimate gateway to Puget Sound — the Strait of Juan de Fuca — with a year-round rescue tug @ Neah Bay. Since we knew we’d be otherwise occupied, we asked the Surfrider folks to send pix; here’s one from water level (the banner has the SF name & logo).


Right now, rescue tugs are only stationed at the state’s northwestern tip for the winter. (The next one is scheduled to be in place October 1st-March 15th. That time frame wouldn’t have covered the disastrous Tenyo Maru incident in July 1991, which as this link reminds us took 15 years to recover from.) Here’s more on where the push for a year-round tug stands now.

A new Beacon of info

September 15, 2007 11:29 am
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Congratulations to new Alki News-Beacon editor Cami MacNamara on publication of her first edition – you can check it out online here. Cami is also webmaster for, where you can always find a link to the latest Beacon as well as other info from the Alki Community Council, which is preparing for its regular bimonthly meeting next Thursday (have you joined yet?).

Shucks, they’re just seeking help

The website for Ama-Ama, the restaurant taking over the ex-Ovio spot in The Junction, still promises an October opening, and now they’re advertising for help: one ad seeks a shucker, the other one casts a net for “all positions.”

Alki Statue of Liberty plaza: Opponent makes her case

statueforicon1.jpgAs we mentioned in our detailed report about last night’s Parks Department-organized meeting on the proposed plaza — the remaining time for public comment appears to be short. The official person to send your thoughts to is project manager Pamela Kliment at Parks; but unofficial discussion will continue online at sites including WSB and the Seattle Statue of Liberty Plaza Project blog. Those following the discussion might be interested in a new anti-plaza letter to Parks, cc’d to us and others, from former Alki community leader Cindi Laws:Read More