Mars Hill move-in status

If you drive on 35th near the summit, you might have wondered lately what’s up with Mars Hill Church’s takeover of the ex-Doxa church building (MH-West Seattle has been meeting for 3 months at Chief Sealth HS). A new post on the MH-WS blog seems to mention in passing (toward the end) that they’re now shooting for Feb. 18.

4 Replies to "Mars Hill move-in status"

  • Kitty January 13, 2007 (10:37 am)

    I have never in my life heard anyone refer to the area around the water towers on 35th as “the summit.” When did that name arrive on the scene?

  • Administrator January 13, 2007 (11:54 am)

    Don’t worry, we haven’t either, but since it’s the highest point in Seattle and truly the “summit” of 35th, given our mountain-icy conditions these first few days, we thought we’d use it.

  • T January 13, 2007 (12:02 pm)

    Speaking of churches, has anyone seen the 103-year-old revival preacher in action at Freedom Church at 35th and Roxbury? Every time I go past the sign it intrigues me.

  • Brian January 17, 2007 (1:47 pm)

    As a member of Mars Hill (and part of the ‘ol Doxa crew) I just wanted to pass on word that the date in the article has now been updated as Feb. 18th was unfortunately an old estimated date. We’re now planning for sometime this spring to move into the building on 35th. Until then we’ll continue to meet at Chief Sealth High School (Sundays at 10:30am). Come join us – we’ve got plenty of room!

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