Is it REALLY going to get above freezing today?

Looks like the “overnight” low was 18 degrees at 7 am. By 8, we were up to a balmy 20. Forecasts claim we’re headed for the upper 30s today. Meantime, the new discussion point around town seems to be, do you hate this, or do you love this? We overheard one woman yesterday afternoon chatting into a cell phone that she “feels energized by snow.” But we’ve been hit by a wave of comments and e-mails from folks on the other side, expressing the opinion many shared by day 3 or 4 into the post-windstorm power outage, “we are so DONE with this.” As for us, we’re trying to continue enjoying it on the premise that we aren’t likely to see anything like this for a long time, given it’s been 10 years since the LAST time. So we will cherish photos like this one in which we captured the Thistle Hill From Hell on Thursday afternoon (BEFORE city crews got to “secondary arterials” like this; sorry, no video of hapless folks sliding into poles):


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  • Star January 14, 2007 (9:21 am)

    As a PA transplant, I totally LOVE this weather. Even tho a mere 3.5 inches is not a major snowstorm by east coast standards, Here with the hills and the lack of snow removal equipment, it still causes a slow down. i always like it when mother nature tells us to chill out (no pun intended) and slow down. It’s a good reminder, for us to focus on what we have and where we are, rather than on what we want and where we want to go.

  • daPuffin January 14, 2007 (10:16 am)

    My husband took a ride from Arbor Heights to the Original Bakery in Fauntleroy to get some pastry this a.m. Says the stretch of Wildwood and area near Endolyne Joes/Original Bakery is still pretty dicey. Likewise, our area of Arbor Heights (near 35th and 106th) is still an icy winter wonderland.

  • Sue January 14, 2007 (10:28 am)

    This is getting REALLY old as far as I’m concerned. I’m from the northeast, and what is annoying me the most about this is that they refuse to salt the roads — it doesn’t have to be this bad out here. Yes, I know it’s not very environmental to use salt, but is sliding your car sideways down a road and crashing into something/someone very environmental?

    I’ve been a prisoner in my home since Friday morning because I can’t safely get out on foot. The weather forecasters keep promising us days of sun and 40s, and it’s like a cruel joke – every day they extend it one more day that it will (or might) happen. And now they’re forecasting rain/snow for Tuesday?! I guess the only thing I can be grateful for is that I still have electric power. For now, anyway.

  • K January 14, 2007 (12:14 pm)

    I walked down the street to get a newspaper earlier today and saw that the Riteaid on Cali Ave seems to be without power (again!). Couldn’t tell if other businesses/residences were affected on that side of the street. On the East side of the street, power is on. Also, Cali Ave is looking more and more driveable. I can actually see pavement today!

  • The House January 14, 2007 (12:49 pm)

    I love it as well. Although many side streets are still icy, they are mostly manageable and an alternate route isn’t a big deal to me. I grew up in South Florida and find it funny how many people that grew up with snow act so pathetic and helpless when there is a little snow and ice on the ground. Drive slow and you have very little to worry about.

  • KG January 14, 2007 (3:28 pm)

    I love it! I’ve been “forced” to work from home and spend my lunch hour walking through a snowy Lincoln Park with my dog. We are lucky that our car has 4WD and snow tires, so getting to the store and stuff isn’t hard. I’m looking foward to not slipping on my way to the mail box, but overall it’s still pretty cool.

  • Bayou January 14, 2007 (3:33 pm)

    Unfortunately, I live on one of the narrow “secondary arterials” that hasn’t seen any plow action. I love the snow and like Star have been glad to get a little down time courteous of mother nature. On the downside, I’ve been trying to shuffle out my driveway for the last (above freezing) hour in hopes that I can make it to Holden and get to work tomorrow.

  • J January 14, 2007 (3:59 pm)

    If you’re looking for video of hapless folks sliding into poles, here’s some from King 5’s Friday noon broadcast:

  • Forest January 14, 2007 (6:06 pm)

    Did any buildings or houses in West Seattle get their garbage collected this week? Mine was to have been picked up Friday, then it going to be on Saturday, and now the city utilities web site is saying a week from now.

  • Lucinda January 14, 2007 (8:26 pm)

    I LOVE it, I want MORE !!!

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