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Who gets the snowplow first

January 14, 2007 10:42 pm
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Figured a list like this had to be out there on the city website somewhere — and it is: The 2006-2007 Snow and Ice Routes. Zoom in and take a close look at the WS streets — it reveals, for example, that here on our end of WS, Cali is only considered a “primary” route as far south as Holden; that leaves a half-mile stretch at the highest elevations identified as “secondary.” Elsewhere, heaven forbid we ever get major snow down to the water — no part of Alki Ave or Beach Drive or even Harbor is considered primary OR secondary. Part of the info on this page explains how the routes are prioritized.

The s-word again

Snow is back in the forecast, this time for Monday night/Tuesday morning. At least those of us with Monday trash/recycling pickup will stay on schedule; for those who asked, here’s the latest for people who got skipped the last few days of last week.

Is it REALLY going to get above freezing today?

Looks like the “overnight” low was 18 degrees at 7 am. By 8, we were up to a balmy 20. Forecasts claim we’re headed for the upper 30s today. Meantime, the new discussion point around town seems to be, do you hate this, or do you love this? We overheard one woman yesterday afternoon chatting into a cell phone that she “feels energized by snow.” But we’ve been hit by a wave of comments and e-mails from folks on the other side, expressing the opinion many shared by day 3 or 4 into the post-windstorm power outage, “we are so DONE with this.” As for us, we’re trying to continue enjoying it on the premise that we aren’t likely to see anything like this for a long time, given it’s been 10 years since the LAST time. So we will cherish photos like this one in which we captured the Thistle Hill From Hell on Thursday afternoon (BEFORE city crews got to “secondary arterials” like this; sorry, no video of hapless folks sliding into poles):