Powerless, morning 3

Power is now back at Morgan Junction — the Starbucks, Tully’s, Thriftway, Caffe Ladro, everybody. However, further to the south, some neighborhoods … like ours … are still out. We heard a City Light person say on the radio that 16,000-ish “customers” (which could mean twice as many people, if not more) are still out of power, mostly on the “south” side. How come the north side got its power back first? Is this another north of the Ship Canal/south of the Ship Canal type thing? Oh well, no time for whining.

Late last night, after our last post, we drove around some more. Besides our neighborhood, much of the rest of the outage areas are “pockets.” In Arbor Heights, Shorewood, the area between White Center and Burien, we saw one block off/one block on/etc. We also were at Southcenter for a while — the entire mall was brightly lit and full of people, but as soon as you headed south, Toys R Us and beyond, pitch black.

Another place full of people last night (besides of course our beloved West Seattle Junction) — Downtown Seattle. We thought we’d pop down for some holiday cheer, while trying to stay away from our cold, dark house … couldn’t get a parking spot. Every lot, full. Should have taken a bus. Oh well, next time.

Hope you’re not having trouble with asthma … you’ve probably noticed how much smoke is hanging over the city, since so many people need to use wood for heat … not wishing for rain but when it does come back, at least it will clean out the air!

Back to the power thing for a moment … just noticed on the City Light site that they were promising to “leaflet” neighborhoods without power. Our area is not in the list of neighborhoods mentioned. Maybe it’s time to call and make sure they KNOW we’re out?

But I do have to say, it’s a blessing that we are able to travel a short distance and get food, warmth, Net service, etc. We have friends on the eastside who not only are without power at home, their business districts, gas stations, etc., are out, and Puget Sound Energy is making noises about some of that restoration taking a week or more.

More later … keep letting us know what’s going on where you are by posting comments or e-mailing us. We’re going to The Junction a bit later (we’re online outside WS at the moment) to check out whether Bakery Nouveau has really opened, among other things. (Almost forgot to mention – as of early this morning, power at Westwood Village was still spotty; Target is open on low power … will check other businesses later for the next update.)

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  • Jen December 17, 2006 (10:02 am)

    We were out of town for a funeral since Wed & arrived at the airport last night, wondering if we’d have power when we got home. Saw lots of “pockets” (as you mentioned) on the drive to WS, and ours was unfortunately in one of the dark pockets (near Riverview playfield). Luckily, though, our power was restored at 4:00 this morning, and the house is slowly warming up. Didn’t want to risk using the meat, milk, etc. in the fridge, so hopped on over to Easy Street for bfast. And…stopped into Bakery Nouveau on their first morning of business. Pastries looked awesome. We’d already eaten but will be back sometime for a Croque Monsieur & muffaletta.

  • Brrr! December 17, 2006 (10:41 am)

    I live in Westridge Park Apts (Delridge & Kenyon). Of the 26 buildings, only the 9 in the back are without power (including mine). Looks like the rest of the neighborhood has been restored except these 9 buildings.

    When I spoke to City Light, they indicated that that section required more work and since they aren’t doing anything labor intensive right now – just getting the feeders back up, it could take until Tuesday to restore power to those 9 buildings. Thank goodness my work has power.


  • Schulz December 17, 2006 (11:52 am)

    We live at Lincoln and Beach Drive intersection and this area is completely dark. I have been calling the “Emergency Hotline number”, but it just rings busy. What are we to do? The intersection of California and Fauntleroy, when we drove by at 11am this morning (12/17), there was NOT a single City Light worker out there. How are we suppose to get our power back if there is no one working on the huge amount of power lines down in that area?
    Is the Red Cross giving out batteries and food?
    When we were leaving out apartment, the temperature outside is starting to match the temperature inside, the only difference is that our apartment is keeping any wind blocked from our bodies.

    Thank you for keeping the blog going, it helps to know there is someone out there in the dark.

  • K December 17, 2006 (12:18 pm)

    Bakery Nouveau has really opened! I was there mid-AM and found Lighthouse coffee, a nice variety of items, and a helpful staff. I had the best croissant ever there today!

    Thoughts go out to all with no power…

  • Keith December 17, 2006 (12:34 pm)

    While you’re in the Junction, check out the Christmas tree dangling from the powerlines at 44th and Oregon.

  • Hills December 17, 2006 (12:46 pm)

    About the eastside…really a week for restoration? I am watching a house in the Spiritridge area of Eastgate, and it really is a mess over there. Probably 100+ cars lined up for gas yesterday morning at the Eastgate Shell.

    Thank goodness for power here in WS! Not sure quite how, but we have been unaffected here on the northern end of California (but south of Admiral). Our power was off long enough to have to reset the clocks, but that’s about it. No cable interruption either. Be sure I’ve opened my house up to powerless friends for showers, food, etc.

    Good luck to all those out there waiting for restoration!
    If anybody does hear ETAs on Eastside power, please post. I’d love to get this dog back home to her place!

  • dunsany December 17, 2006 (3:43 pm)

    Just got back in from spending the weekend in Portland (we left friday afternoon). Looks like power was restored to Highland park around noon yesterday according to a neighbor.

    And props to the WS-Blog. We kept up to date on the happenings here via this blog and my Blackberry. Good show, blackout-embedded blogger.

  • MFishpaw December 17, 2006 (4:44 pm)

    We’re in North Admiral, and there is a huge pocket (ourselves included) without power. We’re close to the Metropolitan Market — our side of the street only is out, but it’s many houses down the hill towards Alki (haven’t actually entered the black hole to find out how many households are still without power). All the business at the Admiral/California junction have power. The West Seattle library is my home away from home! Here I have easy wireless internet access for as long as I want (and don’t tell anybody, but I used the restroom to dry my hair with my blow dryer). I have not seen one Seattle City Light worker anywhere since this all started, so it’s feeling a bit lonely.

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