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Junction vandals nabbed?

November 3, 2006 11:35 pm
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Not sure if the graffiti rampage mentioned here is the one we ranted about three months ago, or something more recent, but glad to see somebody finally behind bars for this particularly odorous form of crime.

And this guy wants to convert YOU

We’ve now reached the point where we believe the guy who just branched his megachurch into West Seattle is only talking trashily to get attention. And yet, since he wants to fill our neighborhoods with his followers, we feel duty-bound to keep you updated on his utterances. Thanks to Slog for spotlighting the latest: Pastor Preposterous suggests that his colleagues like Colorado’s Mr. “It Was Only a Massage” might sin less, if their wives didn’t “let (themselves) go.” And don’t miss the passage where he recommends employment discrimination against women as another way to stay out of trouble (and reveals he’s afraid of reading e-mail from anyone but his henchpeople, lest temptation lurk between the pixels). Ladies, cover yourselves; that’s coming next. Never mind the $212 jeans; might as well start asking our Junction boutiques to start stocking burqas.

First weekend in November

November 3, 2006 6:42 am
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On our list as a must-go: Megawatt’s Gathering of Neighbors, noon-3 tomorrow @ Chief Sealth HS … Tonight and tomorrow are the last performances of tick, tick … BOOM! at ArtsWest … Partman Parthorse is live in-store tonight @ Easy Street in The Junction … Twelfth Night stages “The Dining Room” this weekend @ Youngstown Arts Center … Free “Walk/Talk/Taste” tour @ PCC West Seattle this SundayAll-You-Can-Eat Spaghetti Dinner tonight at High Point CC … 4 live music shows tonight, 3 tomorrow @ Skylark Cafe … It’s post-weekend, but the Ballard Sedentary Sousa Band will be at The Hall @ Fauntleroy on Monday … And don’t forget that the West Seattle Farmers’ Market continues 10 am–2 pm Sundays all the way into mid-December! … What’d we miss? Leave a comment on this item with the info, or e-mail us.