Halloween night drive-home sightings

All along just a few blocks of Fauntleroy, including the last stretch of The Bridge:

-The Walking on Logs peeps in spooky garb, including jack-o-lantern heads

-A spooky (well, spooky if you’re a Dem) yellow truck idling near Walking on Logs, with huge Mike McGavick campaign signs all over it (the same one was haunting the parking lot on the north side of Yasuko’s this morning)

-The former Rainier Roaster finally has a “Starbucks, Coming Soon” banner draped over the old RR sign

No trick-or-treaters yet in our neighborhood. Boo.

2 Replies to "Halloween night drive-home sightings"

  • herongrrrl October 31, 2006 (10:09 pm)

    Where were all the trick-or-treaters this year? None came to our house, and my daughter was the first at most of the houses we visited. I saw a scant handful of costumed folks wandering around, compared to last year when our neighborhood was full of them.

  • Administrator October 31, 2006 (10:54 pm)

    I was thinking maybe it’s emblematic of this whole business about fewer and fewer people with kids within the city limits. It’s almost 10 now so I’m pretty much sure we’re done for the night … and we had a grand total of two small groups. No young kids for about a block radius around us, but I know there are some babies, so maybe in a few years …

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