Starbucks in The Junction

Hotwire, In-Out, Capers, Coffee to a Tea, Easy Street, Cupcake Royale, Bikes & Brew, Infinity, Uptown (who are we forgetting?) have a new fellow member in the Junction coffee club: Starbucks. Didn’t know the franchise-mad mermaid had swum into that zone until we took an e-mail tipster’s advice and wandered into the newly remodeled Jefferson Square Safeway — and there, we found a Starbucks kiosk, just like the ones in the Roxbury Safeway and the Westwood Village QFC (which is just steps from the standalone WV Starbucks). At the very least, this is a reminder — as more grocery stores prepare to move into The Junction — that they’re more than grocery stores these days; most include banks and coffee stands, both already in abundant supply in the neighborhood.

1 Reply to "Starbucks in The Junction"

  • The House August 7, 2006 (7:58 am)

    Don’t foget that Westwood Village probably holds the record for most Starbucks within 2000 feet of each other. One stand alone, one in QFC and one in Barnes & Noble.

    Pretty soon Starbucks will sell IVs that we can hook directly into our arms.

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