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Previously Enjoyed=Currently Embattled

July 15, 2006 10:18 pm
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If you frequently drive Fauntleroy northeast of Morgan Junction, you might have noticed a little storefront full of used items, in the lower level of a brick building, with its offerings frequently spilling out onto the parking strip. It’s called “Previously Enjoyed.” On our stroll today, we discovered why those colorful, busy displays haven’t been out lately — a note on the door says “Due to a landlord dispute, we are closed till further notice.” More ominously, very close to that note, there’s a business card from a state revenue agent with a scrawled note telling the store owner he “needs to call” said agent. Hmm.

Seen but not heard

Back from our jaunt, which took us far beyond Summer Fest, though we dropped in on the way back.

Glad to see the info booth full of West Seattle-related collateral/propaganda is right in the center of things.

Even more interesting — sightings of people in mascot suits. First there was the State Farm Insurance bear, being interrogated by two beat cops. Then, the strolling ATM shilling for US Bank. Didn’t seem to be handing out complimentary cash, sad to say.

Biggest crowd for comestibles — The 7-11 at the south end of the Junction. Stacked up seven deep in there for sour Slurpees.

Shake it like a …

July 15, 2006 9:51 am
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Don’t forget, Summer Fest isn’t the only festival in WS today and tomorrow.

MedFest is shaking things up in the Admiral area.

We’re setting out for a big stroll that just might, maybe, possibly, take us to both.