Also Junction-bound

New liquor license application filed for something called the “Divina Cantina” at 4212 SW Genesee, just north of the Junction. A search on that address comes back right now with  some sort of drywall business. No time right this moment to drive by and have a peek — but isn’t that the church zone?

2 Replies to "Also Junction-bound"

  • Keith June 15, 2006 (1:09 pm)

    Just walked by to check it out – yep, it’s across the alley from the church. Seems like a strange place for a cantina or cafe, not because of the adjacent church but because the building (if I was looking at the right one) is a small one with a small groundlevel retail space and what looks like apartments up above.

    But if they can turn a florist shop into a bar/restaurant, I guess anything’s possible.

  • The House June 15, 2006 (5:01 pm)

    Yup, I happen to know one of the guys that owns the future watering hole! Should be a pretty cool and hope to see it open soon.

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