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            good-BYE !!!!!!







    You know, McGinn might have had a chance against Tim Burgess. But realistically, what’re his chances now, after Steinbrueck declared?

    Let me try to describe it for you in graphical terms:



    In other words, Slim & Nun.



    you know steinbrueck also opposed the DBT, right?

    word on the street is that he’ll try to axe the deal to build the new arena in SODO, with some folks speculating that he favors a site in rainier valley instead. personally, i could care less, and i think SODO is the worst possible place to put another traffic magnet.

    full disclosure: my biggest issues are citywide broadband and grade-separated rail. both of which mcginn promised progress on, but neither of which he has delivered.

    if steinbrueck vows to take on comcast, DSA/martin selig, and any other big-money opposition to real technological progress, he’ll get my vote.

    but the fact that he’s a lobbyist for the port necessitates some scrutiny.

    interesting race forming up here. i have a lot of reading to do…



    I feel confident that any smackdown between a Port lobbyist and a Sports lobbyist would go to the Port lobbyist. But I suspect that Mr. McGinn will crumple long before it gets to that stage. Methinks he won’t even last through the primary.

    The irony here is that McGinn could have spun his Tunnel antics into political gold, if only he’d known enough to quit when he was behind.

    But no! He just had to keep going and going . . . a veritable Energizer Bunny of Obstruction.

    Remind you of anyone?



    so, does that mean that if Mr. Steinbrueck (sp) is elected, that the DBT will NOT happen? and we’d be in limbo be again? Or…will it continue on it’s merry way, making this a moot point?



    The Tunnel will go forward. God willing and the sea don’t rise.

    I don’t like the Tunnel much myself. It’s a risky, expensive, and complicated solution to the problem of replacing the Viagraduct. But once the Council and citizenry had made up their minds, it was useless for McGinn to resist it any further. Yet resist it he did. Uselessly.

    He then proceeded, true to form, to resist the US Justice Department’s mandate for long-overdue reforms at SPD on the basis that it was too costly. Regardless of whether he was right or not, it wasn’t a smooth move.

    To top it off, McGinn is just not a very personable guy – even for a Seattle. In press conferences, he comes across as prickly, unresponsive, even uninformed.

    As a politician, Steinbrueck outclasses this guy by a country mile. In any event, I’m bored with annoying Mayor McGinn. I look forward to annoying Mayor Steinbrueck for a change.



    Damn… A dilemma.

    Steinbrueck might actually get his crazy ideas (what ever they might be since I cannot think of any at the moment) passed and enforced. That means I should be still supporting the Sta-puffed Marshmallow man.

    But it’s Steinbrueck….

    I shall have to consult the oracle of Seattle politics and see what Karl and Ivan have to say.



    i like him

    well at least better than the other two non-options

    so there ;->



    funny, the things you say about Mr. McGinn to describe him…when I listen to him speak, I always feel like he’ a bit….slow…if you get my drift…or that he’s not comfortable speaking to people, which is weird,since he’s a lawyer…

    so, DBP, you really think that Steinbrueck can win? Wonder what party he’ll run under…..



    actually, DP, from where i’m standing, mcginn did spin his opposition to the DBT into political gold. we, the people, were given the option to shut down an idea that was being rammed down our throats by people who had bought our government’s consent and all of the media coverage that surrounded it.

    mcginn did exactly what i wanted him to do.

    but i do hope that someday you’ll admit that the tunnel is going to be built in spite of mcginn and his defenders, and stop pretending that he did anything more damaging than demonstrate that not everyone in this city thinks boring 200 feet under downtown is a hot idea. in fact, a lot of us believe it’s about the stupidest thing anyone could conceive. especially when you consider that no money is going to be spent on toll-avoidance mitigation or surface street improvements.

    if anyone should be p.o.’ed, it should be me. yeah, gee, thanks a lot for the pay-to-play tunnel and no good way to get around it. bravo. well-played, sir. way to get a “deal” from the state. all because you don’t have the stomach for the politics required to come up with the best project, as opposed to the most expedient one.

    secondly, i just got this in my inbox:

    The City of Seattle has reached an agreement with broadband developer Gigabit Squared to develop and operate an ultra high-speed fiber-to-the-home/fiber-to-the-business broadband network. The plan will begin with a demonstration fiber project in twelve Seattle neighborhoods and includes wireless methods to deploy services more quickly to other areas in the city. The initiative, leveraging the City of Seattle’s excess fiber capacity, the expertise of Gigabit Squared, and the community leadership of The University of Washington, aims to stimulate business opportunities, spur advancements in health care, education, and public safety, and enhance quality of life for the residents and businesses of Seattle.

    well, well, well. looks like mcginn can scratch two of my items from his list.

    what’s steinbrueck done for me lately? burgess?

    and you’re seriously comparing mike mcginn and john boehner, DP? other than the DBT – which is a done deal – what has mcginn obstructed? and i might add that he’s balanced the city’s budget without too much pain.

    boehner’s pencil, on the other hand, has an eraser at each end.



    Note the Gigabit Squared project, far from being a “municipal broadband” project seems to be a giveaway after all since the fine print mentions the city will retain no ownership stake in the project.



    i’m looking at GB2 in another tab right now, ken.

    there is some background here, though. for one thing, mcginn (wisely, IMO) lowered his voice about municipal broadband once comcast got wind of how much fiber the city is sitting on and picked themselves up another retail contract for gigabit service in pioneer square.

    this appears to be an end-run around comcast using UW’s influence and resources. i have a lot of questions that i’ll be asking mcginn and city council.

    if this is another giveaway, i hope it looks more like google’s FTTH service in kansas city than comcast’s coaxial cable service in seattle.

    in the meantime, i have another thread going about this in open discussion.

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