‘Hillclimb’ stairway from 35th SW to The Triangle now open


When the 159-unit mixed-use building at 4435 35th SW now known as Aura went through Design Review three years ago, its most-acclaimed feature wasn’t actually part of the building – it was the “hillclimb” stairway proposed for the south side of the property. That side is actually city right-of-way, technically part of SW Oregon Street, but previously undeveloped. Now, the stairway is open; the photo is courtesy of Josh Sutton from the nearby West Seattle YMCA (WSB sponsor). This is envisioned as an easier way to walk between The Junction, The Triangle, and Seattle Parks facilities to the east (West Seattle Stadium, Golf Course, Camp Long, Rotary Viewpoint Park), and the growing number of residences and businesses in the area.

10 Replies to "'Hillclimb' stairway from 35th SW to The Triangle now open"

  • Mark August 22, 2016 (5:04 pm)

    Aura seems to be taking an awfully long time to complete.  It’s good to see some progress around it, even if it is just a pathway.

  • old timer August 22, 2016 (5:35 pm)

    Any word on when the Bus Stop will be reinstated to the front of the building?

  • bus rider August 22, 2016 (6:07 pm)

    When will Metro reinstall the electronic bus arrival sign at 35th and Snoqwaalmee?

  • West Seattle since 1979 August 22, 2016 (6:11 pm)

    Old timer, a couple weeks ago I got an email from somebody at Metro because I’d asked them about it months ago, and they said three months. I don’t know why so long, because Aura looks to be pretty much done now–I didn’t even see any workers this morning while I was waiting across the street for the bus. I suppose Metro is booked up until then, I don’t know. 

  • Tim August 22, 2016 (6:43 pm)

    There is also a staircase in the alley behind the project that has a staircase ending up on SW Oregon. It enters behind KFC. This is in public ROW. 

    • WSB August 22, 2016 (7:13 pm)

      Thanks, Josh actually sent a second photo but without going over to look firsthand (which we couldn’t do this afternoon) I couldn’t quite place it – the SW Oregon east-west stairway was the one that had been mentioned prominently in the Design Review meetings. – TR

  • Josh Sutton August 22, 2016 (11:16 pm)

    Both staircases were discussed in design review meetings.  The SW Oregon stairclimb figured prominently as access from 35th to all points west.  If I remember correctly, the “alley” staircase was suggested/designed as a right of way improvement because the alley from Avalon was not developable to a slope required for hitting the upper (south) end.  

  • newnative August 23, 2016 (7:58 am)

    More Stairs!!!! 

  • hj August 23, 2016 (9:06 am)

    A lot of the new construction has improved pedestrian access. You can now walk from 42nd to California mid-block between Edmonds and Alaska, for example.

  • neighbor August 23, 2016 (9:52 pm)

    Any word on what businesses are going into Aura?

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