WSB Lost and Found Pets Archive for 2010

(These are lost/found pet listings posted on West Seattle Blog in 2010. For the 2011 listings, please go here; to report a lost/found pet, send info – with a photo, if available – to


FOUND DOG (added 12/27)

WHO: Small, 30 pounds, floral collar, no tags, purple surgical wrap on abdomen, ace bandage with “Get Well, Ginger” written in felt pen

WHERE: Found running in traffic at 51st/Charlestown this afternoon. Knocked on doors in the area, no one recognized her

CONTACT: Has been taken to Lien Animal Clinic


*Just in, 11:10 am Sunday, from @shibaguyz on Twitter: Lost Pomeranian up here at 9000 blk of 18th ave SW. Tried to catch it to read the tags but it got away.

FOUND DOG (added 12/19)

WHO: Dog in photo

WHERE: West Seattle, in the street in front of finder’s house

CONTACT: Jenna at 206.818.9105


LOST CAT (added 12/19)

WHO: Rudy, a large tabby mix, big white patches, black freckle on his nose, missing his collar but he is chipped. He’s very friendly with dogs and people alike and may have followed someone home.

WHERE: Near 31st Ave SW and Thistle

CONTACT: Wolfe, 206-940-0696


POSSIBLY LOST DOGS (added 12/19)

Just in: At around 9:20 AM this morning, I saw 2 small (maybe 50-70 lbs) husky-type dogs near my back yard. One had a collar with a tag and the other did not appear to have a collar one. I could not catch them as their were on the other side of my fence. The nearest cross streets are SW 11th and SW Austin Street, right near the Riverview Playfield. I also walked up to the playfield to see if anyone was looking for them and did not see anybody. It looks like these two may have escaped from their yard and they are definitely a pair as they took off together!


FOUND CAT (added 12/15)

WHO: Small tabby, no collar, looks clean, not too hungry

WHERE: SW Alaska and 26th SW

CONTACT: (206) 409-1248 or (206) 818-5283


LOST CAT (added 12/13)

WHO: Petite female tuxedo cat (the other cat in the photo is NOT missing). She is missing the tip of her right ear, and when last seen, had large scab on her nose. She has a tiny amount of white on her front paws and white boots on the back paws. She is very much loved and missed.

WHERE: Last seen near alley next to Spud Fish and Chips on Alki Ave. She may still be in the Alki area, but also may have wandered, as we just moved here and she does not know the neighborhood.

CONTACT: 206-499-9414


FOUND DOG (added 12/12)

WHO: Black Lab, no tags, collar

WHERE: 42nd/College, found midday Sunday, finder cannot keep for long

CONTACT: See post on WS Blog Facebook wall – if you can’t, e-mail us


LOST DOG (added 12/10)

WHO: Blackie, 2 years old. Lots of descriptive information here

WHERE: Last seen in White Center noon Dec. 5th

CONTACT: * Please email:
* Leave a voicemail: (206) 420-6510
* Reward given


FOUND DOG (added 12/9)

WHO: We have a small purebred dog hanging out at Highland Park Elementary. The dog has been here for a few hours.

WHERE: Highland Park Elementary

CONTACT: Please call 206 252-8240 if you are missing yours


FOUND CAT (added 12/7)

WHO: Bengal-like cat. Dark brown w/stripes and spots. Green eyes, loud meow, impressively large claws but friendly. On the thin side and no collar. Randie responded to this found cat hoping it was her lost cat who looks very similar (please see her posting). She has lovingly taken this guy in to keep him(?) safe until his owners are found. She will have him checked for a microchip.

WHERE: Waite/48th SW near Admiral Way, taken in on Dec. 6th but seen around the area for about a week

CONTACT: Randie, 206-852-8327


FOUND DOG (added 12/7)

WHO: 1 year old or so, really sweet. Will have to go to animal control by late afternoon if not claimed.

WHERE: 3400 block of 38th SW



FOUND DOGS (updated 12/5)

WHO: As reported on the WSB news page, these two dogs were wandering Admiral/Alki for days and finally were captured by a Good Samaritan who has since taken them to the VCA Animal Hospital. From there, they were going to Seattle Animal Shelter.


LOST CAT (added 11/30)

WHO: Missy the cat, healthy, spry 15-year-old

WHERE: Lower Gatewood

CONTACT: 206-948-2290


FOUND DOG (added 11/24)

WHO: Big, sweet dog, he has Florida tags and a chain collar

WHERE: Found at PCC in West Seattle on Tuesday, November 23

CONTACT: Please call so we can get him home!! 206-261-5485


LOST CAT (added 11/23)

WHO: Molly is a small 10 year old female tabby with a short bob tail (1″). Somewhat friendly.

WHERE: She disappeared late September/early October from 57th Ave. SW just up from Admiral Way, above Alki

CONTACT: Peg 935-7874 or


FOUND DOG (added 11/21)

WHO: Adult terrier

WHERE: Found running in traffic Saturday 10 am 16th/Roxbury

CONTACT: Email to verify gender and coloration


LOST CAT (added 11/20)

WHO: Bentley, 18 months old, orange and white shorthair neutered male cat, no collar (keeps losing them), very friendly, has a slightly bent tail

WHERE: November 18th, Fauntleroy/Lincoln Park area

CONTACT: Contact: Patricia, 206-427-6457


LOST CAT (added 11/18)

WHO: Claude, silver collar with contact info inside, black and white, shorthair, swirl on his chest, green eyes. 7 1/2 years old, about 10 pounds

WHERE: Disappeared 11/16, last seen around 11 am in backyard of his home in 3500 block of Admiral Way

CONTACT: Kate at 206-755-6094, or


LOST CAT (added 11/18)

WHO: MINA MONSTER: 6 Month old, female, all white (very few black hairs on crown), and Yellow eyes.

WHERE: Last seen 11/5 by Allstar Fitness/Dragonfly Park around noon



FOUND CAT (added 11/17)

WHO: Small orange and brown female cat. She’s very friendly with people and talks a lot. She was very thin and matted, so she may have been homeless for awhile.

WHERE: I found her on Halloween at 18th Ave SW & SW Holly. I had spotted a coyote in the yard next door and then when I saw her there too, I had to bring her inside.

CONTACT: If she’s yours, please call Julie at 206-335-7650


LOST DOG (added 11/16)

WHO: A small chihuahua dog, black with slight brown intermixed color. Goes by the name of peanut. Very friendly tail-wagging type. Very wonderful dog and likes people allot and even smiles sometimes when he is happy. Carries two tags that are outdated and whose phone numbers are likewise. Possibly could have had a gray sweater on. He is about six years old.

WHERE: Slipped out of his collar near Blockbuster on Monday night

CONTACT: Please call 206-933-0174 and also call 253-970-4484


LOST DOG (added 11/15)

WHO: Buddy – Pitbull/German Shepherd Dog – brindle (brown and black) – 55-60lbs. We rescued Buddy from a shelter after a lonely life of isolation at a backyard breeding program. As a result, he is extremely shy and fearful of people he doesn’t know but he loves other dogs. He probably won’t come when someone else calls him but he might come for food if he was hungry enough. He is neutered, registered to Oakland, CA and microchipped.

WHERE: Escaped on Saturday.

CONTACT: 909-685-1685 or 909-618-2515


FOUND CAT (added 11/15)

WHO: I found a light orange, short haired, adult, male (I think, although I haven’t checked closely.) cat. He’s super sweet, cuddly, and friendly. He talks a lot too

WHERE: I live on 39th & Olga and he was hanging around my house all day on Sunday (11/14). Since it was so rainy and cold, I brought him inside and fed him and let him sleep there last night. He’s been at my house all day (with a litter box and food) and is doing well. But I am sure he has an owner, as he isn’t overly thin, and he’s a total lover.

CONTACT: If he belongs to you, please call Stephanie @ (206) 484-7099


LOST CAT (added 11/13)

WHO: Orange-white adult cat

WHERE: 46th SW/Stevens

CONTACT: Please call 206-935-7738 if you have seen her kitty.


LOST CAT (added 11/12)

WHO: Kiki. Unfortunately, she wiggled out of her collar recently and lost it and it hasn’t been replaced yet, so she’s not wearing one. She’s a striped tabby, and easy to spot because one of her ears is half-chewed off.

WHERE: Last seen near her home in 30th SW/Kenyon area

CONTACT: 206-650-6171


LOST DOG (added 11/12)

WHO: Neutered brown male Chihuahua mix. Wearing a black and rhinestone stud collar, no tags. Named Buddy, very friendly

WHERE: Delridge and Cloverdale, this morning

CONTACT: Please contact Stephanie 206 852-9408 or Nicole 702 426-4260


LOST DOG (added 11/10)

WHO: Little white Cairn terrier named Romeo, microchipped, tag with address

WHERE: Admiral/Alki

CONTACT: 206 938 5160


NOTE: Dog hit by car, then ran off, late today (11/8/10) in The Triangle – see this WSB Forums post


FOUND CAT (added 11/5)

WHO: Cat in photo

WHERE: Showed up 11/2 and been hanging around our home on 46th near Lincoln Park

CONTACT: 206-935-1589


POSSIBLY LOST DOG (added 11/5)

WHO: Shy, emaciated, non-neutered male pit bull, no collar

WHERE: Has been seen wandering all over Highland Park. Photo taken Friday morning at SW Elmgrove and 11th SW


LOST DOG (added 11/3)

WHO: Bailey, 16-year-old husky/border collie mix.

WHERE: Missing from 4100 block of Beach Drive near La Rustica, 11/2

CONTACT: Paul at 360.791-5109


LOST CAT (added 11/2)

WHO: “Luna” – 1 year old, small female short-haired black cat with greenish-yellow eyes. Purple heart charm with name and phone number on collar. She’s also chipped.

WHERE: Last seen 10/28, Thursday afternoon on 2100 block of 42nd Avenue SW

CONTACT: 206.962.9015


FOUND DOG (added 11/2)

WHO: A very sweet mixed breed dog came up to my husband this morning. She does not have any identification. We have her in our yard.

WHERE: 4800 block SW Juneau

CONTACT: 206-898-1401


LOST CAT (added 11/1)

WHO: Himalayan male cat, beige and brown, long hair, blue eyes, collar and tag, named Coco

WHERE: 48th and Hinds, lost since October 26th

CONTACT: Please call with any info, Cheri @ 206-935-1715


FOUND DOG (added 10/31)

WHO: Appears to be an older border collie/retriever mix. Has a UW Huskies collar but no tags.

WHERE: Found wandering around Arbor Heights

CONTACT: Call 206 799-1182 to be reunited. We’ll likely reach out to the authorities tomorrow if we don’t hear from anyone.


LOST KITTEN (added 10/31)

WHO: Phoenix, a 6 month old gray and white male, unneutered tabby. White paws, chest, tummy and cheeks. Bright pink nose. Shy but friendly. I just got him, so he’s not yet familiar with his name..

WHERE: Last night, 10/30/early morning 10/31, City Views Apts: Near Avalon and Bradford

CONTACT: Please call Robyn at (206) 937-6333. REWARD for safe return!


FOUND TABBY KITTEN (added 10/30)

WHO: No collar, short hair, very friendly

WHERE: Walking our dog on 63rd Ave, after turning off of Beach Drive

CONTACT: 935-3303


FOUND CAT (added 10/27)

WHO: Black and white cat, male, about 1 to 1 1/2 years, has not been fixed

WHERE: Found last Sunday

CONTACT: 206-935-9277


FOUND DOG (added 10/26)

WHO: This dog followed me and my dog home this morning. He is wet and dirty but wasn¹t hungry enough to let us catch him with a treat. He appears to be male, wearing a purple harness (couldn¹t see a collar). He really wanted to play with my dog but in spite of trying for a half hour my friend and I couldn¹t catch him ­ he seems skittish of people.

WHERE: He followed me from 39th Ave SW and SW 107th to my house (44th and 109th). Another dog and owner walked by on their way to 39th and 107th and he took off after them, so he may be back in that area now.

CONTACT: 206-909-7156


LOST CAT (added 10/25)

WHO: Zaria

WHERE: lost the morning of the 24th in Genesee Hill area

CONTACT: Please call 206-935-2378


FOUND PUPPY (added 10/23)

WHO: 3-month old puppy was running in the street; ambulance picked him up and said they’d take him to a vet

WHERE: Was in the street at 46th SW/Genesee/Glenn Way

CONTACT: Believed to have been taken to West Seattle Animal Hospital


FOUND BIRD (added 10/22)

WHO: Pet bird

WHERE: Parking lot at Daystar Retirement Village

CONTACT: Michele 253-797-8887


LOST CAT (added 10/22)

WHO: Scruffy the cat, with a cauliflower ear, which makes him distinguishable from other tuxedo cats.

WHERE: 45th and Stevens, last seen Oct. 12th



LOST CAT (added 10/20)

WHO: Black cat named Ozzie, green eyes, no collar, cut on his right ear

WHERE: North Admiral, October 12th

CONTACT: 206 550-0546


LOST CAT (added 10/20)

WHO: “Tiger” is part Bengal, 2 years old, 10 pounds, clipped left ear, microchipped by Lien Animal Clinic (Dr. Fisher).

WHERE: Missing from the 1400 block of Alki Avenue since Oct. 3rd.

CONTACT: Please contact Randie Stone @ 206 852-8327: she misses him terribly!


FOUND DOGS (added 10/18)

WHO: 2 small yorkies found this early morning.

WHERE: Darting in and out of traffic near Shorewood Elementary School

CONTACT: Please call 206.931.2864 to inquire. Thank you!


FOUND DOG (added 10/15)

WHO: Turned up in front yard, tag says belongs to Joe Noble, do you know Joe?

WHERE: Block from Westwood Village

CONTACT: Dawn 762-1473


FOUND DOG (added 10/11)

WHO: Brindled pit bull

WHERE: Found today near Delridge Community Center

CONTACT: Anyone wanting to claim the dog can identify specific markings, phone Lou, @ 206.932.2470


FOUND DOG (added 10/11)

WHO: We have a little white dog who showed up at our door Thursday AM (10-7-10). He looks to be a possible Maltese/Bichon mix. He was wearing no tags and he has not been microchipped. We will be checking in with Seattle Animal Control later this week.

WHERE: Highland Park, between Cloverdale and Thistle

CONTACT: Please call Katie: 206.355.3014


FOUND DOG (added 10/11)

WHO: Pit bull, no collar, no tags.

WHERE: Near Chief Sealth International High School

CONTACT: Has been picked up by animal control.


FOUND DOG (added 10/9)

WHO: Found female American Pit Bull Terrier, brindle coloring, shy, scared, very sweet, very friendly

WHERE: High Point area, been in our yard for 2 days and won’t leave

CONTACT: E-mail Daniel at dmoola@gmail.comand let us know what her name is so we can see if she responds to it..


LOST CAT (added 10/9)

WHO: Max, 7 years old, Bengal male

WHERE: West Seattle, hasn’t returned home since 9/29/10

CONTACT: Please call Aaron @ 206-992-0378 if seen!!


FOUND DOG (added 10/8)

WHO: Small Jack Russell Terrier. No tags, very active, very sweet

WHERE: SW Concord

CONTACT: Contact me at 206-696-4181 to claim the dog.


FOUND DOG (added 10/8)

WHO: Appears to be a young shih-tzu male, no collar. Very friendly, brave and well-behaved

WHERE/CONTACT: Found in our yard in Sunrise Heights, between Webster and Othello, barking at our much larger dog. We’ll hold onto him thru the Sunday and then he’ll go off to a friend who is pining for a new shih-tzu! Please call Jeremiah at 206-251-0183


FOUND DOG (added 10/7)

WHO: Long-haired male Dachshund, about 1 year old, dark brown and tan coat

WHERE/CONTACT: Found this morning at 8:00am on 34th Ave SW & Andover. Please call Marcia 702-324-4447.


LOST PARROT (added 10/6)

WHO: Peko. He has a distinctive loud squawk that is hard to miss. He also is a talker. About 9 1/2″ long, all green with some red on his wing shoulders, and a gray beak.

WHERE: Lost in the neighborhood just 250 feet north of Lincoln Pk by Othello St between Ledroit Ct and Beach Drive

CONTACT: Please call 206-355-8491, or 206-938-5645, any hour if you see or hear him. Gene at


FOUND DOG (added 10/3)

WHO: Overweight female Jack Russell (possible mix)

WHERE: Darting in and out of traffic at Highland Park/Holden; knocked on doors but had no luck finding owner; passers-by said dog had almost caused crashes as people swerved to avoid her

CONTACT: if she’s yours


FOUND CAT (added 10/3)

WHO: Young female orange tabby. No collar.

WHERE: Found 42nd/Edmunds, finder has since taken to nearest vet

CONTACT: West Seattle Animal Hospital, (206) 932-3308



WHO: Tan greyhound, no collar, spotted at the corner of 47th ave sw and Oregon Street. 10/3/2010 at approximately 710pm. He/She trotted north on 47th towards Genesee. good luck. i hope he/she finds his/her way home.



WHO: I’ve just spotted a large yellow long-haired lab mix, with a collar and tags walking west on Ida (37th & Ida). I called for the dog (because it looked similar to my neighbors dog) it paused and then sprinted further west on Ida, turned around, walked back and then turned north on 36th heading toward Othello.


LOST DOG (added 10/1)

WHO: She’s a large, friendly, rottweiler german shepherd mix, black with red-brown markings. Answers to the name of Roxy.

WHERE: Let out of her yard, 7900 block of 30th Ave. SW, this afternoon

CONTACT: Contact me anytime at 206-817-5614.



WHO: I just spotted (and tried to catch) a very scared black and tan long-legged chihuahua (mix?) on the corner of Hudson and Delridge. It has on a black collar with little rhinestones on it.


LOST CAT (added 9/28)

WHO: Petite 11 month old male cat, answers to “Jesse,” though we’re not sure how long he had this name before we just recently adopted him. Very sweet nature and loves affection. Anyone seeing him could easily pick him up and hold onto him until we can come pick him up. Medium to longish hair. Muted almost creamy orange and white striped tabby.

WHERE: Lost from 34th Ave SW and Thistle area on Saturday night around 9 pm.

CONTACT: Please call Jen at 206.250.6903 if you see any signs of him. He was last spotted Sunday morning in the garage of a neighbor on 35th Ave, between Thistle and Elmgrove. No signs that he has returned there since though.


LOST CAT (added 9/28)

WHO: Missing gray tabby cat named Sagan. 14 years old, moves slow.

WHERE: Last seen Saturday, Sept. 25, at Alaska and 47th SW

CONTACT: Call or email Erick with any information: 206-419-9099


FOUND DOG (added 9/27)

WHO: This dog (poodle mix?). Has a collar, but no tags.

WHERE: Near the Bridge/railroad yard on Friday



LOST CAT (added 9/25)

WHO: Diego – resident black cat at the Alki Lighthouse went missing Tuesday morning. Much loved.

WHERE: Alki Lighthouse

CONTACT: Joe (206) 708-3778


FOUND CAT (added 9/21)

WHO: Small to medium sized brown tabby with a brown leather collar. No tags.

WHERE: Hanging around the apartments at 6001 California SW for more than two weeks



LOST DOG (updated 9/20)

WHO: Moochy the 1 1/2-year-old maltese poodle mix, white with pink and green plaid print collar

WHERE: Off 49th SW

CONTACT: if you see her”


FOUND CAT (added 9/17)

WHO: Orange cat turned up in finder’s front yard

WHERE: Westwood

CONTACT: Jolie @ 206.372.2696 or e-mail:


LOST CAT (added 9/7)

WHO: Possibly lost dog seen in neighborhood

WHERE: 8700 block of 38th Ave SW, last seen evening of 9/7 wandering down street and in the yards of several neighbors. dog seemed to be lost but would not let anyone look at tag on collar to see where he lived

CONTACT: You may contact 206-387-7642 if you would like more info


LOST CAT (added 9/7)

WHO: 16-year-old female, Maya

WHERE: 5400 block of 41st SW, last seen Saturday night

CONTACT: If someone finds her, please call 206-932-8261.


FOUND DOG (added 9/6)

WHO: Male dog. He has a black collar, but no tags. He looks to be Corgi/German Shepherd mix. He is very weary of strangers and likes to howl early in the morning.

WHERE: In my driveway at 24th between Cambridge and Roxbury on the night of 9/5/10

CONTACT: If you are missing him please call or text Andrea at 206-605-6412. If no one claims him I will be taking him to PAWS on 15th (Wednesday morning).


FOUND DOG (added 9/5)

WHO: Male Boston Terrier . Appears to be elderly, has only one eye but is fairly friendly.

WHERE: Found roaming around on 46th Ave SW and Andover, approx. 10am. on Sunday 9/5/2010

CONTACT: I would like the owner to identify the color of his collar prior to claiming. We provided water, food and a comfy place to sleep in our secured backyard. Please contact Das at 206-948-6925; we live over in the Westwood Village neighborhood.


LOST DOG (added 8/30)

WHO: Peetey the Jack Russell Terrier

WHERE: Ran away tonight on Alki

CONTACT: – “This dog means the world to me and I want her to come home.”


LOST CAT (added 8/26)

WHO: Olive the cat

WHERE: Missing since early morning 8/22, 36th SW between Dakota and Genesee

CONTACT:Please call 206-937-4197 or 206-595-7801 if you see her.


FOUND DOG (added 8/23)

WHO: Dog found wandering around inside The Kenney

WHERE: 7100 block Fauntleroy Way SW

CONTACT: 206-937-2800


FOUND (POSSIBLY) CAT (added 8/19)

WHO: Very young, small, hungry female cat has been wandering around for a few days – a little scared but warms up quickly; no collar; different-looking gray/orange marbled, short coat

WHERE: 9200 block of 31st SW

CONTACT: mickeyscraig (at) live (dot) com


FOUND DOG (added 8/19)

WHO: Dog in photo, possibly a bull mastiff. Not microchipped (have already checked with a vet). Very friendly toward people and other dogs

WHERE: Found wandering around Hiawatha today

CONTACT: Please call 206-853-5894


FOUND CAT (added 8/13)

WHO: A couple weeks ago a cat showed up around my house but I couldn’t get a picture or catch it. It showed up again twice and I finally got a picture. The cat has no collar, blue eyes, and the front right leg is black most of the way up. The cat has had a few fights with the neighbor cat, so I’m surprised it stuck around. It’s a new cat I haven’t seen before so I don’t think it’s a neighbor cat.

WHERE: 37th/Andover



LOST CAT (re-added 8/10)

WHO: Gorey, very fluffy, looks large, has a slight crook on the end of his tail. He’s very friendly and sweet and we miss him very much. He usually comes when called.

WHERE: Missing since 7/30 on Holden near 30th SW

CONTACT: If you’ve seen him or know anything please let us know by calling Megan 206.390.5298


LOST DOG (added 8/7)

WHO: 9-month-old Chihuahua-mini-pinscher mix, male

WHERE: West Seattle

CONTACT: Please call Rob at 206-327-3314



WHO: Cat continues to visit my home. Not sure if this kitty comes from the local neighborhood for at least the last month. First thought it was a neigbors cat but later learned it wasn’t. The kitty seems to be in pain (or heat). He/ she yelps out a lot. The tail is minus hair for 3-4 inches from body.

WHERE: 44th and Director

CONTACT: Call Robin at 206-963-8304 if you recognize this very sweet face. Very shy but seems interested in humans and getting closer lately.


LOST CAT (added 8/5)

WHO: Black cat with a red collar. He responds to his name – similar to a dog

WHERE: 5900 block 26th SW

CONTACT: Please call if you’ve seen him! 206-459-3730


LOST CAT (added 8/5)

WHO: Oliver – male cat, no collar, very people friendly

WHERE: Last seen on 32nd Ave SW on Sunday July 25 (near High Point neighborhood

CONTACT: Carrie @ 206-257-0162


LOST DUCK (added 8/5)

WHO: Small brown female duck, got out of her pen Monday night 8/2

WHERE: Near SW Barton/22nd SW

CONTACT: If found please call 206-767-0933


FOUND DOG (added 8/4)

WHO: Female beagle

WHERE: 37th and Hanford

CONTACT: Please call Joe or Amy at 206-932-2005 or 206-650-1928


FOUND DOG (added 8/1)

WHO: Found around 7 pm tonight, dog in photo. Had tag naming owner (first name Max); finder left a message but is posting here in case this is seen first or in case info was outdated

WHERE: Charlestown & 45th



LOST CAT (added 7/26)

WHO: Sophie is an all blk female with her paws white and under belly, she also has multiple toes on her front paws.. Last seen Saturday she is a indoor cat with a pinkish/purple collar on with little mice around it with a bell..

WHERE: Arbor Heights, SW 98th

CONTACT: Please call 206-992-5783 if you see her!!


LOST CAT (added 7/25)

WHO: Liza Jane, very shy, indoor cat, no collar but is microchipped

WHERE: Lost Friday evening 7/23, 36th/Graham

CONTACT: Please contact Josh at or 206.890.9011


LOST CAT (re-added 7/25)

WHO: Guffy, all gray, lighter gray, long hair on head, tail and legs. Got lion-shave cut around 7/1

WHERE: Last seen 7/5, 8600 block of 38th SW

CONTACT: 206-387-7642 –


LOST CAT (added 7/20)

WHO: “Moboy,” about 10 years old, gray/silver Persian mix

WHERE: He lives in the Belvidere neighborhood, last seen on 3000 block of Belvidere ave SW between Stevens and Hanford streets.

CONTACT: Please contact Keith at 206-937-9490 with any info


LOST CAT (added 7/20)

WHO: Black male cat – 8 years old. Has a lion cut currently – fluffy head and “boots” with golden, round eyes. Name is Guinness – very friendly and is indoor only cat. Our triplets miss him a lot – please help. He is 11 lbs and not wearing a collar but IS micro chipped

WHERE: 5900 block of 26th SW

CONTACT: Please call – 206.406.2127 if found or seen


FOUND CAT (added 7/17)

WHO: Cat in photo

WHERE: Found in West Seattle

CONTACT: 206 817 0651


LOST CAT (added 7/12)

WHO: Angel, a female short haired cat. She is approximately 10 years old, petite, wearing a pink collar with a brass heart and striking green eyes. She has a raccoon like tail, white belly and mixed grey/tan back. She is very friendly and likes laps. She is an outdoor cat and sometimes gets locked in garages, sheds etc.

WHERE: 3800 block 34th SW, missing since July 4th

CONTACT: Please call 206-938-8372 if found or with information.


LOST CAT (added 7/12)

WHO: Who: Michael, last seen Thursday evening, July 8, 2010 – Gray/Brown Long-Haired Tabby with some white on face, neck, belly and feet. Red breakaway collar with Seattle Pet License, name tag and bell. 14 years old, 12 pounds, very friendly, answers to “Michael.”

WHERE: 7300 block of 34th Avenue SW (between Othello and Webster)

CONTACT: Please call 206-937-0905 or 206-953-4284


LOST CAT (added 7/9)

WHO: Zipper the cat

WHERE: Last seen 1200 block SW Othello, 7/1

CONTACT: 650-3141, $100 reward


FOUND DOG (added 7/7)

WHO: Huge white dog wandered into Freshy’s Coffee. Big brown eyes with a little bit of beige markings above the eyes. About 130 lbs. …no collar..

WHERE: California SW across from Hiawatha.

CONTACT: Update, now at Little Knits – contact info here


LOST DOG (added 7/5)

WHO: He was running down Admiral, and crossed into traffic when i spotted him the evening of July 4. He is a very sweet, well mannered, and well taken care of…but he did not have a tag of any kind, only a chain collar. He is currently at my house, sleeping on a Love Sac bean bag, and being fed lots of treats.

WHERE: Admiral and 46th ave sw.

CONTACT: You can contact me via e-mail: or by phone at 206 696 3454 or 206 605 8180


LOST CAT (added 7/4)

WHO: Henry the cat. He’s orange and his right eye needs drops because of a film across it. He’s a very sweet boy and we miss him a lot.

WHERE: Winthrop and Admiral, west of Schmitz Prk

CONTACT: Kristi, 206-935-4020


LOST CAT (added 7/4)

WHO: Timi is a very friendly people cat. He’s a five-year-old male brown rust and gray tabby with a white chest and socks, and wide green eyes. Has red color with gold-colored bone shaped name tag. We last saw him sometime after midnight, 7/4. He was in our enclosed back yard, and we believe he may have jumped off of our fence. He has never show interest in jumping off before, so we are concerned.

WHERE: West Seattle

CONTACT: If you have seen Timi please contact 206-226-6501 or 206-547-1547


LOST CAT (re-added 7/4)

WHO: “MAUI-AH” Last seen Tuesday June 22, 2010 – Maine Coon @10 pounds – Spayed Female – 9 years old – Micro chipped – Blue collar w/Bell – Very Vocal – Loves wet food craves milk. WE MISS HER!!!!

WHERE: 2100 block 44th SW

CONTACT: Please call the Johnson family h) 206-937-4431 c) 206-841-4112


FOUND DOG (added 7/1)

WHO: This friendly tan dog showed up at our house late Wednesday night. Thursday morning I took this dog to Lien Animal Clinic who will give it to Seattle Animal Shelter. It did not have a chip, but did have a purple collar. Hope it finds its home.

WHERE: 6500 block 49th SW

CONTACT: Call me if you need further description details 206-300-8909


2 LOST CATS (added 6/29)

WHO: Sophie, 12 year old tabby. 14 pounds. Scar on right haunch. Very friendly. Sophie might be in company of neighbor cat, Mr. Gray, also missing. Slender male Russian Blue with crooked tail, yellow eyes, heavy brows, whitish flea collar.

WHERE: Between Raymond and Graham on 46th SW

CONTACT: 933-8486 or 229-3324


LOST CAT (added 6/26)

WHO: Gilley. female, domestic short hair, grey/brown tabby, no collar.

WHERE: Harbor & Lotus, missing since 6/23

CONTACT: Paige 206.234.1122, thank you, we miss her dearly!


LOST DOG (added 6/26)

WHO: Our Golden Retriever 45 lbs. has a locator chip and faded pink collar with name/dog tags. LOLA is very friendly.

WHERE: 5900 block Beach Drive SW

CONTACT: 206-935-6122


FOUND CAT (added 6/21)

WHO: Been hanging around for a few weeks. Seems to have had a loving home – including a preference for soft food.

WHERE: West Seattle

CONTACT: Chris, 206-935-3769


LOST CAT (added 6/21)

WHO: Rufus. Lond haired orange tabby with a freckled nose.

WHERE: 10th and Henderson

CONTACT: Gloria 206.234.7263, thank you, he is missed dearly!


LOST CAT (added 6/20)

WHO: 10 month old mix Siamese/Lynx – Emma – Emma was wearing a breakaway pink collar with pink tags, but she likes to climb trees (thus a breakaway collar is necessary) so the collar may have come off. She is very petite and really, really cute :) so if you see her, you can’t miss her.

WHERE: 38th and Stevens

CONTACT: Serena 206-300-5251 /


LOST DOG (added 6/18)

WHO: 12-year-old yellow Labrador

WHERE: Near Fauntleroy ferry terminal



LOST CAT (added 6/18)

WHO: Friendly Gray Cat Named Hobbes: Wearing a reflective collar and tag. Short gray hair with a white patch on his belly. Please check area garages and sheds. He has been known to get locked up in them.

WHERE: 33rd and Charlestown, lost 6/16

CONTACT: Please call this number and not the one listed on his tag. (No one is at that address and phone number). 206-935-3656 (Cell: 206-484-0142)


LOST CAT (added 6/17)

WHO: Sophie, was wearing a bluish purple collar with a bell and name tag. Although she looks like a 10 month old kitten she is actually 10 years old.

WHERE: 36th and Hanford

CONTACT: 935-1492


FOUND CAT (added 6/14)

WHO: Young female that has been around my house since june 6th, no collar

WHERE: Near West Seattle High School



LOST CAT (added 6/14)

WHO: Penelope the kitten

WHERE: West Seattle

CONTACT: 206-938-0393


LOST CAT (added 6/10)

WHO: Goes by the name of ROMEO, (brown & black tabby with bell on collar).

WHERE: 45th and Lander, by PCC, last seen Tuesday 6/8

CONTACT: Please call 206-437-8167


LOST CAT (added 6/7)

WHO: 12 yr old long-haired black cat named Ursa. She is not wearing a collar and is not micro-chipped. She is small, <8lbs, but her long-hair makes her look bigger. She can be very anxious so may hiss at you, but she's hungry by now so will likely come if you bang a spoon on a tuna can. She loves tuna!

WHERE: Last seen Friday June 4th am at 40th and Barton, Fauntlee Hills. We’ve only been here 2 months so may be trying to find her way back to our home in Gatewood (37th and Morgan).

CONTACT: If seen or found, please call Sheila at (206) 326-0762.


LOST DOG (added 6/7)

WHO: Gracie, black Labrador Retriever, not wearing collar

WHERE: Near Schmitz Park

CONTACT: Please call 206 935 9436


LOST CAT (added 6/5)

WHO: Lost tuxedo black and white male cat, wearing a light blue collar. Recently shaved on both sides of body. L The cat may respond if you call him Kucing ( Koo-Ching). We just moved to this area, so Kucing may be a little scared, nervous and jumpy.

WHERE: Last seen on June 2nd at 46th and Roxbury, close to Endolyne Joe’s

CONTACT: If seen or found, please call (206) 407-4117


LOST DOG (added 6/3)

WHO: Alby is a Fluffy White Chinese Crested Powder Puff (hairy not hairless). He is small (12lbs) white and fluffy with long legs and has been mistaken for a poodle or mix.

Alby is a rescue dog and deathly afraid of humans but he is a sucker for a treat as long as you don’t try to grab him. He may follow someone if they call his name coaxingly. It would be best to lure him into a fenced yard (or even house – he is potty trained) but call me right away. I know if he sees me he will come to me. Although he has never tried to bite me ever, I have been told that he was a biter, I assume if he is afraid he will likely bite and should be handled thusly.

WHERE: 10th and Thistle June 2, Alby pulled out of his collar and took off so he is without collar or ID. He has been spotted near 11th & Elmgrove, 13th & Elmgrove, and I am fairly sure it was him who was spotted on Delridge 3 blocks south of Thistle.

CONTACT: 206-708-4761


LOST DOG (added 6/2)

WHO: She resembles a black fox and is not dangerous but is very frightened and most likely will run if approached. She is wearing a bright green collar and has tags and is microchipped.

WHERE: Seaview

CONTACT: We’re hoping that if anyone sees her they can call us and let us know where they saw her. (206-948-3516) If you sit down and call her by name she might get close enough to catch but if not, we have a tracking dog on call who can come and track her if we get a recent sighting*


LOST CAT (added 5/23)

WHO: He is a petite siamese, not very social, with a very big voice. His name is Charles and we miss him very much.

WHERE: He is not used to going outside and went missing this Monday (the 17th) around the Morgan Junction area (Holly st to be exact). We are hoping that he is having a great adventure but want him to come home.



FOUND CAT (added 5/22)

WHO: Found cat, good disposition

WHERE: Found last night at Alki Community Center

CONTACT: My name is Andrew and phone number is 206-902-8550


LOST DOG (added 5/17)

WHO: Minty is a female Jack Russell Terrier Mix, about 14 lbs, white with a brown face and spots on body and tail. She is 8 years old, very friendly and sweet. She is MISSED so much!!

WHERE: 10th/Barton, May 13th

CONTACT: 206-412-7254 or 206-412-1993 *also this website*


FOUND CAT (added 5/17)

WHO: Black cat found in bad shape, “no visible injuries but emaciated and barely moving, couldn’t tell sex, looked to be older, claws not cut”

WHERE: Found on deck along 26th SW near golf course. Taken to Emerald City Emergency Clinic on Stone Ave in Fremont, who said they’d take to Seattle Animal Control in the morning


LOST CAT (added 5/17)

WHO: Fuzzy is a 2 yr. old male Manx cat. He has long mixed grey fur with
big green/yellow eyes. He has a very small (1’’-2’’) fuzzy tail. He is micro-chipped, but doesn’t have a collar.

WHERE: He was lost at the Charlestown Street Café (California Ave SW & SW Charlestown Street) on April 3, 2010. He was claimed to be spotted in last three weeks at Tibbetts Church (41st Ave. SW & SW Andover St.) and also in the alley between California Ave SW and 42nd Ave SW in the 3900- 4000 block (between SW Bradford St. & SW Dakota St.)

CONTACT: Doug, (206) 938-8586 or Cell: (206) 225-4634. CASH REWARD


LOST DOG (added 5/16)

WHO: Min Pin named Sarie

WHERE: Lost Saturday at 59th/Admiral

CONTACT: Please call 2062953389 with any information


FOUND CAT (added 5/16)

WHO: Cat followed three boys home Friday night

WHERE: 44th SW/SW Seattle

CONTACT: Call 206-932-2468


LOST CAT (added 5/16)

WHO: My cat’s name is Tuna. He got out this morning. He is really shy, 5 yrs old and never been outside. I can get him if i sit on the ground and let him come to me. He is sweet but you may not be able to catch him.

WHERE: 19th and 102nd

CONTACT: Please call me if you see him…206-351-4407.


LOST CAT (added 5/14)

WHO: Big friendly cat’s been hanging around our home

WHERE: California and Juneau

CONTACT: Susan, 206-419-7934


FOUND DOG (added 5/13)

WHO: Found dog

WHERE: Genesee Hill near 55th SW



FOUND DOG (added 5/13)

WHO: Collar, no tags, no chip

WHERE: Dodging cars in White Center

CONTACT: 843-814-9482


FOUND CAT (added 5/13)

WHO: This handsome, friendly cat has been hanging around my backyard for a few days now. Grey, long-haired tabby, looking a little rough. I’m not sure if it’s a male or female. The cat is wearing a black collar with white skull and crossbones. No tags.

WHERE: Found in 7900 block of 16th Avenue SW

CONTACT: Please call Lori at 206-779-3761.


LOST CAT (added 5/12)

WHO: Maytag the cat. He is a shiny, all-black cat, with very round yellow eyes. He might be wary of people. He’s got a paunch and is a good-sized cat who loves to eat. No collar and no chip. The very tip of one of his ears is missing. He’s very mouthy when he wants something – probably has some Siamese in him. He’s 6 years old.

WHERE:He didn’t come home for dinner on 5/10, which is unusual. Last seen near Charlestown and 51st.

CONTACT: Please call 206 409 2699 if you have any information.


LOST CAT (added 5/7)

WHO: His name is Casanova and is very friendly. He is gray with white paws and chest. He is older than the picture. He means a lot to us

WHERE: Raymond and 49th SW, missing since Wednesday 5/5

CONTACT: David, 206-300-8909


FOUND CAT (added 5/7)

WHO: This cat (no identification or collar) has been hanging around our house for about a week now. My
wife started feeding it because it was very hungry. It is not a wild cat-obviously it has been domesticated and is very friendly-almost aggressively so. Other than being hungry it looks well taken care of-just lost. Nice grey coat-yellow eyes-young male–very talkative and loud. Cool cat but we have one already and hopefully he is just lost and his family finds him..

WHERE: 38th SW near Andover

CONTACT: Geoff 206-972-8188


FOUND CAT? (added 5/2)

WHO: Wandered into our house this morning. No tag or collar, and we’re not even sure if he’s lost or just a new alley cat in the hood. He’s really sweet and lets you pet him and pick him up. We have other cats and they all seem to be really comfortable around him and vice versa so either he’s been hanging around a lot and they’re used to him or this little guy is used to being other cats. He seems young, but not sure.

WHERE: 31st Place SW and Roxbury

CONTACT: Kari (206) 200-2319


LOST CAT (added 4/29)

WHO: Ralph. He is an orange tabby with a small black freckle on his nose and is a little chubby and weighs close to 14 pounds

WHERE: Marine View Drive and 106th

CONTACT:Please contact me regarding Ralph at 932-5584 or


LOST CAT (added 4/29)

WHO: Please keep your eyes peeled for Max. He’s my very large and handsome brown tabby cat with a white bib and white slippers. He’s super friendly to people (not so much with other cats) and very talkative so you may hear him before you see him

WHERE: West Seattle

CONTACT: If you see him could you please let me know by


LOST CAT (added 4/29)

WHO: Mina the cat. She’s a year old, all White cat. Mother of 4, three week old cubs. She has a red collar on. No contact though. We miss her terribly. Especially her cubs who need their mother. We have been feed them kitty formula, but nothing beats the real deal!

WHERE: She disappeared from 28th ave sw and Yancy (by All Star fitness) Monday night (26 April).

CONTACT: So please, call if you know anything! (206) 579-9898


LOST RABBIT (added 4/24)

WHO: Pepper – Lionshead Dwarf Rabbit – 10 weeks old – weighs less than a pound – black and dark brown coat

WHERE: The Junction/Genesee Hill area

CONTACT: Please let me know if you’ve seen her (206) 349.9269


LOST CAT (added 4/22)

WHO: Lost cat, answers to “Cola,” last seen Thursday 4/22 evening

WHERE: Arbor Heights/Arroyos neighborhood

CONTACT: Please contact Nancy or Luis Wainstein 206-244-8499


LOST CAT (added 4/20)

WHO: Zeus the cat

WHERE: Beach Drive and Douglas.

CONTACT: Thomas (646)-537-5864


LOST CAT (added 4/11)

WHO: Rascal the cat. He is a small 2 year old Siamese. He has no collar but is microchipped. Fairly skittish around strangers.

WHERE: 7300 block of 26th SW. Might have been seen around Hughes Playfield. Missing since Wednesday night.

CONTACT: Reward. 206 683 5727



WHO: Doggie was up on our porch tonight at 8:30pm and he was lost (we could not catch him). He is a medium light brown dog, with cropped ears and a tail that curled up. He had a collar and tags (but we could not get a look at them).

WHERE: 38th and Holden



LOST OR STOLEN DOG (added 4/9)


WHERE: 42nd and Oregon



FOUND CAT (added 4/7)

WHO: We found a pretty, long haired, tri-color calico cat whose tail was caught in our rather nasty rose bush on 4/5/10. We were able to free her and brought her indoors. She had been out there in the cold, wet and dark for almost 24 hours before discovered, poor thing! She’s thin and sore from her ordeal but eating and drinking well. Very well behaved little girl … she could have a hearing problem and could be an older kitty.

WHERE: Near California & Juneau

CONTACT: If you recognize this sweetie please call 206-923-6380


LOST CAT (added 4/4)

WHO: Star the cat. Weighs 12 to 15 pounds

WHERE: Lives in Arbor Heights, 98th/California. Missing since this morning.



LOST CAT (added 3/22)

WHO: Baby Girl. She has thick gray hair with white feet and white patches on chest and belly.

WHERE: Arbor Heights area near Seola Beach Drive and/or 31st S.W., last seen 3/19

CONTACT: George & Lisa 433-0412, or email


FOUND DOG (added 3/17)

WHO: very scared brown and white springer spaniel tonight. We were able to get a leash and lead it our house. It’s a male, probably around 7 or 8 years old. VERY hungry, very sweet. It had a blue collar one with no tags. You can tell it’s been out a few days. It really wants to come in, but we can’t let it we have other dogs. It knows commands and seems like it’s pretty trained. We cleaned it up as best as we could

WHERE: Holden and 39th



LOST CAT (added 3/11)

WHO: Chopper, supercute medium-size noisy neutered male/ Black fur, Green eyes, last seen wearing collar/ID

WHERE: Indoor/outdoor, lives @ 16th/Holden, missing since 03.07.10

CONTACT: 206.601.7381


LOST CAT (added 2/21)

WHO: Tiny three-pound mixed shorthair cat, answers to Gabby

WHERE: Lost Feb. 19 eve around 41st/Raymond

CONTACT: 707.849.9032


LOST CAT (added 2/21)

WHO: Taz. Weight: approx. 12 lbs. Color: Tabby black, grey, brown, white. Neutered, de-clawed in front, affectionate, friendly indoor cat. No tags, no micro-chip.

WHERE: Missing from Murray Ave SW since Friday

CONTACT: 206-619-0789


LOST CAT (added 2/20)

WHO: Orange cat lost yesterday . Reward. Ear cut off!

WHERE: West Seattle

CONTACT: 206-226-7656 merle


FOUND DOG (added 2/19)

WHO: Collar but no tags

WHERE: Charlestown and 49th

CONTACT: 206-949-7958


(POSSIBLY) FOUND CAT (added 2/14)

WHO: Cat in photo. No collar. Not certain if lost or new arrival nearby.

WHERE: Seen yard-hopping the past few days in the 38th/Barton area (near the water tower)



LOST CAT (added 2/14)

WHO: Jasper. Last seen Saturday morning. Black/silver/gray tabby, 4yrs old. Red tribal print collar with bell and tag. Micro-chipped and licensed (City of Seattle). Please call with any news.

WHERE: 34th and Brandon, near Camp Long

CONTACT: Call (206) 579-8729


FOUND DOG (added 2/13)

WHO: Male, mid-size black dog, possible Aussie mix. Distinctive white paw, collar, no tag

WHERE: Genesee and Glenn, around 11 pm Friday

CONTACT: Call 300-0489 or 755-1673.


FOUND CAT (added 2/10)

WHO: Very friendly cat, I don’t know if it’s male or female. It will come inside and let you pet it. Long, tabby, distinctive black and brown stripe up the back right leg. Saggy belly.

WHERE: 46th and Oregon



LOST CAT (added 2/9)

WHO: Chewy, adult male orange tabby, sweet, shy, about 6 years old

WHERE: Near Camp Long (35th SW)

CONTACT: 917-974-1855 –


FOUND CAT (added 2/7)

WHO: Very, very skinny/bony tabby cat. Grey/brown upper, white lower. White neck, white paws, distinctive white stripe on hind leg. Neutered male, no chip. No listing at the animal shelter. Extremely sweet, friendly, ok with kids. Are you missing your skinny sweet boy?

WHERE: 26th Ave SW & SW Hudson area

CONTACT:; 206 353 9334


LOST CAT (added 2/1)

WHO: Mattie the black cat. All black, except for a small white patch between her legs on her stomach, very pretty, green eyes, 10 years old, small 7lb kitty. We believe she may be injured and hiding. She could be anywhere in Seattle, we believe she may have escaped from an eagle. She has a loving home and words can not explain how much she is missed.

WHERE: 51st and Edmunds, since Wednesday 1/27 – evening

CONTACT: Please call 206.799.6679


FOUND DOG (added 1/25)

WHO: Dog in photo

WHERE: 39th SW in Belvidere neighborhood

CONTACT: My number is 206.829.8505 and email


LOST CAT (added 1/25)

WHO: Princess Leon

WHERE: 41st between Thistle and Cloverdale

CONTACT: Please call 206-240-8206.


FOUND DOG (added 1/23)

WHO: Dog shown in photo

WHERE: High Point



LOST CAT (added 1/22)

WHO: Pirate, our kitty, possibly wearing a green collar.

WHERE: Near Metropolitan Market

CONTACT: Please call if you think you have seen him 206-933-1733/206-708-0194. We miss him sooo much!


LOST CAT (added 1/15)

WHO: 14 year old male named Possum, never strays too far from home, last seen on 1/12, has really blue eyes

WHERE: 46th and Graham

CONTACT: 206.226.6802


LOST CAT (added 1/8)

WHO: Roger the cat, outdoor, has never been happy indoors but hasn’t wandered far from the porch in his 4 years with this home

WHERE: 36th and Graham, missing since Christmas

CONTACT: Please contact Gina at 206-227-8302 or


FOUND DOG (added 1/6)

WHO: Black dog, blue collar, tall, thin

WHERE: Has been near Zippy’s in Highland Park, but won’t come close enough for tags to be checked

CONTACT: Sally, 206-941-9090


FOUND DOG (added 1/1)

WHO: Black female Lab mix “with shock collar”

WHERE: 39th/Henderson

CONTACT: 206.933.6661


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