FOUND CAT: Charlestown/33rd – October 13, 2019 10:37 am

This little gal has been showing up on my cameras at night for months now. I finally got a chance to give it some food and capture it to scan for a microchip. It was very skittish and hungry but quickly warmed up to me once it got some food. It was found on the corner of Charlestown and 33rd AVE SW. It has gray brownish fluffy fur and small in size. I took it to Lien Animal Clinic and it has no chip. It’s now at Seattle Animal Control being assessed for adoption since no owner has claimed her in the three-day hold. Her case number is 42944406. My number is 206-484-0142 (Traci) for any updates. Seattle Animal Shelter number is 206-386-7387.

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  • Marianne October 13, 2019 (8:53 pm)

    Thank you for helping this cutie!

  • Traci October 17, 2019 (1:28 pm)

    This little girl just got adopted from the Seattle Animal Shelter. A couple from the Nextdoor site saw her post and wanted to adopt her after a 3 day hold at Seattle Animal Control. Now she’s happily adjusting to her new family and off the streets.

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