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    Trying to figure out if one can go to WSH or they need to go private. I dont have kids but have friends thinking about moving to Seattle and I honestly dont know what to tell them? Both positive and negative would be helpful.



    West Seattle does have two public high schools, WSHS and Chief Sealth. One private high school- Seattle Lutheran. Are your friends only targeting the WSHS attendance zone?



    Trying to find out the best way to know if its better to go pubic or private schools? I know people dont want to talk about it- who knows why? was hoping for feedback on them or a place to get feedback.




    Sorry yes only WSHS.


    2 Much Whine

    I think it is better to go “pubic.” At least that’s my preference ;-).



    Read http://saveseattleschools.blogspot.com/ to get an idea of the state of our district. Many good friends have now left the district for independent schools. Its very understandable.



    They could look at http://www.greatschools.org for information. Both West Seattle and Sealth are given an overall score of 5 out of 10 based upon test performance by comparing the school’s state standardized test results to those of other schools in the state. Given that Sealth has 61% free and reduced lunch vs West Seattle having just 34%, it would appear to me that Sealth is doing a better job of educating. This website is just one way of evaluating school choices. I have found it helpful.

    Vashon High School is another public school choice for West Seattle. It has a rating of 10 out of 10 and is a Blue Ribbon School. There is a bus that shuttles the kids from the ferry to the school. On a personal note, it is a hassle to get to Vashon and much more difficult to be involved with your student’s school and social life. High schoolers don’t want their mom going on playdates, so meeting island friends and getting students to extracurriculars is a struggle.



    We didn’t have a great experience with WSH because of harassment issues. We moved our daughter mid-year to Nova after pulling her out for three weeks. Nova took some adjustment for my husband and myself because of the non-traditional style. We DO feel that our daughter has learned more while there than she did at WSH. The school is self-motivated and she is able to excel in this style.

    There is also Center School to think about. Both Nova and Center require a bus trip including a transfer downtown. We were nervous about this but it has worked out very well for us thus far. Both of these schools have a reputation for having the slacker kids in attendance. I don’t believe that to be true, it is something to think about. Also, sports aren’t a focus at either school. They are more artsy.

    I have heard great things about Vashon. I wish our daughter had shown more interest in going there because of its academics. Her goal was to get away from the kids in West Seattle she had gone to school with since grade school and Nova fit that bill.

    There is also Kennedy in Burien that has bus service from this area. It is private. And isn’t Holy Names on Captial Hill? A great private school but several families travel there and I know there are car pools. If private school had been in our budget, we would have done it in a heartbeat.

    Hope this helps. I would also suggest touring the schools if at all possible. We didn’t do this as we can see WSH from our front door. Why would we not send our daughter to the school in our neighborhood? We wish we had put more time into touring.



    Way back in the 80’s, I went to a private K-8 school. When I entered a public high school, I honestly do not think I learned anything new. WSHS was teaching at about a 6th grade Private School level. If money wasn’t an issue, hands down, I’d send my kid(s) to a private school.



    Thank you all so much!!!!!



    There is another smaller private school option – Shorewood Christian School. It’s right off Roxbury on 28th Ave SW.


    It’s a pre-k through 12.


    From my years of experience dealing with kids from Sealth and West Seattle High is that West Seattle has more to offer on every level of academics etc. You have to really look at public ratings and delve into the facts to do any line-by-line comparisons. West Seattle comes out higher every time-

    The district is holding firm on where a family lives and where they are located on the district maps to determine whether or not they will allow a student to attend-check out the district web site.

    The private high schools take kids from all over the city. Entrance tests etc. are required. There are some mighty big differences among them so be sure you are comparing like items and know what you want for the kids-



    Seattle Lutheran High School is a very good school and is located in the Alaska Junction area and next to Holy Rosary Church/School. SLHS is affiliated with Hope Lutheran School(K-8)/Church located one block south of the High School. SLHS is a college prep-school and has a good selection of AP courses. At just under 200 in student body enrollment, the school offers a good student-to-teacher ratio.

    Don’t overlook the one super good High School located in the Heart of West Seattle. Go and talk with the people at the school and you will see for yourself.


    SLHS has good academic and athletic programs.



    Probably a bit late to reply to this post now, but Shorewood Christian is also pre-K through 12.

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