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    Michael Waldo

    Ephesus was our favorite West Seattle restaurant until it was sold last year. Just was not up to the old standards.We quite going. How is the new Greek menu? If it is good, hope to return when the weather gets warm so we can sit outside.



    I haven’t been there in several years, but there a few recent reviews on Yelp that are raving about it (reviews within the past month).


    Sierra Pedraja

    9/10 – Skillet shrimp is my favorite. Baklava is good too


    Michael Waldo

    My wife and I Finally went. Very disappointed. Started with humus and pita. Very good. Then we had the Avgolemono soup. Not like any I have had before. Couldn’t finish it. On to the kabobs. Chicken kabob did not taste good. It might have been the unknown spice my wife and I could not identify. You might like it, we didn’t. And on the kabob plate, for some reason there was a large Poblano pepper, took up a third of the plate. It was I guess supposed to be roasted but it was slimy. With two glasses of wine, it came to $85. Expect more for that price. We will not be going back.


    Michael Waldo

    Small correction:
    My wife said it was actually an Anaheim Pepper.



    I missed your qualifications to be a restaurant reviewer. Just because you didn’t like it, doesn’t mean others won’t. Our local restaurants are having a tough time recovering from their losses over the past two years so, unless you have a truly constructive criticism, STFU!



    @Libra: Hey, who are you to criticize someone’s experience, especially it was solicited? Would you like to hear my qualifications to be a restaurant reviewer? I eat at restaurants! I have feelings about them. I have favorites and a few that I won’t set foot in and some of the latter are popular.

    That restaurants are struggling to survive is not my problem, as a consumer, at least, I have no obligation to support restaurants simply because they’re struggling.

    So, in closing, perhaps you should shut your gob you great bloody pillock, because Michael Waldo is as entitled to his opinion as I am and is welcome to share it, especially at invitation. If his experience was less that stellar then that’s on Ephesus, not him.

    For myself, I’m disappointed in the new owners, find the experience to be lesser than it was and the food was middling especially for the price.



    Haven’t gotten around to it yet, but I definitely plan on trying it out. I am a sucker for Greek food. Seems like the reviews are somewhat of a mixed bag.



    @Libra. Someone asked for opinions; if they were positive would you have the same STFU response? He said “You might like it,we didn’t.” Why would you say that? I don’t care for some restaurants in WS that others adore. His review was constructive as far as I can tell. I agree, many businesses have suffered. But why should we pay for less than acceptable food if we eat out?

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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