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    Under the Restaurant Tab, there is some errors La Rustica is listed as Indian, now haven’t been there in some time, but I believe this is still Italian.
    Also The Bistro Maree does not come up in the listing.
    Has anyone else seen some discrepancies



    We really appreciate direct notice to us of anything you see, as the page says. It’s a work in progress – places don’t let us know when they make changes, so we try to spend time making calls to check around every few months.

    Hadn’t heard the La Rustica thing before; that was a one-click fix, so it’s fixed. Also, we will be adding listings this weekend for the newest restaurants in town. And if you’re wondering about Meander’s/Kokoras/restaurant in Morgan Junction, we’re still awaiting their promised information on exactly what their official name is now, and what hours, what cuisine, etc., and if we ever get that, we’ll add them. Anything else? – thanks!


    tom kelley

    Any updates on the Lodge?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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