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    Has anyone noticed that the sequence for the stoplight at Fountleroy and 35th Ave changed a week or two ago? The left turn from the WS Bridge onto 35th Ave used to be at the beginning of the green light but now it’s at the end. Because of it, traffic gets stopped at the next light (Avalon and 35th Ave) and backs up. And if you’re on 35th crossing Fountleroy,you often have to wait several lights to cross especially during rush hour during the evenings since the traffic ahead isn’t moving. It’s very frustrating that they’ve made this change without making a similar change at Avalon.



    Yes. It’s horrible and is causing horrid back-ups of traffic coming back into West Seattle from the bridge



    Have you emailed or reported it to SDOT? I think the find it fix it app has something for traffic lights. I wouldn’t be surprised if the RapidRide thing is screwing up the lights again.



    I wondered about that the other night – I was going southbound on 35th at Fauntleroy and sat through three light cycles before they allowed traffic going that way to go…



    And if you don’t use apps … PLEASE call SDOT at 206-684-ROAD. That goes for potholes, bumps, anything safety related, including traffic-light troubles. – TR



    Yeah! It appears to be fixed. I came through in the last hour and the left turn was at the beginning of the light cycle instead of the end where it was the last time I travelled through that intersection. Thanks to all who called it in.


    I Wonder

    No, its not fixed. Have come thru several different times of day and its still sending the left turn traffic last. Especially during the afternoon rush hour, its really backing things up again.



    The light timing sequence is still not fixed…just sent SDOT an email since this is an intersection I not only travel several times a day but live within earshot of the frustrated car horns.

    Contact info below, please take a moment to email or call.

    If you have questions or comments about the City’s Traffic Signal Program, call (206) 684-ROAD or send an e-mail to traffic.signals@seattle.gov.



    Wow, going on a month on the fritz.



    Is this what is causing the westbound evening commute backup? Sometimes all the way down to the Admiral exit!

    I was wondering what the heck happened. I find myself exiting on Admiral and snaking my way south through Belvidere neighborhood streets.

    I can’t imagine I am the only one, so this does have an indirect impact on a lot of people.

    I just sent a note.


    I Wonder

    Noticed a city worker at the intersection tonight tinkering with the control panel. Hopefully this will get it fixed. Now, can we get Genesee and Avalon fixed?

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