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    Ok…You’ll laugh at this one, but they have great chinese food at Roxbury Lanes. Yes–You heard me, Roxbury Lanes the (bowling alley). They have a real chinese guy cooking. I have never met a chinese dish their I didn’t like and the portions are very generous while the prices are very cheap. If it wasn’t good, I wouldn’t have said anything.



    Interesting – we heard the same rumor about the place in West Seattle Bowl so we tried it and didn’t think it wasn’t much better than Safeway’s deli food. Didn’t know Roxbury Lanes did Chinese food, too.



    ah, but there is a caveat: if you want Chinese and it’s his night off, you’re on your own with the American cooks. conversely, if you want American food when the Chinese chef is working, be prepared to get something odd. My friend asked for an egg salad sandwich…and got an egg…with salad…and bread. Some of the best wonton soup I have had though, with baby bok choy…no msg that my detectors picked up! Little known fact, Roxy’s bar is a great place to watch a Seahawks game. Two big screen tv’s, cheap greasy appetizers and drink specials.



    You can’t beat Judy Fu’s Snappy Dragon in the 8900 block of Roosevelt Way NE.

    Salt & Pepper squid is to die for.


    The Admiral

    Hands down – Lee Chinese right in the Junction. We always take friends there both in Seattle and out of town and everyone loves it.

    Try the 9 flavor beef, not fried, stirfryed. You’ll love it


    ok this is out of west seattle but the Seattle Tofu Company on Jackson near the Gais Bakery outlet is hands down my favorite place ever!!! and i am asian and have been all over seattle looking for good chinese restaurants! dont let the name scare you! they do have other options!! they serve dim sum made on the spot! and have chow fun and congee!!!


    if your looking for in west seattle….goodluck! Also a whole in the wall place is the schuan (ok i have no idea how to spell) located next to the green leaf in china town does the best noodles in the world! made while you watch and they make there own potstickers and small dragon buns while you watch! or the place on Beacon Hill called the Dim Sum house. both places look run down on the inside but you would be surprised at how great there food is!!! i almost guarentee you would like it!!!


    Wah Ku at 136 & 1st in Burien, been there for 45?years, ate there as a kid. They know most everyone (regulars) by first name. Not cheap, but good, and they make their own egg foo young, yummmmm. Heard their kids dont want to carry on with the restaurant, so not sure how much longer it will be around.



    The Emperor’s Garden in Kent, by Ikea in the Great Wall Mall is fabu! Great dim sum and trust me I am an expert on it.

Viewing 9 posts - 26 through 34 (of 34 total)
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