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    Hey folks! Random question. I just adopted an energetic six month old kitty, and I think some of her energy will outlast kittenhood. I’d like to try and make her an “adventure cat,” – i.e. she lives indoors, but she can come outside on a harness and leash and possibly come with me on hikes or bike rides in a bubble backpack. Has anyone in this forum done this with their cat? I’m looking for recommendations on equipment (harnesses, backpacks, flea/tick treatment), training, and any cautionary tales. Please be polite – I am a conscientious pet owner and I wouldn’t do anything to endanger my cat. Thanks!



    My current and previous cat are/was indoor only but with access to the balcony. They both love(d) being “outside”. They each had a flea episode which I treated with Revolution. It requires a prescription but it works very well and it also kills heartworm and a couple other parasites.

    My two cats that I had years ago in NY were indoor cats that I took outside on walks. They went on a simple collar and leash. (If I were to take my cat out today I would use a harness.) They were quite easy to train and loved going outside. In fact, they would get excited and run to the door if they saw the leash in my hand. I used Advantage for their fleas. I prefer Revolution but Advantage also works and it isn’t as expensive if cost is an issue. We didn’t have ticks in my area so I have no experience with them. I hope you and your kitty have fun exploring the outdoors together.


    Michael Waldo

    yes, we harness trained our cat from an early age. Might want to Google it and find tips I the age to start and the right harness. And when walking our cat, he didn’t stop to sniff and pee every few feet.
    : )



    `Two things to think about that I have seen in the news recently: backpacks with cats being stolen from the car or from a person wearing them, cats can get frightened and run, pulling the leash out of your hands. I would recommend getting a similar aged kitten for her to play with safely inside and consider a catio if your space allows it.



    Thanks all!

    , yeah I’ve used Revolution before and it sounds like a good option. Thanks for the well-wishes!

    Waldo – heheh yeah that sounds like it would be a benefit of cat vs. dog walking. Also they bury their own poop!

    @mehud, Thank you for your concerns. There are definitely always risks, and I’ll be careful of these. Unfortunately another kitten isn’t an option for me. I do have a balcony I can convert into a catio, but even then, my kitty is a jumper, so I’d want her to be on the harness while she’s out there.

    Re: cats being stolen from cars, if you’re referring to the story I’ve linked below, that was actually my friend and former neighbor. She was stopped at a gas stop when the car was stolen with her kitty inside. Very scary, but could happen to anyone. She was taking her cat with her to visit family.

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