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    I just heard on the national news that they’re calling the snowstorm currently happening on the east coast – get ready for it – “snowpocalypse”….I had to laugh :D

    just talked with my folks in Reading, PA, about 60 miles NW of Philly..just a dusting..but my mom said that later they’re supposed to get about 2 inches an hour at times…




    If TR and Patrick had just copyrighted the term…… :-P




    Just so happy it’s the East coast and not the West Coast!

    It’s like early summer here!



    yeah- I saw that- I thought it was funny too.

    but, the other thing I thought was oddly familiar is that they were freaking out because they were going to get at least 24″ of snow. now, I have photos of the snow piled up on our compost bin, and it’s surely 24″ . so, what is the difference and why do ‘they’ make fun of ‘us’- is it the time in which that 24″ accumulates ?

    cause that 24″ definitely stuck around for awhile- the wheel ruts in our street were so deep that only SUV’s could drive through it…….



    Having gone to school in DC, they are not prepared for 2 inches let alone the 24 that are predicted for that area with this storm so it is a major event. Do we all soon forget how much complaining we all did just a year or so ago when we were snowbound?



    The last time I was urged to leave work to avoid the snow, in Kirkland, was last April. I’m not laughing quite yet :-)



    you didn’t have to bring that up:(



    Got e-mail from someone pointing this out. We certainly didn’t invent it in connection with late 2008 … we don’t think. But even more notably, when Portland had a big snow blitz late last year, they not only used it, they used it as a Twitter hashtag (a term you use in tweets, preceded by a # sign, if you want people to be able to find all tweets tagged that way). Guess it’s easy to say now that we’re toward the end of a mild winter, but I kind of would have liked to see a LITTLE snow …



    TR..it’s February…it may still happen – lol

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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