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    Michael Waldo

    Finally got to the grill. Went on a Sunday night, thinking a less crowded place would be a good first time test. Got seated very promptly. Got water, then sat for about 15 minutes before someone came to take our order. There were only a few other tables with customers. Food came out at a normal wait. Food was just OK. Fish and chips were a bit fishy. I think it was the owner who brought my fish and chips. Told me the fish was very fresh. The owner had to go to two tables to talk to unhappy diners. One table of 4 next to us, he finally comped their meal. My main issue is the 7 large TV screens tuned to 3 different stations. Makes for visual chaos. One had the volume turned up. Quite annoying. One had closed captioning. The other five had programs but no sound or CC. That is fine with sports, as it is a visual program. But 60 minutes with no CC – whats the point? The service and food were not good enough to counter the TV annoyance. I doubt I will be back for dinner. Might try brunch some morning, as I hear that is good.



    That seems about right as for the level of service to expect there. I have been 3 times. Once during West Fest. Sat at the bar and had a beer with a friend. The bartender was a woman who also worked at A Terrible Beauty when it was open. She was helpful however the male bartender was rather surly. Had to flag someone down for both the beer and the check.

    Second time was for dinner with my wife and youngest child. We were seated quickly but had to flag down a server. The owner ended up taking our order. I tried the corned beef and cabbage. The meat was very fatty and the cabbage was cold.

    The third time we went was for my daughters fund raiser. We again had to flag down our server to order. I had the hamburger. The owner brought it to our table and told me it was ground chuck and hand formed, and the buns are baked at the family bakery. Sadly it was a very small burger patty. It tasted good.
    however, just could have been a little bigger. After we all ate we had to flag down someone to get our check. Glad I checked the bill as we received the tab for another table.

    On the way out the owner stopped us at the door to ask how everything was. I was very honest that service is a little lacking. He recommended we come in for brunch, it is very good he says. The bread comes from the family bakery he repeated himself.

    The ambiance is not very comfortable. It’s bright and I agree that the TVs are distracting. Turn them on for a game otherwise leave them off or muted. I recall one loud one in the back when we were trying to eat.

    I’m willing to give them another shot but it’s not my first go to in west seattle.



    ProudPapa, you gave them a lot more chances than I ever would. I had brunch and had horrible service and was so flustered, I could not bring myself to say anything to the owner-I just wanted out of that place. He was walking around “checking on tables”, so he has to know that his servers aren’t very good. There are way too many great restaurants (including great brunches) in this town to give that many chances to places that just don’t seem to care.



    Seven tv screens sounds like a special part of hell where misery is at its greatest.

    Is GAG long for this world?

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