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    I tore out my entire front yard, rototilled and raked it out all level. I plan to bring in 20 yards of topsoil to start a NEW grass.

    I am hoping spring is only around the corner:) so I am needing to start my planning & budgeting

    Since the soil is different here (at the junction) I am looking for advice

    1) should I seed?

    2) should I hydroseed?

    3) or should I put down sod?

    Any advise is mulch-appreciated:)




    i can only tell you that when we rented our current house, large chained dogs had destroyed the lawn in the back yard.

    Our landlord simply threw out a bag of seed in the fall… not even bothering to do prep work.. and we have some pretty healthy grass out there.

    i would hope you would do prep work, but his experience tells me that you are unlikely to fail no matter what which method you choose.

    good luck



    Anne: Do you need regular grass for a reason? You might consider other grass options for a lower maintenance yard. I’m not an expert by any means, and I’m not a big grass waterer, so what grass we still have for playing ball on turns pretty brown by 4th of July. I wish we had gone with this option: I’ve seen this eco-lawn in W. Seattle and I think it looks beautiful and stays green all summer.



    Let grass grow where grass wants to grow, let moss grow where moss wants to grow.

    You cannot win a fight with either one without harsh chemicals or lots of labor.

    Around here most of us are happy if the moss or in some years the alge, dont grown on our cars.

    My station wagon is losing that battle this year.

    Contractors use sod and hydroseeding because the need to sell the building.

    I have big dogs so the backyard is what it is.

    But when I dug out dandilions and regraded part of the front yard, I just spread a bag of seed and raked compost over it.

    Seattle climate took care of the rest.



    Ken –

    I like your attitude…lol. As for the wildflowers, I actually plant those on one of my parking strips and let the passerbys pick em as they like. Around July my other parking strip turns a blissful tan/brown color.



    I agree with you Ken. I am not selling my home, I have kids and a dog and we like to play outside so why bother trying to keep an immaculate lawn. Moss can be good too, it stays green and low so no mowing ever!

    For the most part I have problems with grubs and very sandy soil.



    Cool, I like the wild flower idea for the other area’s of my yard. Espeacailly in the street planter area for passers by.

    Which brings me to another question, I have been on the Citys web page, and cant find the answer.

    Does the city do street cleaning?

    Greenlake/Queen Anne/Cap Hill all have notices that N & E streets are cleanned one week, and S&W another, so to be mindful of parking cars…does that happen in WS?

    I guess, I will experiment with the grass seeds…sorry Ken, no moss here I am on the sunny side of the hill.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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